Silver Surfer’s Planet Hulk Costume Returns in Epic New Fanart

Marvel’s Planet Hulk ran featured epic gladiator fights between many heroes and new characters. The Jade Giant faced off against the Silver Surfer. Mike McKone has created a Marvel Comics fan artwork that shows the Silver Surfer in his gladiator costume. It looks better than ever. This work shows the Silver Savage, a cosmic hero who uses his surfboard to protect himself while wielding a large mace.

The Planet Hulk story arc of The Incredible Hulk saw Marvel’s Illuminati send the Hulk into outer space to keep the villain away from Earth. Instead of landing on an unknown planet, however, the Hulk was sucked into the wormhole and taken to Sakaar, where slaves were forced to fight to the death in gladiator arenas. The Silver Surfer joined in the fight for freedom as the Hulk and his allies, including Korg and Miek. The hero’s desire for life drove him to a portal that took him directly to Sakaar. He would be tied with a will-controlling obedience disc and forced to fight in the gladiator arena as the Silver Savage.

Mike McKone ( Teen Titans) shared his thoughts on the Silver Savage via his Twitter account. This fan art depicts the Silver Surfer wearing his gladiator armor. He carries a large mace and uses his board as a shield. The costume includes a large shoulder plate armor and the Silver Surfer’s obedience disk on Sakaar during Planet Hulk. The image also features the hero standing in front of the stars. McKone’s artwork is outstanding.

Although the Silver Surfer’s time at Sakaar was brief, it was a pivotal moment within the Planet Hulk storyline. As the Hulk’s obedience disk forced him to act, the former Herald of Galactus took on the Hulk. The Silver Surfer used his power to destroy all the obedience disks on slaves after Hulk had destroyed the disk. The Silver Surfer released everyone and offered the Hulk the opportunity to return to Earth. However, the Jade Giant refused, opting to fight for Sakaar’s freedom.

The Silver Surfer’s Silver Savage look in Marvel’s Planet Hulk storyline was, ultimately, his most memorable costume. Mike McKone’s fan art shows it even more. The silver Surfer looks like a tough gladiator nobody would want to meet in a gladiator arena.


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