“Star Wars Eclipse” Faces Rocky Development and Might Not Be Released For 4 Years

We got our first glimpse at the Star Wars title at the Game Awards 2021 – and it was exhilarating. Although a CGI trailer can be challenging to predict, the Star Wars Eclipse CGI trailer sure does the trick. It’s got fans pumped up, even though details are not available at this time.

Here’s the trailer, in case you didn’t see it. It looks a lot like Star Wars.

Star Wars Eclipse is currently in development at Quantic Dream, a French studio best known for its narrative adventures such as Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: To Become Human. Quantic Dream is a game developer with a mixed reputation, as we reported about the game’s unveiling. It seems this reputation could be a problem when it comes time to make Eclipse.

A post on Reddit’s Leaks & Rumours pages claims that Tom Henderson, a known leaker of a lot of (later proven to be accurate) insider information, has doubts about Star Wars Eclipse releasing in any time sooner than three to four years. This is partly because the studio could not hire the right people for this project. He posted that QD Paris was currently having difficulty hiring staff and asked, “I wonder why?”

The Why may have something to do with the reports about a horrible working environment at Quantic Dream, widely shared by gamers media in 2018. French publications Le Monde and Canard PC, as well as Mediapart, reported that Quantic Dream had a toxic work environment and that male staff members, including the founder and CEO David Cage, who was working on Star Wars Eclipse, showed little to no respect for female colleagues. Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumiere, a fellow studio head, were accused of not responding to concerns from staff and misbehaving.

Quantic Dream and Cage sued two publications for libel. The process was completed in September 2021, with the studio winning one case and losing the other. The studio has a bad reputation which will negatively impact its chances of attracting development talent. Quantic Dream continues to have Cage and de Fondaumiere.

Based on the suggestion that Quantic Dream’s game engine is not suitable for open-world games, the three-to-four-year release prediction also considers the possibility that Eclipse is. We will keep you updated on the game’s progress and production.

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