Fortnite: Where to Find Spider-Man’s Website Shooters

Spider-Man’s web-shooters were a Mythic addition for Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 1. They aren’t yet in the game but will arrive a week after Chapter’s launch.

This is everything you need about Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters for Fortnite.

Players will point to the environment and then use the fire button to send out the web. The player can then swing from the web. Players may still sustain fall damage from the Mythic item, although it is unclear.

Spider-Man’s web-shooters will allow players to pick up items from the ground while they are airborne. It would be incredible if enemies could be pulled up to you, like the tractor beam in Season 7 of the last Chapter. However, that is not yet known.

Web shooters located

Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters, as mentioned above, aren’t available yet in the game. They will be released on December 11th instead, possibly alongside other Spider-Man cosmetics.

Spider-Man’s web-shooters can be found in backpacks such as the one shown above when they are available. They will be available to multiple players at once, so it seems that they can all be obtained.

S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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Fortnite: Chapter 3 – Season 1 Victory Umbrella Revealed

Fortnite Chapter 3 – While the most significant change to the game’s history since Chapter 2, it’s good to see that something is still the same: receiving a Victory Umbrella free of charge.

Chapter 3 – Season 1 Victory Umbrella (called Seven signet) is modelled after either The Foundation, who seems to be the main hero and leader of The Seven or The Visitor, who made a comeback as part of The End. We already saw something for The Foundation in Chapter 2 of Season 6.

Below, you can see the umbrella.

It’s one of our favourite umbrellas (we have had nineteen of them), and it fits well with the game’s story. But how do you get it?

How to Unlock Fortnite: Chapter 3 – Season 1 Victory Umbrella

You can unlock the Victory Umbrella by winning a match in regular Fortnite mode.

This means that you must win a match, either solo, duos or trios, as well as a squad. It is impossible to win a game in Team Rumble or Creative mode.

After achieving this, the Victory Umbrella can be added to your bag. Remember that the Victory Umbrella is not yours until the season ends. If you have difficulty winning matches, you might wait a while as many players attempt to get it at the beginning of the season.

S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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Fortnite: Chapter 3: MK-Seven Assault Rifle Stats & Location

The MK-7 Assault Rifle was the first weapon added in Fortnite Chapter 3.

The MK-Seven Assault Rifle can be purchased from Common to Rare.

This article will cover everything you need about Fortnite’s MK-Seven Assault Rifle, including its stats and how to use it.

“Billed from The Seven’s Technology, the MK-Seven Assault Rifle Is a medium-to-long-range weapon with high rates of fire and a high range.”

This is the MK-Seven Assault Rifle in its Legendary and Common forms. It is mighty and can shoot quickly, resulting in a high DPS.

Uniquely, the MK-Seven Assault Rifle can also be used as a first-person weapon once you ADS with it.

The weapon’s red dots sight is responsible for this. Other weapons allow you to aim through a scope. However, the MK-Seven Assault Rifle will enable you to aim down sights. You still get bloom, despite this.

The MK-Seven Assault Rifle can be found everywhere. It typically spawns between its Common or Legendary rarities. Check floor loot and chests for lower aberrations. Upgrade to Legendary.

Players can confront The Foundation NPC to claim a Mythic MK-Seven Assault Rifle with improved stats. You can find The Foundation in the Sanctuary POI.

S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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Fortnite: Ranger Assault Chapter 3: Rifle Stats & Location

The Ranger Assault Rifle was the first weapon to be added in Fortnite Chapter 3.

The Ranger Assault Rifle can be purchased from Common up to Legendary rareties.

This article will cover everything you need about the Ranger Assault Rifle Fortnite. Its stats, uses, and where to find it are all included.

“Made for distance! The Ranger Assault Rifle can be used at medium range .”, but is quite strong at long rangeem>

These tables show the differences between the Legendary and Common versions of the Ranger Assault Rifle.

The Ranger Assault Rifle for Fortnite is a standard AR. It’s meant to replace the old AR that’s been around forever, but also has a little inspiration from the AK. Although it shoots slightly slower, it has decent bloom and easy recoil control.

The Ranger Assault Rifle’s rarity determines the range, damage, DPS and reload times.

Ranger Assault Rifle Location

The Ranger Assault Rifle can be found everywhere loot normally spawns as a standard loot pool item.

The Ranger Assault Rifle is available in chests, on floors, in air drops and almost everywhere else.

It is more difficult to find a specific Ranger Assault Rifle if it is rarer than the others. If you don’t wish to spend your time searching, upgrade to a higher rarity version.

S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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How Many People Play Fortnite In 2021?

It is pretty amazing to see the Epic Games Fortnite success, especially considering its humble beginnings as a pure PVE experience. This was later renamed Save the World. Save the World was a long-running project that took years to complete. It didn’t make the top 10 when it was finally released. Epic saw an opportunity to make Fortnite: Battle Royale. The rest is history. How many Fortnite players still play it in 2021?

