Skyrim Fan Recreates Tundra Homestead in Minecraft

Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim is a game that has been re-released on many consoles. Its rich lore and gameplay are not the only thing that keeps it going. But the modding community who devote themselves to modding the game with extra content or tweaks. Bethesda also introduced the Creation Club in 2017 which allows users to download mods that were approved by the studio. One fan managed to recreate a CC build in another popular game.
Candle_Kobold uploaded a few images to the Skyrim Subreddit recently and managed to recreate the Tundra Homestead building from the game in Minecraft. Although it might appear that it’s a well-constructed home built in an open-world sandbox, there are some elements that link it to the Elder Scrolls home. The roof gable has a dragon head on it. There is also a small tower at the back.

The Tundra Homestead is located east of Whiterun and has a similar style to the Hearthfire homes. It is part of the Elianora Home Bundle. It is designed to be a place of refuge from the stress of adventures and battles. The home comes fully furnished and includes a crafting station. In Minecraft, the user meticulously recreated the home and paid attention to details, especially the exterior, to faithfully copy the original building.

It is not the first time that the worlds Skyrim and Minecraft have been combined. A fan recreated the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Minecraft last year. It includes the impressive riddle at the entrance. Similar to Candle_Kobold, the Minecraft recreation was created with dedication, time and skill. It is nearly as exact as the Elder Scrolls version.

Modding and customization are easy in both games, so it is not surprising that fans will create elements of each. This not only shows how much Skyrim is loved by fans, but also shows how versatile Mojang’s IP. It shows the almost limitless possibilities of Minecraft’s crafting and building games, as well as the talent behind many of them.

Players will have a lot of options during their adventure through Skyrim Special Edition. While some decisions may seem trivial, others could have an impact on the game’s outcome. Players will strive to make positive decisions. Some players might be tempted to choose the wrong path when making decisions.

A variety of evil actions can be committed by players, including putting a bucket on a merchant’s head and robbing him. Skyrim has some unique choices that can make the Dragonborn truly evil.

The College of Winterhold main questline will see players tasked to retrieve three books that could shed light on The Eye of Magnus. The books were taken by Orthorn, a former college member. They are now being kept at Fellglow Keep.

Players will be greeted by a group necromancers and mages hiding in the Keep. They are conducting experiments on various creatures including Vampires. Orthorn will be locked in one of the cages. Players can either rescue him or make him a temporary follower. In the latter case Orthorn will join players to confront The Caller, the leader of the mage mages.

The Dragonborn is offered the books by the Caller if they will leave Orthorn as her new subject. Players can accept her offer and avoid confrontation with The Caller. However, Orthorn will be left behind. If a player makes this decision, he will undoubtedly be subject to barbaric experiments by her.

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