Battlefield 5 Had More Active Players Over Christmas Than Battlefield 2042

It seems that 2018’s Battlefield was more popular than the Battlefield over Christmas. Battlefield 2104 was largely unsatisfactory and has been controversial. Fans were disappointed with the franchise’s return in the modern-day, which has led to bugs and missing features that have caused many to return to earlier entries.

Battlefield 2204reviews at the time of release were mixed or negative. It is not fun due to bugs and design choices but also because there isn’t enough content. This has made it difficult to keep players interested. Many other games are competing for player attention. Many of them succeed through regular content updates. GTA Online Warzone Halo Infinite and many other titles have been able to stay relevant by offering new activities for players. New data shows that Battlefield2042 is falling behind its rivals in this regard.

SteamCharts data suggests that Battlefield5 had more active players than Battlefield 2042over Christmas. 2042 had a higher player count throughout the game, while BF5 saw sharp rises and falls in players. Battlefield5 also managed to attract over 25k players during its peak. 2042 meanwhile, had 19k players. Battlefield2042 saw a 70% drop off players within two weeks of its initial release. It’s not clear how long the game can sustain its player base, although it still has tens and thousands of players.

EA has created a plan for expanding the Battlefielduniverse. It will include three teams led by Vince Zampella (founder of Respawn Entertainment). It remains to be seen if EA will succeed in this, but fans hope Battlefield2042 will have a similar success story to DICE’s Battlefront 2. According to some reports, the studio scrapped many different ideas for 2042 and shifted its direction to follow different trends. This may explain why Battlefield 2_ feels a little hollow.

Battlefield 2204 sold a lot. EA will likely consider it a commercial success, and future content updates may give the game some legs to continue its comeback. It seems that players are more interested in older titles in this series. It remains to be seen if EA can convert these players into Battlefield 2204fans.

Battlefield2042 was launched in a turbulent time. Many of the current problems can be attributed to the development issues for the game that may have been originally a battle royale game. The most recent Battlefield2042 update brings many fixes to various issues. Many players are already writing off the game as a failure in the beloved series. A few components of 2042 seem to have been designed for battle royale games, and more information continues to point to this being true. The game is reportedly moving to a traditional Battlefield model in the middle of development.

An attempt was made to bring a battle royale into the series using Battlefield VI’s Firestorm Mode. It was added to BF5 late because Criterion Games developed a firestorm. The battle royale genre was already a huge success and was fast becoming saturated when the base game was launched in 2018. Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and the recently released Apex Legends dominated this fledgling genre. The woes of BF5’s base game and Battlefield 5’s Firestorm mode making a mess led to the battle royale’s rapid failure.

Many were puzzled by the release of two battle royale game modes by Electronic Arts, publishers of Battlefield 5 and Apex Legends. This was especially so when one was free-to-play and designed specifically for this genre. This seems like a situation that even economists would find undesirable. However, EA seemed determined to make Battlefield a contender for the BR space and had similar goals for 2042. It entered preproduction just a few days after BF5 was released. Battlefield 205 was not a battle royale. However, the foundations for one are there and you can see how some of its mechanics were intended.

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Battlefield 2042 Hovercrafts Defy Gravity & Can Climb Anything

One Battlefield2042 player discovered that the hovercrafts could be easily driven up tall buildings and through sheer walls. Battlefield 2104 is the futuristic first game in the series, dating back to Battlefield 2142 15 years ago. It brings the series into a near-future climate crisis setting with several new vehicles.

Many have played Battlefield2042 since the technical alpha in August. Only a few gameplay details were revealed during that time, but an open beta followed the beta in October for those who pre-ordered and EA Play/Xbox Game Pass subscribers. EA’s Battlefield2042 beta was the most successful early-access event. It led to many exciting discoveries and saw more than seven million people playing around with the game’s mechanics. As the Battlefield2042’searly-access version is made available to a new group of players, more possibilities are now being discovered.

Reddit is a place where players can post their thoughts. Z Snyder found that Battlefield 2042 Hovercrafts can be climbed up to any flat surface. This does not require any exploits. Z Snyder shows their team driving straight up the sides of a skyscraper or other structures (including a rocket). The trick was easy to replicate, and they could do it multiple times during a match. This method can even be used to climb a radio tower, which can also be reproduced on narrow surfaces.

EA Play and Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play Battlefield 2204 for free for 10 hours. This allows many more players to take advantage of the early access period to learn new tricks. Today, November 12, is the start of the 1-hour trial. Any progress made in that period will be carried over to the full version. Battlefield 2144’s Gold and Ultimate editions are now available for play. The standard edition will be released next week, November 19.

Despite Battlefield 2204 HTML2_’s persistent errors and other technical problems, the series community continues to find new and exciting things to do in the game. The hovercraft trick is handy, as it allows you to easily reach difficult-to-reach control points or jump across large areas of a map. It’s a shame that this isn’t fixed – it’s not game-breaking, and players will probably find many clever uses for it. If all the famous shenanigans from Battlefield3‘s fighter planes were allowed to continue in the game, climbing hovercrafts might also survive.

