Rust’s November update gives players an additional reason to look up at the sky. After today, you might see several rockets soaring towards your base or face. The November update includes military bases that can be used for destruction and death in a specific area.

Facepunch Studios says that each monument at the new Desert Military Base has a parked Multiple Launch Rocket System. This vehicle isn’t mobile, so you won’t be driving around the map with it. However, it can be set up for firing rockets at any target. Except for safe zones, of course.

However, you can’t simply run to a base and hit the big red launch button. First, you’ll need to find the MLRS arming modules, which are stored in a locked, hackable crate on the base. Next, you will need to find the missiles. They will be in APC and elite crates. After you have loaded up your missiles, you will use the targeting screen for a location on the map. We are guessing it will be another player’s base. Or perhaps your base, if you feel like redecorating.

You can then press the big red launch button. These rockets can fly high enough to pass over mountains, so don’t worry if they are between you and your target. Although the system is not precise, all rockets will land within the circle. However, they may be scattered and not all in the same place. This means that even if your base is under missile attack, there is still a chance of you surviving and your base being saved. Fingers crossed.

Surface-to-air missiles sites can also counter missiles from the MLRS. Facepunch says that a full barrage of 12 rockets can only be partially repelled by two SAM sites and is completely defeated by three. Between launches by the MLRS, there is a 10-minute cooling-off period.

The new military bases are procedurally generated. They will appear on different maps in different configurations and will change after every server wipe. Each base will have loot and oil as well as the MLRS. They will also be protected by NPC scientists.

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