Far Cry 6 Has an Interesting FC5 Easter Egg

Far Cry 6 is the latest installment in Ubisoft’s long-running series. It arrived earlier in the month and continues the trend of pitting players with larger-than-life villains in an open-world setting. Players are now taken to the Cuban-inspired island of Yara in order to become Guerrilla Fighters against Anton Castillo, played by Giancarlo Esposito. Although the game doesn’t completely reinvent the wheel, it does bring some new features to the table or improve on existing titles such as Far Cry: New Dawn.
Far Cry 6 does not seem to be connected to any of the previous Far Cry games in terms its story. However, Ubisoft provides plenty of clues for long-time fans. These games include subtle nods to other Ubisoft franchises, such as Assassin’s Creed. However, this release makes it easy for fans to find links to previous Far Cry games. The Far Cry 3 connection is made in the post credits scene. However, the Bliss flowers has found its way back into the series.

Bliss was the drug Joseph Seed used to brainwash and convert people to his cause in Far Cry 5. It is a drug made from white flowers. Long exposure to the drug can cause hallucinations. One Far Cry 6 player discovered a small callback to The Bliss Flower in a mission called The Seeds of Love. Side quest: Players are asked to help Lorenzo Canseco, Sierra Perdida, reunite with his seven children.

Far Cry 6 players discover a white flower at Oceguera Farm while searching for the fourth child. It is contained in a small container with the symbol Joseph Seed’s Eden’s Gate cult. The player interacts with the flower and experiences familiar hallucinations as well as green mist while following a woman dancing through the jungle. Players will eventually find Lorenzo’s daughter, Riel, as they follow the ghostly woman encased with green mist.

Although subtle, Far Cry 5’s flower appearance is striking. Ubisoft has previously revealed that the upcoming DLC will allow players to experience gameplay as the Far Cry 5 villains Vaas Montenegro and Pagan Min. Although there is still much to learn about the content, it appears that the gameplay will shift the perspective. Players will be able to step into the shoes and experience a twist on The Rook Islands (Kyrat), Hope County (Matrical), as well as a modified version of The Rook Islands, Kyrat, or Hope County, Montana.

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Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Trailer Reveals Haunted Sectors and New Cosmetics

Destiny 2 is a live-service game that continues to grow and change. This includes new expansions, seasonal content and periodic updates. Bungie has been able to incorporate limited-time events that are based on real holidays since the series’ inception. These include Festival of the Lost and The Dawning, which is a winter season event. The Tower, the social hub, is decorated with candles, spooky background sounds, a twisted tree in central, and many cosmetics that players can unlock.
Bungie has kept a tight lid on the Festival of the Lost this year. They only revealed that the Dinosaur armor, which was voted by the Destiny 2 community, would be available alongside a Day of the Dead ghost. This collaboration was between Bungie’s community artist Luis Miguel Yepez Franco. The Haunted Forest was a twist on Mercury’s Infinite Forest section, but this year’s event is a new take on this holiday season.

Bungie has created three horror missions for this year’s Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2. According to the latest blog update the three stories involve an Exo merging into a Vex Mind to become something new, a Guardian of Nessus being hunted to find their Ghost, and headless creatures patrolling the Moon, inexorably searching for their Ghosts. To earn more lore or loot, players will be required to find lost pages from the Book of the Forgotten.

Festival of the Lost would not be complete without cosmetics and loot. There are new masks that can be collected. They feature characters and creatures such as Ada-1, Ada-1, the Pyramid ships, Ada-1 and the Penguin souvenir statues. To keep with the theme of the dinosaurs, players can also get the Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle and new Ghost shells. Wearing masks can earn candy and Eva Levante at Tower will unlock new masks. This year’s loot is available for purchase or earning by players until November 2.

Bungie has made sure that players have plenty to do in Destiny 2, even though the current season is twice as large as a normal one. This is due to the Witch Queen expansion delay to February 2022. Bungie will release a 30th Anniversary Update that includes the Festival of the Lost storyline and the current Savathun storyline. It also adds Bungie-themed armor and gives players access to a new matchmade dungeon for 6 players and the return of the fan favourite rocket launcher, Gjallarhorn.

Destiny 2 has been working on The Witch Queen expansion, which will be released in February 2022. Players can expect to see the current Season of the Lost storyline and Savathun’s deceptions. It was revealed that classic Destiny 2 content would be joining the Destiny Content Vault to help all this come together.

