Sometimes, a game world can be so captivating that you want to stay longer. Even if you don’t complete an open-world game, it can be helpful to have additional activities to fill the time between missions.

This mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 is sure to keep you busy and even make you a little extra cash. Arthur Morgan, a kind-hearted outlaw, has the Jobs Mod to help him find work. He can play poker and knock over banks while listening intently to Dutch’s plans.

You could become a miner or an assistant bartender, as well as a driver, dock worker, hunter, or shepherd. You will be given tasks and rewarded with cash at the end.

After the mod is installed, you can open your map and search for yellow icons in the cities. These are characters that you can talk to for a job. Annenberg has a pickaxe waiting for you if you are interested in working for the mining company. You can find bartending jobs in Saint-Denis and Tumbleweed. Here you will bus tables, clean glass, and end any fights between customers. Delivery jobs are available in Saint-Denis and Strawberry. These will allow you to transport goods, wagons and people all over the country.

You can still feel like a cowpoke by becoming a shepherd in Saint-Denis or Blackwater. This involves driving sheep from Valentine to Saint Valentine with the same herding system you saw in RDR2. A hunter for hire can track down animals for customers in Saint-Denis and Annenberg. There is also a dockworker in Saint-Denis or Annesburg that includes fishing, guiding, and cleaning up.

I installed the mod, and I tried to be a Saint-Denis bartender. I cleaned tables by walking to the marked ones on my minimap and tapping the spacebar. After cleaning glasses, I broke up a fight among drunk patrons. Then a cop showed up, and I accidentally punched him. Another cop arrived, and he punched me.

The Jobs Mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 is available here at Nexus Mods. Bolmin is also available on Patreon.—add-unlimited-gems—add-unlimited-gems/c/Ejkvs-BuaAM—how-to-get-free-gold—how-to-get-free-gold/c/u6UyXiD1n-k

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