Alien Xenomorphs Would Slaughter Jedi With Their Lightsabers

Although the Alien universe’s Xenomorphs are among the most resilient and brutal creatures in the universe, are they strong enough to withstand a lightsaber fight in Star Wars? Reddit user sparked the question. It seems that the Xenomorph’s biology may be able to match the Star Wars weapons.

Force users can use lightsabers to destroy many foes and defeat numerous alien races. These iconic weapons have a reputation for leaving little to no blood after an attack. The lightsaber’s powerful energy means that it simultaneously cauterizes and causes wounds. Xenomorphs, however, are extremely strong, fast, and durable. Xenomorphs are also known to have acidic blood, which complicates what could have been a simple lightsaber victory.

Reddit user ardouronerous posted the question. One could conclude that a lightsaber could be used to take down an alien. It could also cauterize their wounds and cut off their limbs, negating the effects of their acidic blood. An average Xenomorph has an open circulatory system similar to that of many insects. However, it does not have mammalian anatomy. Open circulatory systems are different from human ones. They don’t carry blood in veins and arteries but instead mix blood with other bodily fluids. It is almost like a balloon filled with blood.

The open circulation system of Xenomorphs means that a lightsaber struck a Xenomorph’s body with a lightsaber will not be able to sear it. Because cauterization is only effective for sealing small blood vessels, so the alien’s acidic liquid would spray out and cause damage to the lightsaber wielder as well as the saber. Xenomorph blood has been shown to burn through almost any, except the Xenomorphs’ exoskeleton. Reddit users speculated that the lightsaber would instantly vaporize acidic blood due to the heat of the energy blade. However, other users countered that vaporized acidic liquid blood is not as dangerous as liquid acidic blood.

This does not mean that a lightsaber user could not defeat a Xenomorph. However, if the wielder used his saber as a close combat weapon, they would be likely to get seriously injured by the Xenomorph’s acidic blood and possibly destroy their sabers. It would be amazing to see a Xenomorph fighting Darth Maul from Star Wars.

Famously terrifying Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise have been a nightmare fuel since their first appearance in Ridley Scott’s Alien. In one comic, they are also depicted as movie Monsters’. The Alien comic books have expanded the fan’s imagination and widened the scope of the Alien legends. The comics have a wide range of characters, from alien-fighting ninjas and Xeno-synthetics. A comic makes the Xenomorphs infamous movie monsters’ in the Alien Universe.

In Aliens Horror Show, Sarah Byam and David Roach show how a company seemingly pulled from Total Recall wants to create a simulation that will allow buyers to enter a horror-filled, Xenomorph-filled world for their entertainment. The company names the initiative “Genres” and launches the Horror Genre first and then creates other versions for consumers. Although each user of the Horror Genre starts their horrible journey in a different setting, they all end up the same.

The Horror Genre takes you deep into the Xenomorph hive, allowing you to experience the well-known horrors of the Xenomorphs. Because of their frightening nature, the Xenomorphs are not added to the experience accidentally. A major company is banking on the fear factor of the Xenomorphs. This is similar to what is happening in real life with every Alien film and television series.

There are many parallels between the Alien story with the real world. The Xenomorph is used as a metaphor for Alien-related events and any property owned or controlled by a corporation. The comic used the Xenomorphs as props because they were confident in their financial viability. This could also be true for formulaic TV shows or movies of any genre. They were cut off from the original to make more money rather than enhance the fan experience.

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