Yesterday’s Scenarios update has made it official that The Sims 4 now offers official versions of the type of challenge runs that players have created for many years. These Scenarios first ask simmers to start new families and chase specific goals. They include making 1,000,000 simoleons or turning a sworn enemy into an “enemy without benefits”.

The Sims 4’s new challenges are a great way to get back in, or for those who like me are too busy building things, a reason to play Live Mode. Electronic Arts stated in a post about the update that they “researched into our community to see how you have been inspiring others”, so they’ve turned to the idea of challenges to inspire this feature.

You may be familiar with the Too Many Toddlers Scenario, which requires you to manage three children at once. A Making Money Scenario is also available that requires your Sim to have no simoleon in their pockets and to find a way of becoming a millionaire. This reminds me of the popular rags-to-riches challenge.

The Surviving The Holidays Scenario is my favorite. It involves two roommates, who have resentful feelings towards one another. You can either make the enemies friends, or give them benefits to become enemies. This one is not my favorite, but it may have roots in a community-made problem. I do feel like I saw this story in my annual Hallmark movie binge.

Sims content creators and livestreamers will continue to have access to the most difficult, out-of-the-wall challenges such as 100 babies. It’s great to see some entry points being recognized in the game. Community challenges are great because multiple versions of the same rule set can be passed around. Your game may not recognize what you are trying to do. The official Scenarios mode is an option in the main menu that simplifies the setup and allows you to be recognized by the game. EA claims that Scenario saves will track your in-game time and show you how long it took to check off.

Scenarios are fun because they give you win conditions, but let you choose the starting point. You are responsible for creating the Sims or families that will take part in the Scenario. This gives you a lot of flexibility to adjust the difficulty according to your unique ideas. If you’re looking to create a difficult mode, you could run the Too Many Toddlers scenario together with a sim with the Hates Children trait.

Scenarios require that you create a new family. However, EA says you can use an existing family in the future. There will be some solutions to the challenges listed on the main menu. However, there are also other ways you can win. EA says that there will be more scenarios to come, in addition to the five launched this week. Some of these will be limited-time only.

Personally, I believe I should try the Surviving the Holidays Scenario. After all, who can resist a good story about enemies and love?

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