New Pokémon Sword & Shield Event Involves Shiny Magikarp

The chances of finding Shiny Pokemon have increased with the latest Pokemon Sword and Shield event. It’s not the most sought-after Shiny Pokemon since the Wild Area houses Shiny Magikarp.

It is extremely unlikely that you will catch a Shiny Pokemon. Although there are some ways to increase your chances of catching a Shiny Pokemon, these take a lot of effort. Shiny Charm can increase your chances of getting one. However, the player must complete the Pokedex to get one. It is also a Key Item that cannot be traded between players. The Masuda Method increases the chance of breeding Shiny Pokemon from parents from a different version of the game. The chances of finding a Shiny Pokemon using the Shiny Charm/Masuda Method combined are very low. It requires a lot more repetition from the player.

Pokemon Sword and Shield have held special events that have increased the chance of spawning Shiny Pokemon in Wild Areas, including one with Shiny Wooloo in the Summer. A new Shiny hunt is taking place in the Wild Area. However, it may not be the one players are looking for. Serebii reports a Max Raid Battle in the Wild Area, Pokemon Sword, and Shield. It will last until January 9. This event’s theme is luck. It features Pokemon such as Meowth in Pokemon Dens. Shiny Magikarps are also possible, with a chance of encountering them at 2%. This is much higher than normal.

Shiny Magikarp’s popularity is lower than that of other Shiny Pokemon. This is due to Pokemon Gold and SoulSilver. Johto introduced the only Shiny encounter that was mandatory in mainline games. The player must fight a Shiny Gyarados at the Lake of Rage. A player can also capture the Shiny Gyarados to add them to their team. You can trade Pokemon from Nintendo DS to move Pokemon, so you have less incentive for Shiny Magikarp hunting since Shiny Gyarados are commonplace.

People looking to do a Shiny Living Dex may be interested in a Shiny Magikarp. Even though those games are expensive, it doesn’t matter if people don’t mind grinding the 2% encounter rate.


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Pokémon Fans Vote Umbreon & Espeon As Favorite Eeveelutions

Pokemon’s Eeveelutions fans gathered to vote for their favorite evolution options. Umbreon and Espeon came out on top. Since their debut in Pokemon Blue, Yellow, Eevee has been a popular addition to Pokemon team rosters. There are many opinions about which Eeveelution is best, and each offers different battle strategies and aesthetics.

Eevee can evolve to the Eeveelutions Jolteons, Flareons, Espeons, Umbreons, Leafeons, Glaceons, Sylveons Jolteons, Flareons, Espeons, Espeons, Umbreons, Leafeons, Leafeons, Glaceons, and Sylveons. Sylveon was the most recent addition to the series during Generation Five when the Kalos region introduced a Fairy-type. Despite the demand for new Eeveelutions and their popularity, Sun & Moon, Sword & Shield didn’t introduce any new options. The current list offers players many options for evolving their Eevee.

A poll by Pokemon fans, the name of DashHDF, on Reddit allowed users to vote for their favorite Eeveelutions. There are several options based on the date they were introduced to the series. Umbreon (and Espeon) – both added in Generation Two’s Pokemon Gold Silver and Crystal – received the most votes. The Kanto trio of Flareon Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Vaporeon came in second. Glaceon, Leafeon finished third, and Sylveon was last by a large margin.

While all Eeveelutions offer adorable designs, Umbreon or Espeon are two of the most notable and distinctive appearances. Umbreon is especially loved for its Shiny variant, which replaces its black body’s yellow circles and bands with sharply blue color points. Both Pokemon have intimidating move sets. Espeon has powerful attacks such as Psybeam, while Umbreon uses both Dark-and Fairy-type attacks in recent games. For most strategies, having either option on your player team can benefit. They are also free from the requirement for evolution stones making them more accessible. Espeon develops in the daytime with high levels of friendship, while Umbreon evolves at night.

Fans can be loyal to one Eeveelution more than others. It’s because raising an Eevee in the games or the animated Pokemon series is a unique and memorable experience. This is why players form special bonds with Eevee and the chosen evolution. This special relationship between a player and a Pokemon is an example of why the Pokemon series has remained so popular over decades of games and trainer journeys.


