Smite Gets ‘Favorite God’ Trending With Twitter Poll, Hilarity Ensues

Smite, a third-person MOBA in which players can control gods and mythical characters to battle in classic MOBA style, is an oddity. The game has a wide range of options and continues to be popular, with its own Smite Battlepass system.
It was popular during the boom of MOBA games, and served as an alternative to DOTA 2 or League of Legends. However, interest in Smite has declined. It isn’t dead, but Hi-Rez continues to add new features and market the game. One example of this is a slightly misguided tweet campaign.

Hi-Rez tried to get a Twitter questionaire going for Smite players. It asked them to discuss their favourite gods and other divine beings. The questionaire asked players to name their favourite god, favorite god that grew on you, most underrated god and most important god. Although it seemed innocent for a MOBA player it turned out to be a very important question. Twitter accepted the prompt because it was about gods. These questions, while not specific, were not as thought-out as Hi-Rez’ work at home policy.

Many of the replies did not have anything to do with Smite, but instead focused on the god that the Twitter user wanted to discuss. For varying reasons, both well-known and less-known gods were mentioned as favourites. The prompt did not bring the hype about Smite like a trailer for an unknown god, but it did lead to a lot of hilarious responses about God or gods. In some cases, Godzilla, his immediate nemeses. Because Smite doesn’t limit the answers to gods, why limit them?

Many of the people who responded to the prompt didn’t understand why “favorite God” was trending, and were not familiar with Smite. Instead of praising Tiamat’s newcomer to Smite, they were praising Morgan Freeman’s portrayal as God from Bruce Almighty.

It would take a long time to list all the great responses, but there are many. Some of those not familiar with the prompt’s origins will be able to learn more about Smite, its deific roles and other information. Smite players may also learn about other gods like Warhammer’s Grandfather Nurgle.

Stranger Things on Netflix is well-known for its nostalgic appeal. Stranger Things’ 1980s setting and retro aesthetic with decade-appropriate hairstyles, outfits, and references throughout, are all reminiscent of the past. However, the influence of videogames on Netflix Original might be just as significant.

The show contains references to video games, and scenes that are reminiscent of classic titles such as Silent Hill, probably because the series creators, known as the Duffer Brothers (big gamers), use them throughout. In the five years since its launch, Netflix’s beloved program has teamed up with some of the most prominent names in gaming. Some of these collaborations have been quite strange.

It’s hard to think of a franchise that hasn’t crossed over with Minecraft. Block builder Minecraft introduced some Stranger Things skins around the start of the second season. This allowed players to create their own characters as well as terrifying monsters. Stranger Things fans have been building their own versions of the locations that were not included in the game.

Face Your Fears was a VR title that previously collaborated with Stranger Things. It gives players a close-up look at Hawkins, Indiana and some of the cosmic horrors that live there. There’s even an encounter with the show’s Demogorgon. The content is not available because Turtle Rock Studios’ license for Stranger Things was expired several years after the expansion’s release.

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