Although the vault is a controversial topic with fans, it has a clear purpose: to make space for new content and keep relevant parts of the game. Destiny 2 is a live-service game. This means that it is constantly evolving. However, the vast stories that are presented to players often introduce new locations, unique enemies and a lot of assets developers need to be concerned about. The vault makes these things easier, and it’s clear that Destiny 2 would like to enter Year 5 without as much clutter, given how much Savathun’s Hive seems to be bringing in The Wise Queen.

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Rumor Far Cry 7 Could Have Online Focus

Far Cry 6 has been released to the public last week. Ubisoft appears to be already looking to the future. A few sources suggest that the next Far Cry game might abandon some single-player story elements and instead focus on an online experience.
Stephen Totilo is a former editor-in chief at Kotaku, and currently gaming reporter for Axios. He wrote recently that Ubisoft appears to be aware that “a shakeup” is necessary following Far Cry 6. Totilo writes that Far Cry 7 will be “exploring an online-oriented approach” according to a source.

This is in line with Ubisoft’s current approach to other series, which tend to move more towards the “live-service game” direction. Traditionally, single-player franchises such as Assassin’s Creed will be dropping biannual releases in favour of one big game that will get seasonal updates in line with Grand Theft Auto Online and Sea of Thieves.

Far Cry 6 appears to have something that could support the claim of being “online-oriented”. The game has many QR codes that can be scanned, and one seems to indicate that there will be a deeper multiplayer mode. Far Cry has had co-op multiplayer in many of its entries, including 6; however, the teaser suggests there will be more than two players involved in whatever mode is next.

Many believe that the teaser suggests that Far Cry 6’s engine will be used in a Far Cry battle Royale mode. However, there’s not enough footage to confirm this. The teaser for a battle royale already shows an element that could make Far Cry stand out from other battle royales: the dangerous encounters with animals. While Fortnite has featured hostile animals in recent seasons in games, Far Cry’s exotic wildlife is a staple of the franchise and would be unique.

Ubisoft will not make an announcement about what’s coming until then, so Totilo’s report and the QR code teaser are solid evidence that Far Cry 3 multiplayer is on its way. In June, Jason Schreier from Bloomberg said that the next Far Cry title could be heading in a “radically new direction” on Triple Click.

Far Cry is Ubisoft’s most beloved open-world franchise. Since the original Far Cry, a plot-driven sandbox series that was released 17 years ago, few significant changes have been made. Far Cry 3 was the pivotal moment in Ubisoft’s history. Far Cry 3 was the pivotal moment in Ubisoft’s history.

Many critics and fans feel that Ubisoft’s open world games are becoming too formulaic despite their huge commercial success. They believe a real revolution is required to revive these franchises. Far Cry 6 is a good example of what works. However, the numbers and reviews seem to show that it still sells well. While players might not be expecting a dramatic change, others may argue that the series’ success does not justify such drastic changes.

Far Cry may have its flaws, but there are arguments to reform Far Cry’s core gameplay mechanics. However, the Ubisoft formula is still very effective at creating interactive environments that are rich in things to do and secrets to discover. Every year, Ubisoft releases are eagerly awaited by countless players. While the game’s rich collection of icons, collectibles and waypoints can break immersion, Far Cry games are still believable experiences that allow players to feel they are part of the real world.

Far Cry’s best feature is its ability to let gamers create havoc in tropical settings without being too serious. Many story-oriented shooters have long campaigns and take a gritty approach to presenting accurate portrayals of war-torn environments and telling heart-wrenching tales. Far Cry is not a game that you have to play. It’s a place where players can explore and create their own adventures. The story keeps things interesting without getting in the way.

Far Cry 6 is a beautifully designed world that allows players to create their own stories. This dynamic has been at the heart of many Ubisoft open-world franchises and is arguably the reason it has become one of Ubisoft’s most successful game publishers in recent times. Reinventing Far Cry in its sixth iteration would undoubtedly have upset this dynamic, leading to a loss in the identity that its creators worked so hard for.

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Rumor Bloodborne 2 Coming to PS5 Along With the First Game

Bluepoint Games was recently acquired by Sony. This studio is best known for creating critically-acclaimed remakes and other PlayStation games. Bluepoint Games announced that they were working on a brand-new game. However, it wasn’t clear if this was a new IP. According to the latest rumors, Bluepoint may be making Bloodborne 2 as their new game.
Colin Moriarty, host of the Sacred Symbols podcast, has this rumor. Bluepoint Games’ Moriarty stated that Bluepoint Games will bring Bloodborne 1 to PS5 and that they will release Bloodborne 2 once that is done. Moriarty stated that they are re-releasing Bloodborne for PS5, but that there will be a sequel to Bloodborne.

