Spider-Man Is J. Jonah Jameson’s Fever Dream In Creepy Digital Fan Art

This creepy fan art is digital and shows off a Spider-Man version that may be a fever dream to J. Jonah Jameson. Twitter user @Ronaldwookie92 created the art. This strange digital art was posted on Twitter on November 30, 2012.

Born in Malaysia, the artist sticks to original creations that he sells under NFTs. The majority of the artwork is the same style used in Spider-Man fan art. VR Quil is used to create the art before Blender. His original creations range from wild tribal warriors wearing tiger helmets to dragons vomiting flowers. A medieval-looking Spawn is pinned to his banner. The Spider-Man rendering appears to be his only fan art.

The Wookie Art Diarrhea animation shows Spider-Man upside down, in a typical Spidey pose. His webs, which look like barbed wire, are tightly wrapped around him. His web-shooters are another neat feature. They wrap around his wrists similarly to those worn by Scarlet Spider. The animation shows bubbles rising from him and floating upward. The webs also wave, and the animation tilts to show the dynamic Spider-Man pose. His NFTs have a large following. Many were disappointed that the Spider-Man fan artwork would not be available for purchase. It was captioned, “pumped for this movie!” !”

While there have been many monstrous Spider-Man versions in the past, the fan art retains the look and design of Spider-Man’s original character. The costume’s texture gives it a creepy look. Spider-Man looks a lot like a person in biology textbooks, except that their skin has been removed, and only their muscle tissue is visible. It’s easy to see how this Spider-Man costume is made of his muscles—even his signature red and blue scheme.

This Spider-Man version is more creepy and bizarre than frightening, so it’s easy to imagine J. Jonah Jameson seeing this when he closes his eyes. He doesn’t consider Spider-Man to be a frightening creature. Jameson views Spider-Man more as a threat, so Jameson would be apt to view Spidey as just being unsettling and strange rather than monstrous.



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The Amazon Queen’s New Weapon Is Painfully Cooler Than Wonder Woman’s

In the latest issue, Nubia & the Amazons DC Comics, Nubia’s new Queen Nubia faces formidable foes. Fortunately, her partner Io gives her a cool weapon that rivals Wonder Woman’s sword and lasso. Nubia should now be a more significant part of Themyscira’s mythos and future. She should be presented with a weapon worthy of her grace and royalty.

In 1973’s Wonder Woman#204, Don Heck, Vince Colletta, and Robert Kanigher introduced Nubia as the “long-lost twin sister” to Princess Diana. However, the character has been through many reboots and retcons over the 50 years since its first appearance. In DC’s current Infinite Frontier era, Nubia was given the throne at Themyscira. She succeeded Wonder Woman’s mother, Hippolyta, and passed a series of tests, making her officially Queen Nubia. Nubia and the Amazons are her first mini-series. It explores Nubia’s history, identity, and how she will shape the future for the Amazons.

Nubia & The Amazons#4 – written by Stephanie Williams ( Living Heroes but What If Though?), and Vita Ayala( Static Season One, The Wild), with art by Alitha Martnez ( Batgirl, Moongirl, and Devil Dinosaur ) – continues to examine the balance Nubia must maintain as the Queen of the Amazons, and former guard at Doom’s Doorway. A position she held for hundreds of years. Medusa, a (seemingly) evil Gorgon creature from Greek mythology, has escaped Doom’s Doorway (a passage into Tartarus, Hades’ prison for monsters) and is now hunting down Amazons to try to grab Nubia’s attention. This issue sees Nubia confront the terrifying beasts Tartarus.

Io, the chief Amazon blacksmith stops Queen Nubia from descending into Doom’s Doorway and fighting her way through Tartarus. Io presents Nubiawith a stunning “javelin whip,” a formidable spear-and-sharp weapon that’s instantly iconic. It is first seen in the DC Legends videogame, but not in the comics. Nubia is in love with the new weapon and says, ” She’s Beautiful, she has reach, and balance,” to which Io graciously replies, “She was inspired by the essence of my Queen.” Nubia and Diana are not to be pitted against one another, even though they have proven great allies in battle. However, Nubia’s spear is far cooler than Wonder Woman’s old-fashioned sword and lasso. Io delivered a modern weapon for the new Amazon Queen.

