Valve has announced that their Steam Deck handheld gaming device is being delayed. Although it was originally expected that the Steam Deck handheld gaming device would begin shipping in December 2018, due to “global supply chain problems,” units will not start shipping until February 2022.

Valve stated that while they tried to address global supply chain issues, the components haven’t reached their manufacturing facilities insufficient time to allow them to meet their initial launch dates.

Steam Deck will begin shipping to customers in February 2022, based on our updated build estimates. This will be the new date for the reservation queue. All reservation holders will remain in line, but the dates will change accordingly. This announcement will bring you the latest estimates of reservation dates.

Valve stated that it would continue to “improve reservation dates on the new timeline” and keep you updated with any new information. The Steam Deck website will post the expected shipping times based upon your order date. Steam Deck reservations made now should begin shipping in the second half of 2022.

Valve confirmed that all those who preordered a Steam Deck will keep their place in the virtual queue: “Everyone is shifted to the new timeline, and you will still receive a message to complete your purchase in the order you reserved.”

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