Razer Teams Up With Genshin Impact to Create Co-Branded Gaming Gear

MiHoYo’s action RPG Genshin Impact is still popular. However, they are still enjoying the game. Genshin Impact earned over $1 billion in mobile devices within the first six months of launch. This is not to mention other platforms where the gacha-based title may be played. Fans expected more than token-free rewards and little in the way of monetary value when it was time to mark one year.

After some Genshin Impairment review bombing, MiHoYo extended an olive leaf and increased the rewards, which pleased some players. Despite this minor speed bump, statistics show that the game is still popular and the monthly player count is increasing. It seems that many players, even those who were disappointed by the anniversary rewards are still enjoying the game. It’s great news, as Genshin Impair’s Update2.2 was just announced, and MiHoYo has many interesting characters, monsters and events planned in the next months.

MiHoYo and Razer have teamed up to create co-branded gaming gear, which includes a mousepad, chair, and mouse to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Genshin Impact. The equipment is reskinned from Razer accessories so that potential buyers can check out reviews to determine if they are suitable. Every item comes with a bonus code which can be used to redeem in-game rewards such as Primogems or Mora, Hero’s Wit or Adventurer’s Experience.

The RazerIskurX gaming chair is the most noticeable item. It has been redesigned with synthetic leather in navy and ivory colors. The Razer logo is on the front, with some Teyvat runes running along the sides. On the back, you will see a stylized silhouette depicting Paimon’s head and her name below. A Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro gaming mouse has been added to the second item. It is decorated with stars and a deep-blue color to match its chair. The Razer Goliathus Medium gaming pad features Paimon’s smiley face on the front, and a rubber base on its back. These Genshin Impact Razer accessories aren’t yet available, so prices have not been disclosed. However, interested customers can sign up for the Razer website to be notified whenever they go on sale.

Genshin gamers who are looking for something more personal can visit Razer Customs. This online service allows them to create custom mouse pads and phone cases with official partner designs. Genshin Impact designs are coming soon, although they don’t seem to be available yet. A customized THX Game Profile Genshin Impair is now available via the THX Spatial audio app.


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