Many insiders and leakers suggest that Bluepoint Games is currently working on a Bloodborne remake or remaster for PS5, but few claim that Bluepoint’s next Bloodborne game will be a sequel. According to Millie A, a leaker, Bluepoint’s original game was on the same scale as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Insomniac Games. This would be unlikely if they are truly working on Bloodborne 2.

It’s difficult to know who’s correct information until Bluepoint Games reveals the details. Many people claim that the studio is working on a Bloodborne remake. However, there is less evidence that the studio is planning to make a Bloodborne 2D. For now, fans will have to wait and see.

While some might not like the idea that a Bloodborne sequel is being developed by another studio than FromSoftware, From Software does not seem to be interested. According to reports, FromSoftware is developing a new PS5 exclusive title, which could be an original IP. However, that remains to happen. The studio is currently focusing on Elden Ring’s shipping, with the highly anticipated game due to launch in January.

It remains to be determined if Bluepoint Games will make Bloodborne 2 or something entirely different. It’s not even a year since the Demon’s Souls remake was released by the studio. However, it’s difficult to imagine that fans will receive answers any time soon. But hopefully they won’t have too much to wait to learn what’s next from Bluepoint Games.

Bloodborne is one of From Software’s most original creations in the Souls-like category. It’s still very popular, even though it’s over five years old. Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls remake has been a constant request from Bloodborne fans, and they are always looking for leaks or rumors.

This makes it more likely that people will want to return to the original game. For anyone who is interested in giving Bloodborne a shot, there are some misconceptions that should not be taken as gospel.

Many people believe that all From Software games are slow like Dark Souls (and DS1), but that is not true. In order to make the first DS feel slow in combat, players had to decide when to attack. Those who chose poorly were punished. They had to be systematic in their decisions. This design choice still has an impact on new games to this day.

DS2 and DS3 however, are much faster by design. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are completely different beasts. Bloodborne was specifically designed to encourage players to play in a different way than DS1. A player can lose their health if they are hit by an enemy. However, they can recover that health by hitting any nearby enemy enough times before the “temp heat” bar completely degrades. Bloodborne is therefore faster than Dark Souls and also more responsive.

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Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Trailer Reveals Launch Date

Few franchises have had a lasting impact on gaming as Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors series. The series’ combination of historical fiction with hack-and-slash gameplay is a classic on every console generation and is now being incorporated into other popular franchises such as The Legend of Zelda. The latest expansion for Dynasty Warriors9 will make it debut on next-gen hardware in early 2022.

Dynasty Warriors was first released on the original PlayStation in 1997. It was originally intended to be a fighting game that featured historical figures from China’s Three Kingdoms period from 220 to 282 AD. The hack and slash combat introduced in the 2000 sequel became synonymous with the series. It emphasized crowd combat and incredible abilities for players. Many spin-offs of the series’ success would take the series gameplay into other historical periods or media franchises like the Warring States period in Japan or the mecha-anime franchise Gundam.

The series will make its PlayStation 5/X/S debuts with Dynasty Warriors9 Empires. A sequel to 2018’s Dynasty Warriors9, Emperors will allow players to unify China through a combination of diplomacy and combat. A trailer from Koei Tecmo confirmed the February release and gave players a taste of the new expansion.

Players will need to be more strategic in defeating their opponents in Dynasty Warrios Empires. Koei Tecmo hinted at what this might involve. This would include forming alliances with key figures in the world to help players gain their power and expand their influence before they take to the battlefield. This will show in the players’ fortresses, which they have built over time.

Once they reach contact, players will be given the task of defending enemy fortresses. This is the familiar gameplay for Warriors players. They will have to defeat hordes and take territory in order to establish their foothold. If they want to win, castles will be the focus of all battles. Players will need to rely on siege tools like siege towers, batteringrams, and trebuchets to ensure their victory.

The game’s character editor allows players to personalize their characters. You can modify everything about your character, including the body, face, fair, and armor, to make it the ideal warrior for the battlefield or throne rooms.

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Razer Teams Up With Genshin Impact to Create Co-Branded Gaming Gear

MiHoYo’s action RPG Genshin Impact is still popular. However, they are still enjoying the game. Genshin Impact earned over $1 billion in mobile devices within the first six months of launch. This is not to mention other platforms where the gacha-based title may be played. Fans expected more than token-free rewards and little in the way of monetary value when it was time to mark one year.

After some Genshin Impairment review bombing, MiHoYo extended an olive leaf and increased the rewards, which pleased some players. Despite this minor speed bump, statistics show that the game is still popular and the monthly player count is increasing. It seems that many players, even those who were disappointed by the anniversary rewards are still enjoying the game. It’s great news, as Genshin Impair’s Update2.2 was just announced, and MiHoYo has many interesting characters, monsters and events planned in the next months.