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Pokémon Fan Game Finally Brings Mew Truck Urban Legend To Life

Fan-made Pokémongame brings to life part of the franchise’s rich and varied history by using an old urban legend. The monster collection franchise was created by Nintendo in 1996 and has been a huge part of popular culture worldwide. Many myths have been created over the years about the series, with Pokemon Red & Blue’s famous Mew truck one of the most popular.

Pokemon Red introduced gamers to the beloved franchise more than 25 years ago. It also included its original roster with 151 supernatural creatures. To the dismay of many Pokemon trainers, only 150 monsters could be captured in-game. The Legendary Pokemon Mew wasn’t actually in Pokemon Red or Blue. However, Game Freak later released the adorable and mysterious creature at live events. Many gamers spent hours searching for the mysterious flying pink Pokemon, rumors quickly spreading that it had been hidden in the games. There were many rumors and theories about Mew in Pokemon Red. One common theory was that the Legendary Pokemon might be under a truck in Vermillion City.

Reddit user Ghoti_Bone referenced their Pokemon game to the urban legend about the Mew Truck. This custom collect-em-all experience will be built in RPG Maker XP. It includes a special Pokemonadd-on that allows Ghoti-Bone access to Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire assets. You can customize the landscape and dialogue of your project, which allows you to include the Mew Truck allusion. Ghoti-Bone’s video shows a non-player character telling the user about a common playground rumor, suggesting that a Mythical Pokemon can be found behind a nearby truck with a Pokeball. Although the Poke Ball is purely aesthetic, Mew may be placed in this location by the creator in the future.

Because Pokemon is so popular, there are often rumors about the franchise. Some urban legends might be true, but myths like shiny Jirachi being absent from Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire have been proven false many years later. Many fans believed it was impossible to get the shiny version of the Legendary Pokemon Jirachi. It was proved that shiny Jirachi could be obtained by normal means, even though it took 18 years to release the titles. Two people spent hours searching for the rare Wish Pokemon. Interestingly, they both encountered the rare creature the same day.

There will always be theories and rumors about a series as popular and old as Pokémon. Rumors concerning Pokemon Legends. Arceus shows that the tradition of spreading gossip is alive and well. Ghoti-Bones Pokemontitle honors old urban legends from the series’ history. Although the Mew Truck in Vermillion City might not have been an actual secret within Pokemon Red or Blue, it could have been. The fan project could allow players to fulfill the age-old playground promise.

One Pokemon fan is transforming classic Ghost-type Pokemon designs into terrifying, realistic versions. Fans of the franchise love to create crafts based on their favorite Pokemon species. These include crocheted models of various Pokemon and 3D printed models. There have also been elaborate sculptures. Although it is nice to keep to the original design, it can make a big difference in the impact of certain Pokemon species.

The Pokemon’s In-Game Designs is one of the main reasons the Pokemon series has remained popular for over two decades. Many Pokemon are simple and identifiable. They can be anything from cute Fairy-types to scary Ghost-types. Fans of all styles and preferences will find a companion in this diversity. Crafts can find inspiration in the simplicity of the designs of the first 150 Pokemon. Most species use simple colors, and evolutions are easy to replicate in other mediums than drawing.

The artist shows how he created the Kanto region Ghost-types Ghastly and Haunter from clay in a video that Blinded by Daylight shared during 2020. These recreations show what each Pokemon would look like in real life, rather than the cartoonish, comical designs found in the Pokemon games. Blinded by Light gives the Pokemon long, sharp teeth and eyes without pupils. The once hilariously spooky characters are now a Pokemon-fueled nightmare with their long tongues and broken lips.

Blinded By Daylight doesn’t have any other realistic Pokemon species on YouTube. However, the sculptures look similar to the realistic reimagines in the film detective Pikachu where the cartoonish Pokemon were replaced with hyper-realistic versions. Fans would prefer to encounter a prank-loving Gengar of Indigo league rather than a terrifying monster. Still, the change shows what most people imagine when they meet a ghost in an abandoned building or other haunted places. However, real Pokemon like Eevee might look more cat- or dog-like than the cartoon versions, making them less scary to look at or increasing their appeal.


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Pokémon Fan’s Dialga Portrait Looks Like A Real-Life Photograph

Recently, a talented artist and obvious Pokemon fan unveiled their colored pencil creation: A lifelike rendition of Legendary Pokemon Dialga.

A Pokemon fan recently revealed an impressive piece of artwork. It features a very lifelike-looking Dialga, the Legendary Pokemon most well-known for its appearances in Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. Due to the release of Pokemon Brilliant diamond & Shining Pearl in November, Dialga and its Pearl/Shining Pearl counterpart, Palkia, are currently at the forefront of gaming-related conversations.

