Skyrim Anniversary Edition was announced earlier this year. It boldly asserts that you are ready to purchase the decade-old RPG for the third time. Bethesda revealed this week that you could add fishy friends in your Dragonborn’s rustic winter Lodge to sweeten the deal.

Anniversaries Edition has been revealed, revealing that you will finally be able to go fishing in Skyrim. Bethesda explained in a tweet that these fish could be used for more than just frying. They can be stored in their aquariums if you have a Hearthfire home.

Although there are no modern filtration or feeding systems, tropical fish can be a great way to add a company to your home. Virtual fish can be just as exciting as real fish without needing to clean tanks or worry about them mysteriously disappearing.

Anniversary Edition includes all third-party mods and aquariums. Bethesda noted that Skyrim: Special Edition will consist of free updates to fishing and fish tanks if you decide not to rebuy it. Not to be overlooked is the possibility that the Anniversary Edition and Special Edition’s Anniversary Update could break a lot of mods.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition arrives at the game’s 10th Anniversary, launching November 11.

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