Epic has been conservative in releasing official figures recently, limiting themselves to specific milestones of players attained.

Epic revealed that Fortnite had 350 million registered accounts, and players spent 3.3billion hours playing the game during April 2020. In a lawsuit against Epic, they repeated the same number in August 2020. These numbers may result from the global situation, but it’s not surprising that they are so impressive.

Due to the massive fallout between Epic Games & Apple, it appears that Fortnite’s total number of players has plummeted. Fortnite on iOS devices accounts for approximately 116 million of the actual 350 million Fortnite players.

Important to note that these figures don’t include spam or secondary accounts. However, it is still a significant milestone considering the issues with mobile. Fortnite is a popular game due to its free nature and pop culture status. This doesn’t answer the question about who’s still playing Fortnite, but Chapter 3 is an excellent place to start.

Before we get into the analysis of Fortnite’s player numbers, it is essential to note that any site that claims to have an active player count is false. Epic does not have this information available publicly for anyone to view every second. Sites such as can be inaccurate.

Fortnite: Are You a Player in Fortnite?

Fortnite’s peak concurrent player base was 78.3 million in August 2018. This was in August 2018, when Fortnite was still relatively new on Switch. It was also the holiday season, so younger players had plenty of time to play.

Fortnite’s daily active users (DAU) are still very much alive. Fortnite’s daily active players (DAU) were revealed in August 2020 in the lawsuit between Epic Games & Apple about the game’s status on App Store.

According to lawsuit filings, Fortnite was not available on iOS after the battle between the two companies began. Fortnite was only available on iOS for 2.5 million of the 25,000,000 DAU.

If you remove the 2.5 million iOS users, there are 222.5 million Fortnite players. This is according to August 2020. This number could be even higher, as iOS players may migrate to other platforms. Fortnite had 116,000,000 iOS users, with 73 million who only played the game on iOS.

You can find the number of concurrent Fortnite players with some basic maths. Based on the 22.5 million DAU that don’t use iOS, Fortnite’s average contemporary player per hour was 937.500 in August 2020. It would be a significant advantage over most games on Steam, but we don’t know if Fortnite’s player count will decline in 2021. Google Trends shows a drop in people searching for Fortnite. However, this is not a barometer.

In celebration of the console’s first birthday, Sony released the most downloaded PS5 games in the past year. Fortnite was ranked #1, ahead of FIFA and Call of Duty.

Epic then announced that Fortnite was the most popular game at a season launch, with Chapter 3 – Season 1.

Fortnite has been around for 19 seasons, and it is more than four years old. It’s far from being dead, however.

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Chapter 3’s Players Are Stuck In Long Queues Fortnite:

Fortnite players report being stuck in long lines due to the incredible success of Chapter 3.

Some timers count down until the players can be allowed in. However, there have been many reports about timers being reset as soon as they reach zero. Some players are still not able to log in and play since the season began at 3 PM GMT.

Epic acknowledged the problems and also bought the popularity of Chapter 3.

Fortnite is far from dead.

How to get out of the Chapter 3 Queue

Although it can be frustrating, there is a way to limit how long you spend waiting in the queues for Chapter 3. You have a better chance of getting in if you leave the column before four and a quarter minutes left and then relaunched your game.

When you can finally play Chapter 3, you can look forward to essentially a new game. You can slide and use tents for items storage. You can also use unique weapons such as a super-strong sniper.

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Arctico was originally an Early Access survival game called Eternal Winter. However, it has now been transformed into a relaxing exploration and relaxation game. Eternal Winter required you to kill your huskies, but Arctico allowed you to pet them. If they aren’t fed, they become tired and slow down. Instead of being a brutal game of staring at the hunger meter, Arctico became a cozy game of building an Arctic research center between meditative trips by sled, kayak, or glider.

Andy Kelly, who played the then-current version last year, said that Arctico’s wintry terrain, use of color, and appeal to him was “very appealing.” Although it’s a beautiful game, there are some glitchy, robotic animations. It’s still a fascinating place to explore. You will see the outline of something on the horizon. Ride over with your dogs, and you’ll discover something: The abandoned camp of former explorers. Here, you might find excerpts of their diaries or items to scavenge.

Arctico is available now on Steam Early Access. The latest trailer shows that Arctico will be leaving Early Access in February 2022. The trailer shows activities such as kayak-fishing and plant-growing. It also features star-gazing. There’s even chill sledding on the snow with four huskies, which I’m sure are competent dogs.

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Halo Infinite leaks point to new game modes

Halo Infinite leaks point to new game modes.


Recent leaks have revealed new Halo infinite modes. If the data mining is correct, we can expect new twists to familiar gameplay with every event 343 throws at it. This first round of events could be associated with the next Halo Infinite multiplayer tournament, Ritual. It will run from February 8th through February 21st. Tenrai will only reappear periodically for the next two months.

