You may have Skyrim: Special Edition set to update the game only when you launch it. This is done via the properties menu. Then you launch it from an exe using your mod manager. If you do not, every time Bethesda Creation Club receives new content, it will break the Skyrim Script Extender(SKSE), a critical plug-in for many of the best Skyrim modifications.
The Anniversary Edition will be available for purchase next month at Skyrim’s 10th Anniversary. It includes everything in the Creation Club, plus 26 additional creations. The Special Edition will give you some creations for free (fishing, survival mode and the Saints & Seducers quest). It will be an update to existing versions of Steam and not a separate entry. Modders will have to deal with it more than regular updates.

One of SKSE’s developers explains that Bethesda decided to upgrade the compiler used for building the 64-bit Skyrim version from Visual Studio 2015 into Visual Studio 2019. This change in the code generation means mod developers will have to start over, finding and writing functions.

While SKSE is updated soon after Skyrim, the support for other plugins is not as good. The SKSE developer wrote that “I could probably sit there over a couple of nights and bang out SKSE,” but his main concern is for all the other plugins out there. Because the plugin ecosystem has been around for so long, people have moved on and left behind code. Every native coder will have to contribute at least some work to AE. This means that the native mod scene will be broken for an unknown amount of time after AE is released.

Even if the worst happens and the mods you depend on are broken, Steam still allows you to revert back to older builds with DepotDownloader. Wabbajack, one of the mod auto-installer team members, has stated that they are working on a downgraded model.

Visual Studio 2019 was used to compile the recent Fallout 3 update, which finally removed its dependence on Games For Windows Live. This means that the Fallout Script Extender is no longer compatible with it, mods that depended on FOSE have stopped functioning, and one of its creators updated the page to state, “I don’t have a time frame for when FOSE will be updated to the new version.”

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