Rust Assistant Director Served Subpoena After Avoiding OSHA Interviews

First assistant director David Halls was subpoenaed for refusing to interview with OSHA in the latest development of the Rust shooting investigation. The Rust shooting disaster took place on October 21, 2021, at Bonanza Creek Ranch, Bonanza City. Alec Baldwin’s gun was discharged when the Western film Rust was being filmed at this location. This killed Halyna Hutchins and injured Joel Souza, director. It was later discovered that the gun contained a live round. The investigation into this tragic incident is ongoing. Baldwin was the original owner of the gun. Halls initially gave it to Baldwin, declaring it a “cold guns” and not checking it.

Although an investigation into the incident has been initiated, it is not clear if any charges will be brought. Unfortunately, the investigation led to a confusing web of accusations and pointed fingers among the crew and cast. The Rust armorer has denied any negligence, and her lawyer suggested some strange sabotage theories. Baldwin also conducted an interview, claiming that someone was guilty, but he wasn’t. Many people have made statements to absolve their guilt through either an attorney or personally. However, it is interesting to see how many others have not.

According to Deadline, a New Mexico judge granted a subpoena request by the Land of Enchantment state Environment Department to Halls. After Halls allegedly refused to be interviewed by OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Act), the subpoena was issued. Halls’ lawyer replied and stated that Halls was willing to cooperate fully. An interview is scheduled for December 14. OSHA requests an interview with Halls because he is a firsthand observer and played a part in the safety regulations. Below is a list of state filings:

The bureaus understand that Mr. Halls was in the church at the time of the workplace fatality, and second-person injury. The bureau must question Mr. Halls about what happened inside the church. Mr. Mr. It is also important for the bureau to understand Mr. Halls held safety meetings on-site and played a role in safety on set.

Although Halls’ lawyer indicated his willingness to cooperate with the investigation, Halls and she previously stated their intention to remain silent until that was completed. The probe will continue for at least another week, although it is not clear if criminal charges will be brought against Halls. Baldwin was the one who held the gun during the Rust shooting. This has led to intense scrutiny. There are conflicting reports as to whether or not he pulled the trigger. Baldwin has been the subject of multiple lawsuits. Halls was almost equal in his role in the incident, as he was the one who put the gun in Baldwin’s hands. He will likely interview him to figure out why he didn’t check the gun or how he got that gun.

A subpoena is a sign of seriousness and the need to hear Halls’ story. This does not necessarily indicate guilt or the pending of charges. It is not necessarily a sign of guilt or pending charges. It is concerning that Halls has not given interviews, especially considering that he violated safety protocols for the Rust set gun and was the last person to use it before Baldwin. There are steps being taken to ensure that everyone present is held accountable and asked to cooperate with the investigation. Halls’ interview is looming, and it remains to be determined if there are any additional details from his account regarding the Rust incident.

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