According to THR, Minyoung Kim, a Netflix Asia executive, said that a Squid Game videogame was being considered. Netflix claims that Squid Game is currently the most-watched Netflix show, surpassing The Witcher’s 76 million viewers.

Kim spoke to THR about Squid Game’s runaway success. The Korean battle royale drama follows a group of debt-ridden social outcasts who agree to give up their lives to take part in a massive competition worth USD 39 million. Anyone who fails to meet a challenge is instantly killed. This is usually done by casually administering a headshot by the masked guards of the shadowy organization that runs the show.

Kim stated that Netflix is currently examining what next will be for the Squid Game IP. Netflix is currently looking into a possible videogame adaptation and “consumer products,” a fancy term for merchandise. Squid Game’s producer and director are still in discussions about a second season. Kim, however, tempered fans’ expectations by reminding them that the show was only launched one month ago.

Many of the PC Gamer’s team have completed Squid Game’s initial season. Tyler wrote a glowing review, and I found it to be a moving and emotional journey. It explores a familiar theme, trying to survive in capitalist hellscapes. The contrast between the tragic characters and the cold indifference shown in each kill is striking even in a media landscape not short of extreme violence.

Kim did not speculate on the potential game adaptation of Squid Game. The show pits characters against each other (and sometimes teamed up) in surreal, colorful contests based on Korean children’s games. The show’s masked guards were a big draw for everyone when it launched. Mediatonic’s Fall Guys was a cartoony series in which humanoids race through obstacles and fall off platforms to their death.

Battle Royale, a direct result of Koushun Takami’s 1999 novel Battle Royale, and the films that followed, have seen tremendous popularity in video games due to Fortnite and PUBG. It’ll be fascinating to see how Netflix adapts Squid Game to a game that you would want to play again and more, considering so much of Squid Game is emotionally charged drama between competitors, their bonds, and the layers behind the competition.

Although it’s unlikely that Netflix will ever commission a Squid Game, I would bet that they won’t make it past the end of the year without a CEO uttering the phrase “Squid Game metaverse.”

Netflix’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos made a connection with games this week, using the idea of videogame violence to defend Dave Chappelle’s controversial comedy special.

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