The world was introduced to Stardew Valley’s Board Game on February 23rd. The Board Game was completely sold out on February 24th, Stardew Valley. It is not surprising, given the sim’s popularity, but it is disappointing for those who want to experience a more real-life journey through the valley.
Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone stated that the makers had finished the first printing and were currently working on the second. He announced today that the second run is almost ready–with some caveats. Preorders will be available again at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET on November 3. However, they might not reach customers in time for Christmas.

Barone wrote that Quartermaster, our fulfilment company, has informed us that these orders should reach customers by Christmas. However, please be aware that shipping internationally and domestically is currently severely affected by current world events. There may be delays beyond our control. While we will do our best to get your copy as soon as possible, we want to warn you about delays before you make your purchase. It is impossible to predict the time it will take for your game to arrive, so please be patient.

The Stardew Valley board game is only available direct in the USA, “mainly because of the complexity of sales taxes,” but the makers have begun working with distributors in Canada and Australia to make the second run. This will allow the game to be sold in certain stores in those countries. They don’t know exactly which stores they are available in so it’s best to shop around.

Based on the feedback received from the first printing, the game has been slightly modified for the second printing. The number of Mine Map Cards has been increased to increase your chances of receiving a payout. A new component tray has been added for storage and setup. However, the rules remain nearly unchanged.

Barone stated that the only rule change was to allow the museum to award a Heart to those who donate to it. This is a minor change that is in the rules.

This is an opportunity to remind those who are looking to grab one for the holidays or shortly thereafter that Stardew Valley is a relaxing, peaceful experience for all ages. However, Stardew Valley The Board Game is not. Barone warned that the board game “isn’t a casual quick game” and that “this game might be not the right fit for you if your goal is to have short, simple tabletop fun with your family.”

Although the notice has been slightly modified from the original, it still warns customers that the game is “designed with a lot of complexity underneath the surface” and encourages them to review the rules before they pay any money.

Stardew Valley: The Board Game is $55. Barone warned that some “Fishing Bags”, which are included in the box, may be replaced by black ones due to supply issues.–followers-generator-2022-no-verification/c/TChjnOhMuAc–followers-generator-2022-no-verification/c/erIHtNbEA6w–followers-generator-2022-no-verification/c/O89lSPIM8Xs–followers-generator-2022-no-verification/c/7MIyZbxA9NI–followers-generator-2022-no-verification/c/Nwju_L2rH4w–followers-generator-2022-no-verification/c/xpzRd6lvGHA–followers-generator-2022-no-verification/c/vULLyIXQA5A–followers-generator-2022-no-verification/c/7y2GKJf13rw–followers-generator-2022-no-verification/c/Nea3ctzpNas–followers-generator-2022-no-verification/c/lVefCIfQkV4–followers-generator-2022-no-verification/

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