Nubia and the Amazons is an instant classic. This is largely because Nubia, a queer, complex, and courageous woman of color, has made Nubia and the Amazons a huge hit. Nubia is against the traditional philosophies of Man’s World or Themyscira. She creates her values and impacts the world around her. Her compassion and thoughtfulness are some of Nubia’s greatest strengths. However, her new weapon makes her even more powerful and imposing. Fans can view Queen Nubia in action with her new weapon. They can also compare it to Wonder Woman’s classic sword & lasso in Nubia and the Amazons #4.


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Batman’s Kingdom Come Armor Looks Even Better in Animated Series Style

The iconic armor Batman wore in Kingdom Come is even more beautiful in Batman: The Animated Series. Alex Ross, an artist, once imagined how the design might look with Bruce Timm’s signature style of art.

The Mythology by Alex Ross,collects his work with DC Comics over his career. He also reveals concept art and covers as well as other artwork he did for the publisher. The book also includes a section on his work on Kingdom Come with Mark Waid. This is where he imagines the future DC Universe. While new heroes continue the Justice League’s legacy, original Justice League members have changed their perspectives and seen the world from a different perspective. The beloved Batman: The Animated Series began airing shortly before the epilogue to DC Universe was released.

Alex Ross shows a sketch of his Kingdom Come Batman. It is based on the animated series. The armor is sleek and looks like the Batman: The Animated Series action figure variants. Ross wrote next to the design, “My Bruce Timm Style of Batman’s Armor,” in 1995, while he was working at Kingdom Come. Bruce Wayne grew older and needed more action-heavy armor to win the war against crime. While the younger Bruce would not need such armor, his older self from Batman Beyond would later use a high-tech suit.

Ross allows viewers to visualize the suit in action, even though the weaponized suit was censored. Bruce’s future DC Animated Universe suit is simpler and doesn’t need the bulky armor or spiked gauntlets. His Batman Beyond costume doesn’t require wings. He can fly with rocket boot. His built-in glider, however, is something that Batman would have used in modern times.

A Kingdom Comeversion may be possible as Batman’s animated series adventures continues in comics. Ross’s drawing was purely for fun. However, it makes it possible for future versions of the characters from the graphic novel to join the DC Animated Universe. Although they have two completely different ideas for a future DC Universe Kingdom designs, many would be pleased with the Kingdom design of Bruce Timm.


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Static is Setting Up a Massive Milestone Crossover

In high school, Virgil Hawkins, AKA Static, met Raquel Ervin, AKA Rocket. This made a Milestone team up seem natural. The Dakotaverse started to emerge in 2021 with Static: Season One and Icon and Rocket Season One and Hardware: Season One. The heroes are now collaborating and setting the wheels in motion for their Justice League.

Readers might not have known that Raquel Ervin (and Virgil Hawkins) attend the same high school if it wasn’t already been covered in the series. Dakota City is fully imagined and has many characters, locations, and events shared in the three ongoing comics. Milestone’s world-building was a step ahead of its time in the 1990s and continues to impress with its current comics. Hardware was a crucial player in the past, despite his brief appearance during static: Season One Virgil and meet another hero in Icon and Rocket #5, written and illustrated by Reginald Hudlin and Leon Chills, with art Andrew Currie and Doug Braithwaite.

Raquel and Virgil sit in the same classroom and have a short conversation in the hallway. Virgil reveals that he is Static to Raquel during their discussion. He is aware that Raquel is Rocket, and he wants to establish ties with fellow Dakota superheroes. This scene occurs after the end of Season One, when Virgil has fully developed into his superhero self. Confidently, Virgil says to her, “I can be somebody you can talk about stuff like this.” Your other life. The one who is a hero… Because I am Static.” Although she doesn’t seem interested, Virgil’s initiative is sowing the seeds for a future team-up with Icon or Rocket.

Raquel Ervin, who is unfazed, has become preoccupied in high school when Ant interrupts her. Virgil is harassed by a few students as he displays his ability to fight bullies in the hallway. He nearly lost his temper in an altercation with a student using his electromagnetic skills. He quickly disarms the students who are harassing him by shocking them off-panel. The issue took place after Static’s first seasons. This moment exemplifies Virgil’s rise as a hero.

It is also a sign of Virgil’s growth that he is willing and able to share his identity with his fellow student-superhero. The Milestone creative team had previously teased that the first three seasons of the titles might be converged with an event. Static and Rocket are now aware of their secret identities. Hardware and Raquel have become friends with Virgil.