Continue reading: Halo Infinite Forge release dates and all we know

Halo Infinite Ritual Event Leaks – Tactical Ops

Leaker @HaloNoticiasMX claims Ritual will include Tactical Ops remixes from several modes and what appears to be a few other additions.

  • Tactical Slayer
  • Tactical One Flag
  • Tactical CTF
  • Tactical strongholds
  • Tactical Elimination
  • Tactical Attrition
  • Tactical Oddball
  • The Hill’s Tactical King

These “tactical” modes are not yet precise. It is not clear what makes them different from other modes. Fractures: Tenrai’s “Fiesta” mode, a twist of Slayer, allows you to spawn with random weapons each time. This is as tactical as it gets.

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World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic Phase 3: New Raids and PvP Seasons, Release Date And More

We can now start looking at the new content that will be coming to World of Warcraft: Classic Burning Crusade Phase 3. This may be a giant patch of the expansion.

Phase3 brings the much-anticipated Black Temple raid. Players can explore the old Draenei worshiping areas, now filled by enemies controlled by Lord Illidan.

The game will have a lot more content once phase 3 launches. However, phase 4 will release a casual Zul’aman and TBC’s only 10-man raid.

Release Date

Blizzard has not yet released a date for Phase 3. However, we can speculate about a possible release date.

Phase 2 was not released until September. Phase 3 is expected to be released in 2022. This makes a launch in February or January 2022 a strong contender for this patch.

A PTR has not been announced yet. This would typically see a testing period of 4-6 weeks to make sure everything works as it should.

As Phase 2 launched with bugs in new raids and daily quests, it is likely to undergo extensive testing.

Raids New

The Black Temple has finally arrived, and players can now begin Tier 6 progression. Here they will be confronted by the legendary Illidan Stormrage for all new loot and Legendary Warglaives.


The Black Temple is coming. However, the Hyjal Summit raid opens at the exact moment. This raid has tier 6 Helm & Glove Tokens players will be interested in collecting and is the first time WoW players will face Archimonde.

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DOTA 2 Frostivus 2021 – Release Date, New Skins and Battle Pass Confirmed. Aghanim’s labyrinth 2And Other

Although in-game events are not very common in DOTA 2, they can be a great experience when released by the developers. Many of the most loved in-game events, such as Frostivus, Aghanim’s Labyrinth and Diretide, have been witnessed by the entire DOTA community.

But Diretide is not expected to make a comeback in 2021. There are many speculations that the community might be in for a surprise with Frostivus in 2021. Frostivus, a DOTA 2 Winter event, has been a regular feature every year, except 2014, 2015 and 2016. It also happened in 2016, 2016, and 2020.

Latest News

30 Nov 2021 – A bunch of leaks have surfaced online since confirmation of the second Battle Pass. These leaks indicate that some new content can be expected in the next update.

  • Aghanim’s Labyrinth 2 – One of the most popular custom games in DOTA might be back for its second iteration.
  • Drow Ranger Arcana: This arcana is for Drow Ranger, but it seems redundant compared to the cosmetics available for heroes such as Faceless Void or Morphling.
  • A New Hero – Although there are no confirmed confirmations at this time, it is highly speculated that Valve will release a surprise hero to the entire community.

It seems inevitable, however, that the developers have big plans for the second Battle Pass in the year. This will coincide with the first round 2021-22 DPC Season.

24 Nov 2021 –Valve recently confirmed that developers are currently working on the 2nd Battle Pass for the year. WykrhmReddy’s leaked statement says that Valve “got a special conundrum,” and they are eager to share it with their community.

The leak also confirms that the event will be made public in the coming weeks of December. The second Battle Pass of the Year, along with the winter event in DOTA 2, is expected to be released on 10 Dec 2021.

Frostivus 2021

Frostivus will return to DOTA 2 in 2021 if it does. It will be the sixth edition of the event. Fans have speculated that Frostivus will return to DOTA 2 in 2021 after a break-in in 2020. This is because there was no new edition of Diretide available for fans, unlike last year.

A data miner discovered a leak suggesting that Valve had added Greevilings into the core game files. The addition of Greevilings to Frostivus’ core game files could have been for the same reason, given that they have been an integral part since the beginning.

Release Date

Frostivus was always released in December and has continued until the beginning of January throughout the history of DOTA 2. It is expected that this year’s in-game event will follow a similar pattern.

Frostivus 2021 will be released between 12th and 20th December if it arrives.

New Battle Pass

DOTA 2 should receive a second Battle Pass, as per the announcement made by Valve earlier in the year. Many fans believe the compendium for TI10 was DOTA 2’s second Battle Pass, but others believe there will be another Battle Pass in 2021.

Frostivus is a legendary event that took place in DOTA 2. Valve might be interested in a Battle Pass that contains winter-themed cosmetics and skins.

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