Spider-Man’s Greatest Power Is Now His Biggest Weakness

A new preview of Marvel Comics’ Amazing Spider-Man shows that Peter Parker’s greatest strength has become his greatest weakness. After a near-fatal encounter with the U-Foes in a battle, Peter Parker was left partially incapacitated after radiation poisoning. Although his clone Ben Reilly is now taking his place, it appears that Peter’s next threat will be his Spider-Sense. This can be seen in Amazing Spider-Man #83.

From Patrick Gleason, writer and artist, Amazing Spider-Man#83 will see Peter’s continued treatment at the hospital. Peter can now focus on his recovery and take care of New York. Ben Reilly’s employer at Beyond Corporation might not be as trustworthy, but Peter trusts Ben and has given his blessing for him to become the official Spider-Man.

The preview for the next issue shows that Peter faces many challenges. The original Spider-Man Spider-Sense has gone haywire due to excessive radiation in his body. This warns Peter about the dangers within, rather than external. The painful and blackout-inducing Spider-Sense sensations he has been experiencing are, as Spider-Man explains it in the new preview:

Peter’s “unbeatable odds” will likely be largely due to his abilities, considering that his Spider-Sense is now a major problem rather than a strength. The cover of the issue suggests that Peter may not be staying in bed for much longer. Spider-Man may have an overwhelming sense of responsibility that could outweigh his failing Spider-Sense. However, he would rather rest than try to stop criminals.

Despite this, Spider-Man has been through sickness and other physical limitations before. However, none of these are as important as his current condition. The preview pages hint that Peter may face his next battle within himself to restore his Spider-Sense. Let’s hope he doesn’t stay in bed. The full issue Amazing Spider-Man #83 will be available on December 29th.

Spider-Man has never allowed him to forgo his most embarrassing costume. Spider-Man lore has the “bombastic Bag-Man” as a common meme.

Spider-Man has worn many costumes throughout his comic book career, each with unique and original designs. Peter Parker has seen many cool suits, including the Iron Spider costume, Future Foundation suit, and the black symbiote suit of Secret Wars. Not all of them have given the web-slinger a fresh look. One alternate costume was so bad it made an appearance several times throughout the years, almost as a recurring gag.

When Reed Richards AKA Mr. Fantastic, AKA Mr. The Fantastic Four needed a suit and had a spare uniform lying about. It ended up with a note saying, “kick me.” Peter chose to conceal his face with a paper bag because he didn’t have other options. The Human Torch gave Peter the costume, and he seemed to be laughing at its absurdity. He chose to change his Spider-Man appearance to suit the new look, and instead of putting on a new costume, he wore a new name: “The bombastic Bag-Man.” written and illustrated by Tom DeFalco, Josef Rubinstein, Bob Sharen, and Ron Frenz.

Peter was forced to revert to Bag-Man status after being left without his suit for the second time in the Identity Crisis storyline. Since then, Bag-Man has made numerous appearances in comics, toys, and video games, reminding Spider-Man lovers of his most bizarre compromise. Although this is a silly alternative look, Spider-Man’s spare Fantastic Four suit and his paper bag highlight the power of Spider-Man, proving that he’s more than just his famous skintight costume. Peter’s many costumes reminded fans in their closet that they are more than just his traditional suit. This made his sense of humor the focus.

Peter was initially frustrated by Johnny Storm’s costume pitch but eventually accepted the absurdity of his suit. It was a big change from Peter’s black symbiote costume to being dressed like a rejected fifth member of the Fantastic Four. The bombastic Bag-Man is a lighthearted era that existed long before Spider-Man ever acquired the wealth to keep him from ever again wearing a paper bag on its head.

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