MiHoYo and Razer have teamed up to create co-branded gaming gear, which includes a mousepad, chair, and mouse to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Genshin Impact. The equipment is reskinned from Razer accessories so that potential buyers can check out reviews to determine if they are suitable. Every item comes with a bonus code which can be used to redeem in-game rewards such as Primogems or Mora, Hero’s Wit or Adventurer’s Experience.

The RazerIskurX gaming chair is the most noticeable item. It has been redesigned with synthetic leather in navy and ivory colors. The Razer logo is on the front, with some Teyvat runes running along the sides. On the back, you will see a stylized silhouette depicting Paimon’s head and her name below. A Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro gaming mouse has been added to the second item. It is decorated with stars and a deep-blue color to match its chair. The Razer Goliathus Medium gaming pad features Paimon’s smiley face on the front, and a rubber base on its back. These Genshin Impact Razer accessories aren’t yet available, so prices have not been disclosed. However, interested customers can sign up for the Razer website to be notified whenever they go on sale.

Genshin gamers who are looking for something more personal can visit Razer Customs. This online service allows them to create custom mouse pads and phone cases with official partner designs. Genshin Impact designs are coming soon, although they don’t seem to be available yet. A customized THX Game Profile Genshin Impair is now available via the THX Spatial audio app.


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Artist Reveals Amazon and Sorceress Diablo 2: Resurrected Character Models

Activision Blizzard has released Diablo II: Resurrected. This brings a game from 2000 to modern consoles. Recently, one of the artists involved in the remaster shared the models for the Amazon and Sorceress characters with Activision Blizzard.

Hossein Diba shared recently their character models for Diablo 2. Resurrected’s Amazon and Sorceress. For comparison, the artist included images of the original Diablo2 Amazon as well as Sorceress. While both characters models are significantly improved over the originals and have a new look, Diba noted that Amazon’s outfit was made by another artist.

Hossein Diba said that the Diablo 2 Sorceress is his favorite figure. While the Sorceress’s color scheme has been changed to a brighter green, the original outfit is still very similar. Diba’s Sorceress features a skirt with a very detailed belt, which tightens the clothing at the navel.

Hossein Diba’s Amazon has many similarities to the original Diablo2 character model. The color scheme is almost identical to the original character model as well as the Amazon that Activision Blizzard used in Diablo2: Resurrected. From head to toe, the female hero is also dressed in bronze and leather armor. The headband of Diba’s Amazon is detailed and helps to keep the character’s hair in place.

The original Diablo 2 was a popular choice for a character model. However, Diablo 2’s gives fans a glimpse of Hossein Diba’s rendition of the hero that may have looked otherwise. Diba’s Amazon model is similar to the final Diablo 2: Resurrected model. It’s also more sexualized than the original model. Diba’s Amazon looks great considering she is an Amazon warrior.

Hossein Diba’s Diablo2: Resurrected characters models is more apparent in the close-up shots of the heroes. His Amazon’s stern expression hints at her readiness for battle. The Sorceress’s inquisitive gaze matches the characters’ unending need to be intellectual. The leather armor of the Amazon is intricate, and the staff of the Sorceress looks as if it came straight off the tree.

The final Sorceress and Amazon in Diablo 2 : Resurrected versions are both excellent, but Diba’s version would fit in perfectly. Many Twitter users praised Hossein Duba’s work on Sorceress. This could have inspired the artist to share more Diablo2: Resurrected work. Activision Blizzard has not yet indicated whether other Diba characters were included in the final Diablo2: Resurrected.


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Call of Duty: Warzone Players Are Demanding Combat Scout Changes

Warzone was launched in 2020. Raven Software has made many changes to the game over the five seasons of battle royale. Players have many reasons to return to the game, including map modifications for Verdansk and new weapons. The community has not been happy with all the changes. Some fans have been calling on the developers to fix Combat Scout perk.

The Combat Scout perk was released with Season 5’s Tempered perk. It provides vital information to players on the battlefield. This perk is activated when a player damages an enemy. The wounded opponent will be highlighted briefly. This intel can change the outcome of a fight as the squad members who have it can also see the injured enemy. Some believe the Combat Scout perk is a way to balance the current meta.

Reddit user zfluffz posted a picture of the Combat Scout perk. They attempted to prove this by making a video. Warzone : Call of Duty Perk was OP. The clip began with the player shooting at an enemy who was hiding in a barn. The injured player fled behind a wall after they had successfully shot the opponent. Fortunately for the enemy, zfluffz could still see their location thanks to the Combat Scout perk. The highlighted enemy was then shot multiple times through the wall and knocked down.

