Stormlight Archive & Mistborn Author Reveals He’s Working On A Video Game

Brandon Sanderson is a famous fantasy author, best known for The Stormlight Archive and the Mistborn series. He has now revealed that he is currently working on a videogame.

By Daniel Zuzworsky Published 11 hours ago

The recent blog post titled The State of the Sanderson-2021 revealed that Brandon Sanderson has worked on a videogame. Brandon Sanderson is a beloved fantasy author who has written several popular series, including Mistborn and The Stormlight Archive. After Robert Jordan died, Sanderson collaborated with him to complete The Wheel of Time.

Sanderson fans have hoped for a Mistborn role-playing game for many years. Sanderson was a familiar figure in the gaming world when he published Magic: the Gathering at Innistrad. Sanderson’s projects include a variety of series, universes, and entertainment media. Sanderson is currently working on several projects, including a videogame, a film, several TV series, and several book series. He also has a graphic novel and other projects.

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Today, game Informer published an article about Brandon Sanderson’s latest blog post, The State of the Sanderson 2021. According to the article, Sanderson has been working on this title for many years and is expecting the title to be released in 2019. You must note that the game is not based on Sanderson’s series. Instead, Sanderson developed something completely new with the rest of his team.

Fantasy books and games have been closely connected since the beginning of time. Many games such as The Witcher started as books. Fans of fantasy novels and games alike can look forward to this new release. The blog post by Sanderson did not contain any information that could be speculated on. The only thing we know so far is that Sanderson expects that fans will be familiar with the company developing the game. However, it is not something they would guess. Likely, the game will not be released until much later than expected, given that it has yet to be announced.

Sanderson is widely known for his ability to tell stories and build worlds. He will be an invaluable addition to any development team. However, it remains unclear how much he played in the video game production. In the past, Sanderson has been in video games only once Fortnite published a Mistborn Kelsier Skin. Fans of Sanderson are eager to see the future. The most successful video games are based on fantasy novels. Having an expert like Brandon Sanderson as a team member bodes well for the future.

Godfall is an action RPG that will be released in 2020. It has taken inspiration from many sources to create its futuristic setting and “Lootslasher” gameplay. The Stormlight Archive series of books by Brandon Sanderson is a fantasy epic about knights equipped with magical weapons and armor. It has influenced the visuals for the tech-magical gear that players can acquire.

Gearbox Software will publish Godfall in late 2020. This premier PlayStation 5 title draws on the new PlayStation 2_’s expanded capabilities. It tells an epic tale about knights from ancient times who must hack and slash their way through dangerous elements and the supernatural creatures that dwell therein. This story is tied directly to a “Loot Slasher” RPG system in which character classes are determined based on the armor they wear. Melee combat is more critical than ranged attacks, and players gain strength by looting new weapons from the enemies they defeat.

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Keith Lee is the CEO of Counterplay Studios and Creative director for Godfall. He has mentioned a variety of franchises that have influenced his “Loot-Slasher,” including loot-based games like the Monster Hunter series and books such as Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series and The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. The Stormlight Archive shares many similarities with the world of Godfall. This suggests possibilities for the story of this PS5 game and how it might be justified by the magical weapons, armor, and other items players can steal.

Comparison of Godfall and The Stormlight Archive
The storyline of Godfall has been sketched from trailer footage and interviews. A heroic Knightly Order must stop a world from being destroyed by devastating storms by climbing the Skybreaker Monolith, fighting their way through the hoards of enemies from various elemental realms. These arcane knights can also be equipped with Valorplate, a unique techno-magical suit of armor that has special abilities and boasts a variety of melee weapons.



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