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Marvel Just Fixed Shang-Chi’s Biggest MCU Plot Hole

His blockbuster film Marvel Comics’Shang-Chi brought the Marvel Cinematic Universe to life and allowed fans to see the Master of Kung-Fu on the big screen. The film was an excellent addition to the MCU. However, fans were still left feeling confused by one plot hole. Marvel Comics solved Shang-Chi’s most enormous MCU plot hole by filling in the blanks.

Shang Chi #7 is written by Gene Luen Yang, Dike Ruan, and Shang Chi is reunited with his mother. She tells him about her past and the mysteries of Ta Lo. One aspect of the otherworldly dimension is the powers that the mysterious forces offer to its inhabitants. Ta Lo residents have two abilities: the ability to psionically connect with the Qilin (a native creature to the land) and the skillset of an archer.

The MCU film ShangChi and the Legend of the Ten Rings show ShangChi and Katy Chen traveling to Ta Lo to stop ShangChi’s father, the Mandarin, from opening a demon portal and unleashing a soul-sucking demonic demon. They are welcomed by Ta Lo residents and trained with them to prepare for Mandarin’s arrival. Shang-Chi was trained in martial arts by his mother; Katy studied archery and became an expert quickly. Katy also helped take down the Dweller of Darkness, who arrived via a shot with an arrow. Katy’s image would be enough for Hawkeye to be impressed. It makes no sense that she would be capable of doing it after so little practice. Fans now know the story behind Katy’s lifesaving shot, thanks to Shang-Chi’s revelation in the comics.

Fans now know that Katy was inspired by Ta Lo’s magic, making the epic scene in the film even more enjoyable. There are no more questions about how Katy managed to shoot an arrow through the neck of a demon dragon so far away. She was able to use the magical properties of the land to guide her hand and thus save Shang-Chi.

Marvel Comics was able to fix a central plot hole in an MCU movie, proving that the comics are not just source material but also the authority of Marvel lore. Marvel Comics is always there to fill in the gaps left by films, even when they make changes to comic book characters. While movies can only hold so much lore before they run out of time, comics can take their time and detail every aspect of a character’s history. Marvel Comics closed ShangChi’s largest MCU plothole and made the movie more enjoyable.


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The iconic comic book artist Alex Ross has his own DC Comicshead canon that ended in the 1970s. It might not surprise anyone familiar with Ross’s work, such as Justice or Kingdom Come, that he prefers DC’s past.

Since its release, Alex Ross and Mark Waid’s exploration of the future DC Universe in Kingdom Comehas proven to be a fascinating premise. Even though it was published in the 1990s, many mainstream characters are missing. In Kingdom Come’sdepiction DC’s future, Dick Grayson assumes the Red Robin character instead of Nightwing, which he used in the comics. These details are part of Ross’s headcanon, which he once mentioned in an interview.

Alex Ross, speaking about Justice, elaborated on the book’s setting and his take on DC Universe. Ross revealed that continuity would continue into the 1970s and would therefore use his traditional characters. Ross shared his view on Justice’s DC Universe, saying that “To be very truthful to it, it’s keeping things with where they wanted them to set them. They’re in this location which is a mixture of continuity from the comics as well as what was on TV back in the 70s.” The characters’ perpetual states reflect their current place in Justice. For example, Superman is unmarried. Lois Lane is also a part of this .”

Ross had an idea about where the Justice League’s crimefighting partners were during the series, even though the Teen Titans don’t play a significant role in Justice. Although he is a fan of Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s take on the teenage superhero group, he still prefers his version to the founder members. Ross spoke out about the Teen Titans and said that Dick Grayson was Robin. There are no other Teen Titans except Wonder Girl, Aqua Lad Speedy, Speedy, and Kid Flash. This doesn’t mean that I dislike the Perez/Wolfman versions, but it’s just another age. For me, the cutoff is when the Justice League’s first modern-age hero is introduced. I consider Firestorm to be that. ”

For some DC fans, it might seem retrograde to ask Ross to keep the mid-70s as a point. He believes the era was the best because certain characters weren’t married or killed off. I need to choose this period in history before they started murdering people willy-nilly. You can start making those alterations, which I believe was between 1976-1977. In that time, Aquaman’s infant son, Flash, and other children are being killed off; things begin to change. Alex Ross is known for his photorealistic portrayals of superheroes. However, his example on DC Comics remaining in his past shows his respect for the characters he grew up reading.

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Wolverine’s Blood Made the Transformers Even More Powerful

Decepticons and Autobots once fought it out on Earth. The Transformers heroes received an essential upgrade from Wolverine. Optimus Prime, the Autobots, and other Autobots, only used Wolverine’s blood against Megatron and his forces. They also used Spider-Man’s blood to get a power boost. Optimus Prime’s Avengers supported him; the Transformers powered up would fight it out.