Pokémon has a loyal, caring fan base that often pays tribute to the series through various projects and creations. Many fans love to celebrate the franchise with artwork highlighting one or more titular Pokemon. Recently, a fan showcased his artwork that highlighted Eevee’s adorable nature. This is the series most beloved Pokemon. The artwork shows them as cute bunnies with floppy ears. Eevee and Pokemonenthusiasts were delighted with the artwork.

Another Pokemon fan has unveiled their tribute to the series. JayuiceArt uploaded a photo of their artwork using colored pencils. The final product looks incredibly lifelike thanks to how it reflects light and color. They also used shadows to emphasize the size and shape of the Pokemon. JayuiceArt’s work could be used as a prototype to create Pokemon Diamond & Pearl in live-action or guide viewers to imagine a real-life Dialga.

JayuiceArt’s creation of Dialga received lots of love from the Pokémonfan base. This is understandable given its detail. One user commented that the art looks so real that it almost seems to pop off the page. It is very pleasing to see the beautiful shading and smooth lines. Another person shared similar sentiments and said, “I love the shading technique.” Although I don’t know anything about art, you use different strokes to create different textures. This makes it look more authentic.

It would be a remarkable feat to transfer the Pokémon world to real life, as many fans do now. Pokémon GO has made it possible by using AR technology to create realistic-looking encounters between Pokemon via mobile device cameras. JayuiceArt’s Dialga shows how a real-life version might look, encouraging imagination.

Some players have been baffled by the animations used for Pokemon, like Ekans in Pokemon Shining Pearl games. BDSP is the long-awaited remake of Pokemon Pearl on Nintendo DS. Bringing back a favorite fan feature such as follower Pokemon could have been a recipe for success. However, this perceived corner-cutting has disappointed players in the quality of this long-requested feature’s reintroduction. In some cases, it has even made them laugh.

In Pokemon Red, followers of Pokemon were introduced. Players’ starter Pokemon, Pikachu, would soon follow the player, but it wouldn’t be fully realized until Generation 4’s Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Pokemon had some annoying features but not following Pokemon. These games allowed any Pokemon to follow the player. Each Pokemon had its sprite in the overworld. The player could interact with these Pokemon to make cute interactions and possibly even earn the items the Pokemon have collected. The feature was a great way to make players feel closer to their Pokemon. However, it wouldn’t be returning until BDSP.

Shining Pearl received positive feedback at launch. However, there are still areas that could use improvement. Fans long-requested these remakes of the originals. However, disappointments like BDSP’s National Dex left some players feeling overwhelmed. Players who missed the feature’s return have been delighted with it. However, some players, particularly Ekans, have raised concerns about the animations used to create 3D models of the player. It is a poison-type snake Pokemon, and it is well-known for being part of Pokemon anime. You would expect it to get a little more polish in animation.

Ekans of BDSP Follows Players Like a House

UrFriendlySpiderMan shared this information on the Pokemon subreddit. Instead of slithering across the ground like players might expect a snake, Ekans glide along the ground while being coiled up. This animation, or lack thereof, looks more like a hockey puck sliding on ice than a pet snake following its owner around. Milotic, another serpentine Pokemon, is an example of this strange phenomenon. It drags behind the player while it remains coiled.

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Pokemon Fanart Combines Squirtle and The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Since the initial 150 designs were released in 1990, the Pokemon franchise has added hundreds to its roster. These creations have been further enhanced by the fanbase who has added endless fusions to their collection. One Pokemon fan decided to recreate Squirtle using a Creature From The Black Lagoon twist.
In the United States, the Pokemon franchise was popularized in the 1990s with Pokemon Red & Pokemon Blue. There are currently just under 900 Pokemon available for players to encounter in the games of the franchise. The Creature from the Black Lagoon, a classic black-and-white horror film from 1954 that features a scaly humanoid being hunted in the Amazon, is memorable.

This particular creation was created by u/CraigRosnerArt and perfectly captures Squirtle as well as the Creature in the classic black-and-white monster movie. This new Squirtle, now called the Creature From the Kanto Lagoon is both adorable and horrifying. The original blue color scheme of Squirtle has been changed to the Creature’s green in the movie advertisements. This new Pokemon has scales on its tail, arms and shell. Its eyes are now a mixture of yellow and orange. The creator mentions that other combinations may be possible.

