Awesome Games Done Fast is a speedrunning charity marathon that allows players from all games to display their quick game strategies. Stardew Valley’s speedrunning category this year was about completing the town community centre with glitches. And oh boy, did the hacks flow.

Stardew runner Olenoname Speedrunner was this year’s Stardew runner. He rightfully warned his run with the warning, “This run’s going to move pretty fast, and it will get started quickly. So I hope you are ready.” He then destroyed his farm.

Olenoname started Stardew in a very different way from what we would expect. He deleted all his tools and magically created a lot of items in his inventory. Then he started to throw bombs around his farm. This is faster than cutting down all the trees one at a time.

Olenoname and his fellow commentators explained that this glitched speedrun is based on Olenoname using one trick before he starts playing.

Stardew Valley is where friendly neighbours often stop by and give you gifts. Olenoname explains that item codes are used to control receiving items in a dialogue. If an NPC addresses his character by his name, he can trick it into giving him the same long list of items by naming his character using a long list of coded item codes. Mega Bombs are one of the items, so he uses aggressive tree clearing techniques.

Olenoname spends some time raising chickens and growing his crops, despite all the item glitches. The run is just 17 minutes long. You can see the beginning of the video.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can see more Stardew done quickly in the Stardew Valley Cup hosted by Eric Barone back in September.

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