New Avengers/Transformers from Marvel Comics by Stuart Moore, Tyler Kirkham, Sal Regla, Anette Kwok, and Todd Klein featured the Decepticons attacking Earth with a structure called the Array – which launched a wave of energy that altered the minds of those close by. The Autobots and Avengers joined forces to fight Megatron and his army. Megatron becomes even more dangerous after consuming a serum containing Spider-Man’s blood. Optimus Prime responds by giving Megatron a serum with Spider-Man’s blood.

In the crossover series, New Avengers/Transformers #4, Spider-Man breaks free from capture in The Array and joins the Avengers trying to take down Megatron. Iron Man unleashes the Anti-Transformer armor that matches Megatron’s size, but it fails to stop the villain who uses his new powers to decapitate the suit with a blast. Spider-Man is back with the Transformers and offers his blood to make a serum for the Autobots. However, Wolverine crashes the party and suggests that Spider-Man upgrade his mutant blood. Logan thanks Logan for saving all of them, to which Logan replies, “peachy.”

The Autobots would win the battle using Wolverine’s blood to improve their powers. As Optimus Prime and Luke Cage defeat Megatron, Wolverine would eliminate the mind-altering device within the Array. Although it is implied that the Autobots received a healing factor from Wolverine after they took the serum with their blood, the comic does not explicitly show this. It is clear that Megatron was defeated by it, so Wolverine’s blood helped them become more muscular.

Spider-Man and Wolverine’s blood was used to power up Autobots and Decepticons. This shows that heroes can be more than just biological weapons. It was as bizarre as the idea of using Wolverine’s blood for the Transformers to power up was, but it proved to be the missing ingredient in stopping Megatron from taking over the Earth. Although it is one of the most bizarre power upgrades, it is hard to dispute its effectiveness.


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Doctor Strange’s Wong Just Beat One of the Strongest X-Men in One Move

Preview for Strange Academy #15, Doctor Strange’s longtime ally Wong defeats Magik, one the most powerful X-Men, with one move. Wong shows how to disable and defend against influential magic users. He can destroy Illyana Rasputin’s demonic Soulsword and ends his duel with the X-Men’s big gun. Wong barely moves a muscle. This is an excellent example of how undervalued Wong is.

The mutant Magik was first introduced in 1975’s Giant-Sized X-Men #1. it is one of the most powerful X-Men. Her abilities extend beyond her mutant power of teleportation and include a variety of capacities related to her status of Ruler of Limbo, a demonic Hell-like dimension. Wong was first introduced in 1963’s Strange Tales #110. He is a highly-skilled martial artist and has spent decades with Stephen Strange. It is no surprise that he is experienced in magic defense.

The preview for Strange Academy #15 was written by Skottie and illustrated by Humberto Ramos. It shows the main class taking part in their first Mystical Defence 101 course. Illyana is his sparring partner. The faculty of Strange Academy have been subject to multiple attacks over the past year, including the death and attack by Mister Misery and battles against Dormammu. It is not surprising that they are passionate about teaching students magic defense. Illyana is an Adjunct Professor at Strange Academy. She has been instructing the students in magic defense, which she is familiar with. However, her brief duel with Wong demonstrates that reason is as important as offense. Enjoy the preview below, which AIPT shared.

Wong and Magik are engaged in a sparring match. Illyana seems to be unafraid of Wong’s fully-powered Soulsword as she charges at him. Wong waves his hands, casting a magical defense spell that completely depowers the Soulsword. Wong defeating Illyana is impressive enough. However, his ability to disable the Soulsword’s magical properties, which are meant to interrupt the magic properties of the things it slices, is especially wild considering that the weapon is often considered to have magical properties. One of the most powerful In the whole Marvel Universe.

Wong teaches students that Magik made the error of “Bringing a sword…to a magic battle.” He also tells his defense students t”You must be prepared for all types of attacks and know which defenses to use.” It’s not about brute force or size. Wong then has the students engage in their warring. One student is quite surprising. Madelyne, also known as the Goblin Queen, fifightsadelyne PrPryorhe has control over Limbo. Not They don’t want her Soulsword malfunctioning while they are fighting! Wong is often overlooked as a sorcerer.

