Sons of the Forest: Another setback

According to the latest gossip, Sons of the Forest could be released by Halloween 2021. Fans of the title are beginning to be annoyed that we have no indication of the game’s arrival and that the release date has passed.

The community gave the first Forest game rave reviews, most praising its unique survival horror gameplay style. The sequel will be set on an island full of zombie-esq cannibals who eat everything that moves. You can choose to fight or hide, but survival is the goal.

Endnight Games has been quiet about the issue of release dates. However, the company recently tweeted about the matter. The tweet will probably be even more annoying.

When will Sons of the Forest be released?

Endnight Games tweeted that the official release date of the game was delayed to early to mid-2022. In the coming weeks, we will have more details and a third trailer.

Trailer for Sons of the Forest: Reveal

To get you up to speed on Sons of the Forest for those who have yet to hear about it, check out the trailer.


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