Scream Ending Was Only One Filmed Despite Multiple Written Versions

Despite numerous endings being written, the conclusion of the franchise’s latest installment was the only one filmed. After a decade of waiting, Scream fans finally got to see a new movie in the franchise that was first launched back in 1996. Wes Craven directed the first Scream. Kevin Williamson wrote the script. In the years that followed, Craven directed three sequels.

The Scream franchise was known for its unique approach to horror films that actively mock horror films. It also became well-known for its intricately woven plots, which helped to conceal the identity of the Ghostface killer. Although some entries make it easier to guess the killers than others, many fans cannot stop trying to figure out the motives and who they are. With the first film, the precedent was established for two killers. The film’s ending revealed a clever twist that delighted audiences and left them both shocked and thrilled. Multiple endings were reportedly created as part of Scream 2222 production to avoid spoilers and leaks.

Screen Rant had the opportunity to speak with James Vanderbilt, Writer HTML22, and complete details about how these different endings were handled during filming. It turns out that, even though there were multiple endings to keep spoilers away from ruining the film, Matt BettinelliOlpin, Tyler Gillett, and Tyler Gillett chose to shoot only one end. Vanderbilt explained that this was partly due to the film’s being made during the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic. Below is Vanderbilt’s explanation.

When it came time to produce, we weren’t given much extra time because we filmed in COVID. The ending that we shot was the only one.

It’s excellent that multiple endings could keep the script (and spoilers!) from being circulated online. However, many fans will be disappointed that they weren’t shot. They would have made a great Blu-ray bonus. The new film received positive reviews. It did a fantastic job of keeping the audience guessing right to the end. Although the fate of Craven was uncertain, Scream 2022 has opened up new opportunities for the franchise.

It is also worth considering whether these different endings could be modified for the next Smashsequel. Bettinelli-Olpin, Gillett has already discussed the possibility of continuing the franchise. However, it will depend on the success of the latest installment to determine how feasible. Despite the positive reviews received by critics and fans, it seems that the audience will continue to speculate about the identities of future serial killers for some time.



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