It’s refreshing to see him win the Great Captain of Krakoa, gain respect from his students and Magik herself. While Magik and Wong may be able to cross swords, Wong is not seeing that something is seriously wrong with the student body. Calvin Morse, a shadowy power broker, makes dangerous trades. Hopefully, Wong H’s detective skills will rival his fighting ability, which he has been able to defeat. X-Men One shot at’s Magik Strange Academy #15 Retailers will be notified on January 19.

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Silver Surfer’s Planet Hulk Costume Returns in Epic New Fanart

Marvel’s Planet Hulk ran featured epic gladiator fights between many heroes and new characters. The Jade Giant faced off against the Silver Surfer. Mike McKone has created a Marvel Comics fan artwork that shows the Silver Surfer in his gladiator costume. It looks better than ever. This work shows the Silver Savage, a cosmic hero who uses his surfboard to protect himself while wielding a large mace.

The Planet Hulk story arc of The Incredible Hulk saw Marvel’s Illuminati send the Hulk into outer space to keep the villain away from Earth. Instead of landing on an unknown planet, however, the Hulk was sucked into the wormhole and taken to Sakaar, where slaves were forced to fight to the death in gladiator arenas. The Silver Surfer joined in the fight for freedom as the Hulk and his allies, including Korg and Miek. The hero’s desire for life drove him to a portal that took him directly to Sakaar. He would be tied with a will-controlling obedience disc and forced to fight in the gladiator arena as the Silver Savage.

Mike McKone ( Teen Titans) shared his thoughts on the Silver Savage via his Twitter account. This fan art depicts the Silver Surfer wearing his gladiator armor. He carries a large mace and uses his board as a shield. The costume includes a large shoulder plate armor and the Silver Surfer’s obedience disk on Sakaar during Planet Hulk. The image also features the hero standing in front of the stars. McKone’s artwork is outstanding.

Although the Silver Surfer’s time at Sakaar was brief, it was a pivotal moment within the Planet Hulk storyline. As the Hulk’s obedience disk forced him to act, the former Herald of Galactus took on the Hulk. The Silver Surfer used his power to destroy all the obedience disks on slaves after Hulk had destroyed the disk. The Silver Surfer released everyone and offered the Hulk the opportunity to return to Earth. However, the Jade Giant refused, opting to fight for Sakaar’s freedom.

The Silver Surfer’s Silver Savage look in Marvel’s Planet Hulk storyline was, ultimately, his most memorable costume. Mike McKone’s fan art shows it even more. The silver Surfer looks like a tough gladiator nobody would want to meet in a gladiator arena.


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Indigenous Mutants Unite In Marvel Voices: Heritage Sneak Peek

Marvel has gathered its Indigenous heroes – Echo (aka The New Phoenix), American Eagle, and X-Men’s Mirage and Forge – to create a massive preview of stories in Marvel Voices Heritage #1. This one-shot special, available in print and digital on January 12, features top Indigenous writers and artists sharing brand new stories with many Marvel Universe characters.

The Marvel Voices podcast began as a podcast that highlighted characters and creators from underrepresented communities. It has since expanded to include a series of regular one-shot comic books. The Marvel Voices books have highlighted Indigenous creators from the past. Heritage is a continuation of this tradition. Since 1966’s Fantastic Four #50, Indigenous characters have been a part of Marvel Universe for more than 50 years. Thunderbird, one of the founding members of the “All-New, All-Different X-Men,” which helped redefine the franchise, was one of these notable Indigenous characters. He will soon be featured in a huge-sized comic after his resurrection.

Marvel Voices Heritage #1 preview: An elderly Indigenous man looks up and is shocked to see flaming arrows rushing out of a tunnel in his sky, dethroning an attacking robot. He looks up to see five Indigenous X-Men advancing into battle against the robot. Greycrow, Mirage, and Risque are among the assembled mutants. The mutants tell the older man to relax and let the monsters handle the threat. The old man stares in disbelief and yells, “Skoden!” The preview is only one page long. This leaves readers with no other options but to wait until January 122th to see the amazing team in action. Marvel has provided pages for additional stories.

The preview shows ‘Snowguar d:The Tuurngait’s Song’ by Nyla Innuksuk and Natasha Donovan. This story features Champions hero facing down supernatural beings and the near future for the American Eagle.

Marvel’s Indigenous heroes are available to fans when the comic hits stores. The anthology collection promises to bring together Xmen icons and reveal the future for heroes after the Avengers. It will also shed light on Echo’s ongoing journey as she embraces and uses the Phoenix Force to become one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes.


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