Surprising No One, Elden Ring Looks Great

This news article is to inform you that Elden Ring from FROM Software still looks great. It was obvious that this trailer had been released back in for Summer Games Fest. We also know that the game looks great now that has been dropped with 15 minutes of gameplay.

If you haven’t gotten a look at the narrated trailer revealed by Bandai Namco today, here’s the expectations-bewildering 19 minute video linked here which can’t be embedded because of insane YouTube age restrictions.

New footage shows a souls -style game. It appears to have taken inspiration from many of the other action games, as well as some previous titles. The Tarnished one is a stealthy, agile combat and horseback riding game. It also doesn’t take any fall damage.

Elden Ring was recently delayed from January’s release date to February 25. This is a minor delay, considering how long the game has been known. Although sign-ups for the network test are closed, they will be held in mid-November.

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