Realistic Artwork Shows How Geralt Could Look In A Next-Gen Witcher Game

Geralt of The Witcher is a beloved character among readers, TV show fans, and gamers. He’s always engaged in delicate dances of international politics or solving mysteries like a medieval Batman. It is almost a given that the The Witcher franchise and its main character will continue their place in popular culture, even in the future generation of videogames.

One can only wonder what the White Wolf The Witcher will look and feel like, as graphical fidelity improves with every successive generation of video games. One artist put all their talents into the project, creating a Geralt that is so real it looks like he could jump off the page.

Massimiliano Bianchini, a 3D artist, shared their ideas on how a next-generation Geralt might appear. The Butcher of Blaviken is a formidable figure. Two versions were presented by the artist: one showing Geralt with a hood on and one showing his face. Both show the experienced Witcher, with whom audiences are very familiar.

Although Geralt doesn’t wear a hood often, it suits him well and does not diminish the stoicism Geralt is famous for. Both versions have a lot of life, with the realistic details such as Geralt’s hood and dirt on his skin. This version is slightly less polished than Henry Cavill’s more refined rendition of the Witcher.

Geralt’s eyes are the most striking feature in both versions. They are both vivid in color and intense. The glowing yellow-yellow glow of the Witcher’s eyes instantly draws attention away from Geralt, despite being hidden beneath his hood. The expression Geralt’s focused gaze as he looks ahead is just as striking as the eye-catching expression. Geralt has seen so much more than anyone else in his life, and Geralt will probably see even more. It doesn’t matter what Geralt looks like in the next generations of pop culture. His pragmatic and focused approach will be a constant reminder of his audience for many years.

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