Splatoon 3 Will See the Return of the Mammalians

Today, Nintendo fans got a glimpse into a variety of projects that are currently in development by Nintendo. New games such as Kirby, and Forgotten Land were revealed at the Nintendo Direct. The presentation also featured previously unveiled titles. The Direct featured Splaton 3, which was a popular project. The inklings fans were given a lot of new information about the third installment of the series.

In a Nintendo Direct in February, Splatoon3 was announced. It is the next game in this immensely popular series. The franchise is one of Nintendo’s newest IPs. It was launched on Wii U in 2015 with the Splatoon. It has had a sequel, Splatoon2, and the inkling character from this series appeared in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. With Splatoon 3, Nintendo intends to keep the fun going and the ink flowing.

Fans already knew some information about Splatoon HTML3. However, the Squid Research Lab released a trailer and updated the game’s website to give gamers a better view of the title. First, details were revealed about the new story mode, “Return of the Mammalians.” Although certain details about the plot are still unknown, it appears that Agent 3 is the main character of the story as she investigates the disappearances of mammals from the planet. The gameplay footage showed several familiar enemy types from the Octarian Army. However, it appeared that they were covered in fur. Agent 3 also appears to have some familiar faces, as Marie and Callie were glimpsed.

The story mode was also updated with new features for multiplayer in and Splatoon3. The core concept of Turf War was not changed, but the developers showed off a variety of new weapons that players could try such as the Trizooka. Intuition even demonstrated how to pilot a Crab Tank that can turn into a ball and roll through the arena. Another weapon that transforms inklings into an ink-ninja called Zipcasters can also be seen. In this form, inklings can use their stretchy tentacles for grappling to faraway places.

Although no release date was given, the February trailer revealed that Splatoon 3 would be launched in 2022. It will be fascinating to see what additional information fans discover about the newest installment of the colorful and fun world of Splatoon.

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