Sonic Frontiers Will Feature Music From Classic Sonic Composer Jun Senoue

The new Sonic Frontiers will add Jun Senoue, a long-time Sonic The Hedgehog composer, to its development team. Senoue was first able to compose music for Sega’s fast platform franchise in 1994’s Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and has continued to contribute in various amounts to nearly every Sonic title since. Most notably is his music from the Sonic Adventureduology in the 2000s. He also performed vocals as part of Crush 40, where he helped create the high-energy main theme for many of Sonic’s modern 3D entries. Senoue recently remixed some of his tracks for Sonic Colors Ultimate, a remastered version of the Wii classic.

Sega revealed the next chapter of the Blue Blur after months and months of speculation. Sega also released an action-packed trailer, Sonic Frontiers, during last month’s Game Awards 2021 stream event. We know only about the new high-speed adventure is that Sonic Frontiers will see Sonic run through an open-world environment – similar to the ones in The Legend of Zelda – Kirby, the Forgotten Land –as Dr. Eggman unleashes an ancient power on the Starfall Islands. Many talented characters from Sonic’s history are contributing to Sonic Frontiers. These include Ian Flynn Sonic, the Hedgehog comics author, and Morio Kishimoto, Sonic Colorsdirector. It has now been confirmed that the fan-favorite Sonic the Hedgehogcomposer will be joining them.

Jun Senoue, who is currently working on Sonic Frontiers’ soundtrack, spoke to Game Rant about his past work with Sonic the Hedgehog. Although Senoue was not open to discussing the details or extent of his involvement in the title’s development, he noted that he has been very busy and expressed excitement about Sonic Frontiers’planned launch later in the year. Senoue even went so far as to claim it will ” broaden our view of Sonic games.”

Sonic’s most recent releases have been met with mixed reviews. Even the Sonic Colors was not viewed well, and it was subject to numerous bugs and glitches after being remastered in Sonic Colors Ultimate. In the development of Sonic Frontiers, the Sonic team seemed to be aware of these issues. He even stated that the game took all of his time to complete. In interviews, Takashi Iizuka, Sonic Team’s head, stated that Sonic Frontiers would provide a foundation for franchise development. He also openly compared the game to the Sonic Adventure games, which many fans consider the best post-2D Sonic games.

It is no coincidence that these titles are also the ones Jun Senoue is most famous for. Sega’s involvement in the music of Sonic Frontiers seems to be further evidence of their desire to reclaim the excitement and magic of the Adventure games. Sonic Frontiers’ first trailer had a more foreboding tone than Senoue’s Sonic music. It will be interesting to see what Ohtani and his Sonic collaborator Tomoya Ohtani come up with when Sonic Frontiers launches onto modern consoles later this year.

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