Are you still thinking about Dune? Are you intrigued by the idea of living in a deserted world of sand and trying to survive in harsh environments, while also coming across giant sandworms?

Funcom is currently developing a Dune survival video game, but Starsand is an Early Access survival survival game. It’s set in harsh desert conditions and home to giant sandworms. Starsand will be available in November, so don’t wait.

Starsand is a marathon that leaves you stranded in the desert after you are swept by a sandstorm. For those times when regular marathons are too difficult, desert marathons can be a great alternative. Once the dust has cleared, all you have is water and the knowledge you can make primitive tools from rocks and sticks. The demo was free and I found it quite difficult. There is no shelter from the sun, which can quickly damage your character.

This isn’t Egypt. You’ll see two moons in your sky when the sun sets. They don’t look the same as the one we love and know. Evidently, that sandstorm took you to another planet, dimension, timeline or…

Although this may not be Earth, there are familiar creatures in Starsand. I found an oasis that had water and fruit trees, and killed a frog using my axe. Then I roasted it on a campfire. A few scorpions were also found in my oasis. Another sandstorm almost smashed the small hut I was building. One camel was given a banana by me. He’s now my friend and I’m happy for him. Just look at his cute, silly face.

Although I didn’t see any, the demo showed me that there were other dangers such as hyena packs, huge gators and gigantic centipede-looking things. The most dangerous threat is, of course, the inhospitable desert itself. Starsand launches Early Access in November 4.

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