Spider-Man: No Way Home Rotten Tomatoes Score At 100% After Premiere

Spider-Man: No Way Home received a 100% Rotten Tomatoes certified fresh rating after its Premiere in Los Angeles.

Spider-Man, No Way Home has a perfect Rotten Tomatoes rating after its Premiere in Los Angeles. Spider-Man is the film most anticipated this year. It follows 2017’s Spider-Man Homecoming and 2019’s Spider-Man Far From Home. The Spider-Man No Way Home hype mainly aims to tie together all previous Spider-Man films. The MCU’s Peter will be facing iconic villains from Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man movies and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy.

Spider-Man – No Way Home Peter asks Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to cast a dangerous spell that will make the world forget that he’s Spider-Man. The spell goes wrong, and the multiverse is accidentally split wide open. This invites past Spider-Man villains, including Willem Dafoe (Green Goblin), Jamie Foxx (Electro), into Peter’s world and threatens the fabric of reality. Jon Watts will be returning as director. Many MCU Spider-Man films’ cast members, including Zendaya and Jacob Batalon, Jon Favreau and Marisa Tomei, are also back. Mostly positive Spider-Man: No Way Home reviews were received after the Premiere. Some praised the cast’s performances, while others criticized the plot’s ambitions.

The hype surrounding Spider-Man: No Way Home is boiling over as the Rotten Tomatoes critics consensus, an overwhelming positive 100% “Certified fresh” at the time this article was written, is revealed. Many top critics highly praise the Spider-Man trilogy, with 45 reviews currently available on the review-aggregator site. Spider-Man No Way Home is currently the highest-rated MCU Spidey film. Spider-Man Homecoming has 92%, and Spider-Man Far From Home has 90.

This doesn’t account for audience reviews yet, as the general theatrical release begins on Thursday in the US. Rotten Tomatoes scores can also drop following the first review wave. For example, Eternals by Marvel, a recent MCU movie, received many positive reviews before it became the first MCU movie with a “Rotten score on YouTube. Likely, Spider-Man No Way Home will not hold a perfect score for long, regardless of how much critics have enjoyed the movie.

However, the perfect score at the Premiere is a strong indicator of Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s quality and extreme popularity. The movie’s high rating in the early ratings is a positive sign for eager viewers. It also shows that the film will live up to the hype generated by Spider-Man fans. Only days remain before fans can finally see Spider-Man: The Way Home. The coveted Rotten Tomatoes approval seal is another sign that this latest MCU movie will be a significant highlight of the year.

No Way Home seems like it is creating a conflict between Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange. This may be what Peter Parker needs to get ahead of.

Spider-Man’s battle with Doctor Strange in Spider-Man is exactly what he needs for growth. The wall-crawler will also be facing the Legion of Villains from the Multiverse. Ironically, this type of antagonism might benefit the character and not harm him.

No way home will focus on the consequences of Spider-Man tampering with the spell Strange casts to erase all evidence that he is Peter Parker, as shown in the trailers. He is forced to face many villains from the multiverse, which leads to him being forced to take them on. The second trailer adds a twist to complicate matters. Strange discovers that the villains will be sent back to their universes to die. He tries to stop Strange from sending them back. This leads to Strange and the two of them going against one another.

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