This video by zfluffz has sparked discussion among members of the Warzone Community. Many players agreed with them, noting that the perk forced players to select Cold Blooded perk which prevents players being detected. Some players suggested that Combat Scout would be even more effective in shooting through walls of highlighted enemies if they had Full Metal Jacket.

zfluffz was not the only one who disagreed. They stated that Combat Scout was not an issue as long as there were perks to offset it. Others argued that players were forced to use the same perks each time. They argued that fights became less exciting and more predictable.

Fans continue to debate the efficacy of this perk. However, others are preparing for Season 6 Warzone. The new season, which launched on October 7, adds new content such as new operators and weapons and changes to Verdansk and the Gulag. It will be interesting to see how the developers address fans’ concerns about Combat Scout in this new season.


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Bluepoint Games Rumored to Be Working on a Bloodborne Project

Since its launch in 2015, fans have longed to see Bloodbornereturn. Bluepoint Games is working on a Bloodborne remake that may allow fans to hunt again.

Bloodborneis an iconic title that was released early in the PS4’s life span. FromSoftware, creators of Demon’s Souls, and Dark Souls created Bloodborne. It redesigned the gameplay from those games and encouraged players to play aggressively, rather than defensively. It was in good standing with Sony before Bluepoint Games were acquired by PlayStation. This allowed for many classic games to be remade, including Shadow of the Colossus, and Demon Souls last year. Blast Master was the last original project of the studio, which has remained focused on remakes and remasters.

Colin Moriarty teased that Bluepoint Games might be making a Bloodborneremake. On Twitter, he wrote: “I’m hearing that Bluepoint Games may have been on a trip to Yharnam.” Yharnam, Bloodborne is the setting. It’s a decrepit, gothic metropolis that was once swarming in people but now teems with the sick and beasts. It confirmed that its next title will be a completely original title after it acquired Bluepoint. However, the latest rumors suggest that they are working on a remake and a new title.

Bluepoint Games’ Demon’s Souls remake was a clear indication of their ability to create a Souls-like title. The Demon’s Souls remake was able to improve the game’s mechanics so it can compete with Dark Souls while maintaining the original vision and atmosphere. There are rumors about Bloodbornesequels or remakes appearing every few months. However, With FromSoftware still hard at work on Elden Ring and multiple people claiming that a remake at Bluepoint Games is in the works, this is your best chance to see this beloved world once again.

Bloodborne will be the next game to get the remake treatment if this rumor is true. It is the remake of Naughty Dog’s Last of Us. This game was also released on PlayStation. Some feel that The last of Us and Bloodborne do not really need to be remade. The Last of Us may be a little easier to understand because it is a PS3 game. However, Bluepoint will most likely knock it out of its park with whatever project it is next.

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Elden Ring Offering a Few Features to Make Game Easier

For a while, there has been a niche trend within the industry to make video games as difficult as possible. This has continued into modern video games like Dark Souls or the forthcoming Elden Ring. FromSoftware, the studio behind this game, is known for creating challenging titles. Many fans are expecting extreme difficulty with Elden Rings.

The studio is adding features to the game, which should make it more accessible for gamers. Yesterday’s Famitsu x Denegeki TGS2021 stream was translated by DualShockers workers. Yasuhiro, a member FromSoftware, described how the company intends to make the game more accessible for everyone.

Kitao described how features like the ghost horse and different maps are integrated into the game to aid in combat and to instruct players on which objective they should pursue next. To give players more options in combat, FromSoftware also copied elements from previous titles to Eldenring.

Other features include the Demon Souls backstabbing mechanic that can be used to kill one-hit enemies. If gamers want to avoid a frontal assault on a Dungeon, the backstab can be very useful. A stealth mode can be used in Elden rings by gamers to silently take care of their enemies or summon allies to aid them in battle. Fans can also go back to previous dungeons to level up or try again if they find the current dungeon too difficult.

The studio has added a new feature: a larger open-world map that gamers will be able to explore. The Ghost Horse is a great tool for navigating long distances, and it can also help you fight against wild foes. Kitao explained that although these systems can be helpful, it is not an easy experience overall. FromSoftware’s games are difficult to provide a feeling of accomplishment for fans when they defeat a boss demanding or discover something new.

Kitao concludes his segment by thanking the fans for their patience with FromSoftware over the absence of Elden Ring News in recent years. He assures fans that the game’s development has been a success and that the studio is striving to exceed their expectations for the next title.



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