The Creature is now part of the legendary monster roster along with Count Dracula, the Wolfman and other iconic monsters. This combination makes it perfect for Halloween. The original Creature from Black Lagoon design looks exactly like a humanoid, with large scales and large gills around the neck. u/CraigRosnerArt has perfectly transferred this over. The new name matches perfectly with u/CraigRosnerArt, which mentions the Kanto area where Squirtle was first encountered by Pokemon players.

These fan-made Pokemon combinations are a reminder of the iconic status that both Squirtle and the Creature form the Creature From The Black Lagoon are to their respective fanbases. This design is a result of nostalgia and the fact that Squirtle as well as the Creature prefer to be in the water, which is why it works so well.

One could argue, however, that Halloween has more memorable Pokemon and iconic monsters than Squirtle. You could also use ghosts, werewolves, or vampires. There are many other Pokemon that are as famous as Squirtle from the first generation. However, the spooky new version of Squirtle was created by u/CraigRosnerArt.

People often picture Pokemon as large when they see their designs. You would think that monsters would be too large to shrink down to fit into your pocket. You might be surprised to see that many of the Pokemon in the Pokedex are smaller than you think. Some of the sizes have been taken by Pokemon anime, so it is not surprising that Pokemon like Groudon are only 11 feet tall.

Take a moment to gaze at the twenty largest Pokemon known and avoid grabbing your neck.

Updated September 21st, 2018 by Allison Stalberg Some of these large Pokemon are legends, while others are based on huge animals or plants. Large Pokemon are not just about their height. There are many other questions as well. Which type of Pokemon is the largest? What are their base stats and abilities? What are their base stats? The number of legendaries who claim the crown for the largest Pokemon is proof that sometimes bigger is not always better.

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus Might Have Core Issues if Players Can Catch Arceus

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have had a busy year, with many Pokemon announcements and releases. The most talked about of all were the remakes and remasters of Generation 4 games — Pokemon Brilliant diamond and Shining Pearl — as well as the brand-new Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The Pokemon Legends project is even more ambitious than the originals. Legends will be the first open-world Pokemon game, even though it’s not an entirely open-world experience as Breath Of The Wild.

It’s refreshing to see Pokemon Legends: Arceus as a prequel. This is a refreshing approach to Pokemon games where it can be difficult to find lore when trying to compare the various regions and the games timeline. This poses a problem with Pokemon Legends Arceus due to how it handles Arceus and what happens with the Legendary Pokemon story-wise. Arceus was actually available in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. This means that players can catch it.

Players could get Arceus in Generation 4 games, and this could also be true with Pokemon Bright Diamond and Shimmer Pearl. This could have huge story implications if players are unable to catch the Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Arceus should be explained to players if it is indeed available. Arceus’ availability is problematic because it is a Legendary Pokemon (a rare Pokemon that is not common) and also the creator of the Pokemonuniverse. It means that players who catch it in Pokemon Legends would have to wait until Generation 4 is over before they can remake the game.

Online battles can be a bit problematic because players may use the same Legendary Pokemon. These Pokemon are unique and cannot reproduce. This has not been addressed lore-wise. It’s an obvious side effect to Legendary Pokemon being made available to all players who purchase the game. It’s only right that Pokemon Legends Arceus’ narrative includes it. This will be a key element in the unfolding events and how the first Trainers from the Hisui area got to live side-by-side with their Pokemon.

Pokémongames are about the relationship between Trainers and their Pokemon. This is also evident with Gym Leaders in the series. It’s possible that Arceus could be caught by players in Pokemon Legends. This would mean that the Pokemon will one day live in the wild.

If Arceus is not available in the Switch game, there’s a counter argument. It would be the title Pokemon. Pokemon Legends would be setting itself up to disappointment if it didn’t allow players the chance to catch the mythical creature. Each Pokemongame should have a cover creature, usually a Legendary, that is involved in the main plot. Cover Pokemon usually join the list with the available Pokemon towards the end of the game, especially if there are multiple versions.

A game with as much ambition as Pokemon Legends, Arceus might not succeed if it did not have a playable version. It also should allow players to capture it after a fierce battle. Arceus appearing only for story purposes might be distracting from the story. However, if the encounter with the Legendary Pokemon doesn’t resolve, then a battle against the Pokemon could prove too crucial to pass up for players. This would cause the above problems and could have a negative impact on the overall reception of the game.