Battlefield 4042 has just been launched into early access. The full release will be available on November 19. There are a few known bugs and issues that still need to be fixed. It has fully adopted a live-service model and promised to deliver seasonal content. So, ongoing support was expected. DICE developers are aware of some issues, whether they were discovered early or through internal testing. They are currently working on fixing some of them.

Battlefield2042 can be played on various platforms, including PC, Xbox One, and Series S and X. Most of the issues are shared across all platforms. However, there are a few bugs that may only affect one platform. While there may be a day-one patch to address some of these issues, many other bugs will remain after November 19. Voice chat is disabled in Battlefield 2042 launch. This appears to have been a DICE feature deliberately delayed. This is not surprising to long-time fans, as rocky launch periods have been a part of Battlefield games for a while.

EA has not yet identified any game-breaking bugs. Photosensitive people may be affected by issues that are close to being game-breaking. Playing on PS5 can lead to the map’s lighting flickering erratically if you are inside the Weather Station that was destroyed on the Manifest map. The flickering was also a common problem in Battlefield‘s beta. The majority of the other issues are not significant problems and can be fixed in the next few weeks. However, there maybe more. These lists will list all known issues regarding Battlefield2042 and avoid criticism of the game’s design. Some might blur the lines as 2042 not having a scoreboard seems more like an oversight than anything.

Battlefield 2042: Maps

  • All platforms – Players often get stuck on any world geometry, regardless of the map.


  • All platforms – Server issues can lead to large silos being damaged on the map, resulting in rubber banding.
  • All platforms – The B1 objective is no longer available as a spawn spot when an enemy team contests it.


  • PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5 – Visual flickering can occur in sporadic cases.


  • All platforms – A player joining late in the round may cause the map’s destruction state not to be correctly synchronized.
  • All platforms – The B1 objective is no longer available as a spawn spot when an enemy team contests it.
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Doctor Strange 2 Merch Gives Possible First Look At Kaiju Villain

The first glimpse of the movie’s kaiju villain Shuma-Gorath appears to be in a piece of merchandise from the MCU sequel Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness. Although Phase 4 of the MCU is technically devoid of a major team-up movie such as The Avengers, Doctor Strange 2 next year might be close to meeting the criteria. Sam Raimi will direct the eagerly awaited sequel. It will feature Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, fresh from his appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Although plot details are still being discussed, one thing is certain: He’s going into the multiverse.
Rumours have been swirling for over a year about the Marvel Comics antagonist Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness. Nightmare has been a popular choice due to its horror-themed aspect. Some fans wonder if Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), which is confirmed to be a part in Doctor Strange 2, will take on the role of villain. A report from earlier this year suggested that Elder God Shuma Gorath would be Doctor Strange’s true villain.

The new merchandise for the film is quite possible if you believe the claims. Booktopia Australia has a Doctor Strange 2 coloring book, puzzle and puzzle available. It depicts Doctor Strange fighting a creature with green skin. Comics fans will recognize this as Shuma Gorath’s usual look. This suggests that he will be fighting Doctor Strange in the sequel.

Doctor Strange 2 was delayed from March 2022 to May 2022, meaning it is still more than half a calendar year away. It was released earlier than expected. This is due to the fact that it has been delayed many times by the coronavirus pandemic. This is a common side effect, which results in the early release or some merchandise. Thus the early glimpse at Doctor Strange 2’s Shuma Gorath.

This merchandise looks true to the movie. Although it might seem a little silly to some, it is in keeping with the Doctor Strange comics’ visual style. The first movie was a brief glimpse at the unique and wild images that can be created by the mystic arts. But the sequel will go deeper. Doctor Strange 2 should embrace the strangeness of its hero’s universe. This suggests it has so far. That makes 2022’s movie even more exciting.
Marvel’s What If …? will feature Agent Carter as a superpowered agent. The premiere features a surprising villain who may be seen in Doctor Strange’s Multiverse of Madness. Marvel’s new series, What If …?,, gives Marvel fans an opportunity to see alternate timelines within Marvel’s Multiverse. The premiere also gave Peggy Carter (Hayley Awell) her due. The episode focuses on Captain America: The First Avenger’s events, and Carter decides not to view Project Rebirth from safety in the booth. After the program is attacked, Steve Rogers (voiced by Josh Keaton in What If …?) is injured. By Josh Keaton, Carter is then taken to the super-soldier chamber and granted the powers of Captain America. She is then named Captain Carter.

The timeline is drastically altered by the Captain Carter’s change. Steve Rogers transforms into a version the first Iron Man by wearing a HYDRA-stomping, metal suit. Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), does not become the Winter Soldier. However, he jokes that Captain Carter nearly ripped off his arm when rescuing him from falling from an elevated train. Red Skull (Ross Marquand), cannot access the Tesseract at first, which alters his plans. Red Skull wants to summon the “true champion HYDRA” from above the stars.

