Star Wars High Republic Game Rumored To Be Quantic Dream’s Project

Quantic Dream, the developer of Detroit: Human, is rumored to be developing a Star Wars game. It could take place during the franchise’s High Republic era. The franchise’s High Republic storyline, which began in 2021, is expected to continue for many years. It spans several media, including comic books, novels, and web series. Rumors suggest that Quantic’s dream is creating a Star Wars game. However, no official announcements have been made.

Quantic Dream is known for its Heavy rainBeyond, and Detroit Become Human projects. Interactive dramas are games that include action-adventure elements. Quantic Dream’s most essential elements include multiple playable characters and quick-time events. There are also branching storylines that can be created based on the player’s actions. Failing a quick-time event can result in a character’s demise, but the game will not restart to give them another chance. This event will change how the story unfolds. Additional rumors suggest that Quantic dream’s Star Wars game might differ from its interactive drama titles like Detroit: Become Human.

Wccftech has reported a new rumor that Quantic Dream’s Star Wars game may have occurred during the franchise’s High Republic period. This would allow the title to tie in with the ongoing storyline of the series, which will be told over the next few years using a variety of different media. Jeff Grubb, a reporter from GamesBeat, is the source of this rumor. Grubbsnax reported that the game was part of a Disney push to expand the High Republic storyline. Quantic Dream’s project may be called Star Wars Eclipse. It will take place several hundred years before the Star Wars prequel trilogy, as the Republic expands to the farthest reaches of the galaxy.

The franchise’s future is undoubtedly focused on the High Republic era, but the storyline could cause problems with another Star Wars video game. In September, Sony revealed a remake of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. This beloved role-playing action game was initially released in 2003. This classic Bioware title could cause timeline problems with Quantic Dream’s High Republic game. Most Star Wars content that was not part of the core films, such as video games like Knights of the Old Republic, were moved to a non-canon Legendsbranding in 2014. This means that the KotORremake would be set in a completely different universe than the High Republic game unless drastic changes are made to the role-playing game.

Although Quantic Dream’s Star Wars game remains a rumor, the developer seems to have developed emotional game designs and worlds that are a perfect fit for the iconic sci-fi franchise. An interactive story could be a great way to bring fans to the High Republic era. It bridges many media forms and would make an excellent addition to any fan base. Star WarsHigh Republic title by Quantic Dream could make a great collaboration, no matter what format it takes.

The PlayStation Showcase opened with a strong start. Aspyr Media’s Star Wars remake of Knights of the Old Republic is coming to PlayStation 5. Although the Knights of the Old Republic remake was rumored for some time, there is still no gameplay available, so it seems unlikely to be released. The remake will be coming to PS5 players at least.

Rumors of a Star Wars: KOTOR remake According to industry insiders, the rumors began swirling in the first half of this year. The only thing that was known was that Aspyr Media was developing the remake. Aspyr Media has been re-releasing several iconic films. Star Wars Over the past few years, titles have been added to modern consoles. It seems that the developer has earned enough of an image with Disney to allow for the revival of classic RPGs. Knights of the Old Republic. BioWare created the series in 2000. The success of the first game prompted a sequel. The plans for a third game were made, but they were sadly canceled.

A new console RPG in the Star Wars universe was requested because of the loved Knights of the Old Republic is. Aspyr has remade the popular RPG for PC and PS5. A teaser featuring Darth Revan was displayed during the PlayStation Showcase. It excited some of the new things in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic retell. Aspyr announced in a blog that the game would be exclusive to the PS5 console at launch. However, Xbox users will likely have to wait.

Aspyr promises to “preserve the integrity of the story, characters” while using technology to add visuals and other features. Previous rumors suggested that the KOTORremake would have more action and possibly eliminate the turn-based elements of the original game. While this isn’t confirmed, it’s worth noting that Aspyr only stated it would be keeping accurate to KOTOR’s story and not its gameplay.

The remake may be better suited for real-time combat since it would appeal to modern audiences. It seems that the game is in good hands. It’s unclear when the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake will be released, as it’s still in development. However, it’s official.

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