Game Freak must balance the best of both, which can feel like it would ruin the story. Another option is to allow players to fight against other Pokemon or the few Trainers of with Arceus at their side. This would make it an allegiance between the parties, as they wouldn’t necessarily have caught it in the traditional way. Pokemon Legends will not live up to its hype and disappear when it dies down. This is especially true if the fans are disappointed with the appearance and participation of the titular Pokemon.

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Pokemon GO Fans Are Sharing the Weirdest PokeStops They’ve Seen

As Pokemon Go grows and evolves, players have come across many interesting PokeStops all over the globe. A group of Pokemon Go enthusiasts is now sharing some of the most bizarre, unexpected, and funny PokeStops that they have encountered while on their mobile Pokemon adventures.

PokeStops can be placed at top of real-life landmarks. This allows players to collect resources and face the antagonistic Team GO Rocket. While cities often have many PokeStops , Pokemon Go players from smaller communities might have difficulty finding PokeStops. Both types of environment seem to have their share of odd and unusual PokeStops.

Reddit user StrideeFPS began the discussion by sharing a picture of a gift they received at the Spongebob Squarepants Mailbox PokeStop in New York. He also asked other players for their opinions on the strangest PokeStops they’ve encountered. Many of the responses seem to be seasonal with October starting and Pokemon Go‘s Halloween events near. Other players stated that they visited PokeStops attached to memorials. One even commented that it felt like sending out headstones by sending gifts from these PokeStops.

One German player stated that every second PokeStop in their city is a part of a memorial for people who died in concentration camps. This may give the game a morbid flavor. Another user claimed that their town has a PokeStop at a funeral home. A second player reported that a PokeStop was set at a Christian family’s building and that it printed “HAPPINESS ISN’T SUBMISSION TO God”. The PokeStop image in question is apparently a photo of the wall altered to read “HAPPINESS IS SUBMISSION TO GODZILLA.”

Another player mentioned a PokeStop at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota called “Is it bison poop?” with a description that read “Yes it IS.” One user from the UK claimed that a playground device looked like a bouncy squidhead, which was dubbed Boing Cthulhu by the app. This may have encouraged fans to wonder if team GO Rocket members would be seen there as cultists. Another German player claimed that he found a PokeStop at the North Korean Embassy in Berlin. One user event reported that a PokeStop was placed on top a Columbus, Ohio plaque that was created to commemorate nothing that happened at the site.


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Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Stained-Glass Togepi for Halloween

Pokemon has been a popular video game franchise for more than twenty years. Pokemon enthusiasts have been making tributes to their favorite Pokemon for well over 20 years. A fan of art decided to make a stained-glass Togepi for Halloween.

Many Pokemon events feature cute Halloween costumes. However, Togepi is not often listed on the official Halloween roster. Reddit user kmglasscreations used fan-made Halloween Togepi designs to inspire a stunning piece of stained glass fanart just in time for Halloween.

Togepi, a small, round Pokemon is hidden within a white eggshell with red and blue markings. Although its exposed head, arms and feet are normally shown as cream, this Halloween Togepi has grey skin and an orange Jack O-Lantern. Togepi has had the Jack-O-Lantern top removed so that Togepi can see through its head. However, Togepi still has a black, leering face visible from Togepi’s chest, creating a creepy atmosphere.

This is one of the most popular creations according to kmglasscreations. Fans may find it easy to understand why. Although this isn’t the first time that a Pokemon enthusiast has made stained glass fan art it might be the best. It has very sharp angles and color definition on the Jack-O-Lantern top. These sharp edges appear to be rounded according to the creator, at least for glass pieces. The illusion of sharp angles is created by cleverly shaped foil pieces, not something that is incorporated into the glass.

The stained glass Halloween Togepi seems to have been as well received by Pokemonfans, as the official stained glass-themed Pokemoncollectibles. One fan called the Halloween Togepi adorable, while another said that they loved it. Another fan called the project amazing. Kmglasscreations is a well-known brand for creating stained glass fan art inspired from video games. This Halloween Togepi matches their established brand. The Halloween Togepi and the artist’s other work, including more stained glass Pokemon, can be purchased on their Etsy shop, KMGlassCreationsShop. They have some other Halloween designs that they offer as of this writing.


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