You can also alter events with What If …? It is possible that this new threat to Marvel Cinematic Universe was teased. Red Skull summons his champion and uses the Tesseract as a portal to a tentacled creature. The monster is too powerful to control, and it seems to have killed Red Skull, potentially threatening safety on the whole planet. Captain Carter defeats the beast through the portal and disappears with it. She appears from the portal 70 years later, in front of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). Although the name of the monster Carter defeated is not known, it appears to have been Shuma-Gorath. This villain was rumored to be for Doctor Strange 2.

There are many clues to the identity of this villain. Shuma-Gorath is one of the Old Ones and a mysterious, one-eyed, tentacled creature in Marvel’s comics. Although the entirety of the creature is not visible in the What If …? premiere, it’s possible to get a better view. The tentacles could hint at the true identity of the monster. Also, what if …?? This is about the Multiverse, and all the possibilities that may arise now that the Sacred Timeline in the MCU has been destroyed. It makes sense that Disney’s new show would tease the villain, given Shuma-Gorath’s deep connections with the Multiverse in comics.

There are many implications to a potential Shuma Gorath appearance. What If …? reveals the events. The events of What If…? are canon in MCU’s Multiverse. Hayley Atwell is rumored as Captain Carter in a live action appearance in Doctor Strange 2. The episode could tie in with the Doctor Strange sequel as Shuma-Gorath is also rumored. This could mean that Red Skull and Bucky Barnes (non-Winter Soldiers) as well as scrawny Steve Rogers may appear in the episode. Shuma-Gorath is not confirmed to be the villain in Doctor Strange 2. What if Marvel’s What If …?? Here’s a spoiler for Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness: premiere

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Battlefield 2042 PC Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Ray Tracing & DLSS

The latest PC trailer for Battlefield 2042 shows the game in action with ray tracing enabled and NVIDIA’s impressive DLSS technologyonlogy enabled. Battlefield has been a showcase for PC gaming’s best in terms of performance and visual fidelity. It’s not surprising that Battlefield 2042 will continue the tradition despite the ambitious nature.
The new entry in Electronic Arts’ FPS series tentpole was announced earlier this summer. It will be the largest to date in terms of scope. The Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC will be able to host up to 128 players online in matches that include Conquest mode. DICE’s Battlefield Portal, a community-driven platform, is also a major change. How will this all play out on high-end PCs? NVIDIA has just released a trailer that teases all the possibilities.

NVIDIA GeForce has uploaded the latest Battlefield 2042 trailer to their YouTube channel. The first-person shooter Battlefield 2042 runs on PC with NVIDIA DLSS, Ray Tracing and Reflex Enabled. This reduces system latency dynamically. The video’s text at the beginning notes that the gameplay footage was recorded on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series. It’s quite a sight to see. The following video shows the latest trailer for Battlefield 2042:

As shown in the trailer, the RTX will enable enhanced ambient occlusion. NVIDIA’s innovative efforts with DLSS should prove to be a boon for frame rates and graphical performance. Reflex technology optimizes latency so that competitive players don’t have to worry about latency. If everything goes as planned, these enhancements almost guarantee that PC will be the best place to enjoy this year’s Battlefield installment.

Battlefield 2042 was originally scheduled to launch on consoles and PC on October 22. However, the delay of one month allowed the developers to deliver their vision. EA and DICE hosted open and closed betas for Battlefield 2042 weeks after the delay announcement. However, performance issues like stuttering or frame rate drops made many players nervous about the release. A new report from DICE suggests that Battlefield 2042’s beta build may be a little older than DICE initially indicated. Battlefield 2042’s beta had bugs and missing features that raised concerns about the final product.

DICE stated that Battlefield 2042 beta was only a few months old, indicating that there are bugs that have been fixed for the final release. DICE confirmed previous claims by EA, the game’s publisher. DICE added that the game was currently making changes to its user interface (such the kill feed), to address some of the most common complaints from players. Some remain skeptical, despite the fact that the beta is older than expected and there’s not enough time to polish the game for launch.

According to a report by Tom Henderson (via Gaming Intel), Battlefield 2042’s beta build could be older than previously thought. According to sources within DICE, Henderson was told that the build dates back to September. This could make it more difficult to fix Battlefield 2042’s beta issues. Henderson noted that the beta trailer does show a more current version of Battlefield 2042, considering that there are objects on the rocket launchpad that were not present in the most recent build.

There is currently no way to know the truth. Henderson is a reliable source, and he mentioned that his sources had given him accurate information in the past. However, Battlefield 2042 developers don’t seem to have confirmed or denied these claims. DICE’s beta track record is not good and the last few games they launched have been difficult. Battlefield 2042 is missing a lot of features, which fans have recently pointed out. This makes the massive shooter feel dated in some ways.

There is no room for error, as Battlefield 2042 is the biggest 2021 game published by EA. EA decided to put the Need for Speed 2 game on hold in order to make sure that the launch went smoothly. Criterion was hired as a support studio for Battlefield 2042. This is a high-stakes shooter. It remains to be seen if EA will let Battlefield 2042 slide out of the financial quarter to allow DICE to polish the game more. If Henderson’s report is correct, it could be for the best.

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