Resident Evil Fan’s Custom Umbrella PC Uses T-Virus For Coolant

One Resident Evil fan shared photos of their Umbrella-themed computer that uses the series’ famous T-virus as coolant. Fans of the franchise will be familiar with the Resident Evil (or Tyrant virus), which is a variant of the original progenitor virus developed by the Umbrella Corporation. T-virus infection can cause the transformation of people into Tyrants, Lickers, and zombies. The T-virus was a powerful virus that could be used in biowarfare, resulting in a deadly pandemic that almost killed humanity.

It appeared at first that the Resident Evil Umbrella Corporation created the T-virus to make a profit on the virus being used worldwide by military groups. The company also tested it on animals to create bio-organic weapons (BOWs). The Umbrella Corporation grew and created regional divisions due to these financial successes. It was clear that Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corporation created monsters to increase its monetary value. Later games such as Resident Evil 5 revealed that the Umbrella Corporation secretly invested in a eugenics program to discover the secret to eternal living. Oswell Spencer, the founder of Umbrella Corporation, aimed to be a god and establish a new race.

Reddit user 1YardLoss posted photos of their Umbrella-themed computer to the Resident Evil Subreddit, inspired by the Resident Evil Franchise. The logo’s red and blue colors are featured on the PC. The reservoirs that hold the coolant for their PC contain glowing T-virus virals. This adds an extra Easter egg for others. 1YardLoss, a custom-made PC maker, mentions in the comments that they do so based on commissions via their website, OlderTech. If anyone is interested in a similar build,

Although 1YardLoss’ PC creation was Umbrella Corporation-themed (a PC), it does not reflect Resident Evil’s recently revamped Blue Umbrella. Blue Umbrella was formed using assets from the original Umbrella Corporation after the Umbrella Corporation’s secrets were revealed. The new Umbrella Corporation appears to be fighting bioterrorism by creating anti-BOW weapons. Blue Umbrella’s motivations are still questionable by Chris Redfield, a character.

The Resident Evil franchise’s future games will reveal the true purpose of Blue Umbrella, much like the games that featured the red Umbrella Corporation. The Umbrella Corporation may be the root of all evil within the horror franchise, regardless of red or blue. However, there are still more stories to tell. Resident Evil Village, and the Umbrella origins story, were revealed in the most recent game. Blue Umbrella could be the inspiration for 1YardLoss’ next custom, Resident EvilPC.

Resident Evil Village has been a popular property since its debut in May. There was a lot of buzz around Lady Alcina Dumitrescu (the main antagonist), a huge hit on the internet and prompted countless memes, cosplay attempts, and mods before the official launch. It is expected to be the most popular title in the franchise and one that shows (in much similar fashion Resident Evil7) how the franchise can grow beyond its most famous villain. With its incredible launch and its story progressions and characters, Resident Evil Village is a clear example of how much the franchise doesn’t need the Umbrella Corporation.

Resident Evil Village was a big moneymaker for Capcom. It sold 3,000,000 copies within its first four days. The hype has only grown since the pre-release buzz surrounding Dimitrescu’s demos and the game’s numerous tantalizing demos. Gamers and critics have embraced this Resident Evil version of the game that feels new and familiar. The positive reception has attracted many new and returning fans, including those from older series and the more recent Resident Evil7.

This influx of fresh blood and renewed interest in the long-running franchise is what proves that the Umbrella Corporation and some other series throwbacks are more pathetic limbs than real assets. Resident Evil 6 is a forgettable film, perhaps even more than the slow RE5, and Resident Evil 4 is an action-horror epic that stands on its own, without the need for any input from the evil business empire. It’s time that Resident Evil sheds its foundational elements to find new horizons.

Umbrella & The Organization Are Resident Evil’s Extra Baggage
There’s no denying that Resident Evil got its start thanks to Umbrella, propelled along by their great rival, known only as “The Organization,” and this brand of horror strictly followed the zombies-as-bioweapons approach to critical acclaim. It is easier to maintain that storyline in Japan than in the West, where it is called biohazard ( BIOHAZARD), which was most recently used in the West to subtitle Resident Evil7.

The English name of this franchise is distinctly different. It seems to fit Resident Evil village’s Romanian countryside environment with darker and more colorful insinuations. The series has always sought new ways to create terrifying monsters in rich places. The urban streets and labs of recent remakes are not the best examples. Resident Evil village’s cast and larger field of horror-movie-style villains do a wonderful job of showing that being too focused on sci-fi and bioweapons technology only serves to weaken the story rather than enhance it. For newer fans, the constant return to capitalistic corporate malfeasance is a reminder that there’s a lot of water in a lot of rivers.

Resident Evil would do well to learn from Resident Evil Village. Vampires, werewolves, and psychically animated dolls roam ancient castles and ransacked towns. Horror is more interesting when the mystery can’t be measured in a test tube.

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