Crytek Asks Modder to Remove Photo Mode From Crysis Masters

Crytek is under fire for shutting down photo mode modes in Crysis 2 Remastered and Crysis 3 Remastered PC. Crytek sent Frans Bouma a cease-and-desist letter. He requested that Bouma remove these photo tools “within seven days.”

Crytek released the letter via Tweet and stated to Bouma that mods like this are not allowed under the terms of their EULA. They also said they don’t offer any additional license agreements for modding any Crysis Remastered Trilogy.

Crytek Asks Modder to Remove Photo Mode From Crysis Masters

Bouma followed up on this in a Twitter post. Bouma confirmed that Crytek had since responded to his initial reply, writing:

We are asking you to remove the paywall as the main problem with the software. We appreciate your support and hope that you will understand. However, we must balance this with the protection of our copyright. Any mod to a Crysis Remastered video game would be a violation of the EULA. This is why I am writing this message.

These tools have been removed from public circulation by Bouma. Crytek did not respond to our request for comment. However, Crytek’s community manager posted this statement on /Crysis.

Hello everyone. We regret that the initial message caused a miscommunication and have since apologized to the modder. We are grateful for all the support from the community. However, we must also ensure that our copyright is protected. This can be difficult to balance and we could have done things differently in the end.

We will keep you updated with any further developments.

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Trevenant Joins Pokemon Unite to Be a Defender

Treant will be joining Pokemon Unite as the newest addition to the MOBA’s roster. Trevenant was first introduced on the 3DS during the Pokemon X, Y, and Y games. He will act as a Defender once it is available – which should be pretty soon.

Trevenant will arrive in Pokemon Unite on January 20. It uses a variety of Ghost-type, Grass-type attacks against its foes. The developers have not released details on Trevanant’s stats and attack, but you can watch the video below to see how the Pokemon deal some damage.

Trevenant Joins Pokemon Unite to Be a Defender

Trevenant being a Defender type means it will likely have high endurance and an AoE attack to crowd control. This makes it ideal for both attacking and defending allies. While Defenders are better at taking damage than doing damage, even veteran players like Crustle can still dominate the field.

More details about the move-set for Trevenant will be available at Pokemon Unite next week on January 20.

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Halo fans mourn the end of Halo 3.

The Xbox 360 online services for classic games are being closed today, leaving Halo fans to mourn the loss of their beloved series and reminisce.

Halo 3: Halo 3: STOP, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo 4 have been affected. Campaigns and single-player content are still available, but online matchmaking has been removed. Other online services, such as file sharing and challenges, will also be disabled.

The entire sunsetting plan can be viewed below, thanks to a post at Halo Waypoint.

Superfans can still enjoy games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Game Pass. For many, it’s not going to be the same.

The Halo subreddit is now reminiscing over their time with Halo and paying tribute to the good times and friends they made.

PoloSword had a great time hopping on the servers with random people. It was undoubtedly one of the most memorable gaming experiences of our lives.

SgtBeanboi created a memorial to the Xbox 360 Halo versions. It’s fitting to pay tribute to such a well-known series, and it’s great to see so much dedication after so many years.

In a very emotional video, Sir_Entity shared a final game, during which it appeared that a ceasefire had been called. Both teams were seen sitting in the ocean, teabagging and shooting into the skies. This is what makes it so unique. !

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Another Star Wars series just launched. It will be reviewed in this The Book of Boba Fettpilot pilot review. Star Wars is currently in the process to become a cinematic universe. This means that many new shows are being developed. The Book of Boba Fett is a retcon that centres around Boba Fett, the fan-favourite bounty hunter.

The pilot focuses on the events immediately after Fett was killed by a Sarlacc in Episode VII: Return of the Jedi. Fans have been waiting for this scene, it’sit’s quite well done. Temuera Morrison returns to the series as Boba Fett, playing the role of Jango Fett and his clones. The cinematography adds to the enjoyment of the series.

The Book of Boba Fett is available on Disney Plus.

This The Book of Boba Fettpilot review might contain spoilers.

Official Trailer


The show starts perfectly. The show begins with Boba Fett asleep in a Bacta Tank. Later, there are flashes from his dreams. The first is a storm in Kamino. Then comes the young Boba grabbing father’ser’s head from Geonosis. It is wonderful to see the Star Wars community slowly accepting the prequels. Too often, people view artistic works as bad or good. It is far more productive to cut them up.

While the prequel trilogy of Star Wars contains some unfortunate elements, it also has many very good parts. Whether they are good or bad, these movies are part of Star Wars. Episode 2: Attack of the Clones also forms part of BFett’stt’s story. This pilot shows a glimpse of his memories using footage from Episode 2.

Boba Fett dueling a Tusken Raider.

Boba Fett has been a long-awaited character in em>The Mandalorian/em>. After character’ser’s appearance in The Mandalorian, many wondered how he survived being eaten by a Sarlacc during Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. Fans finally get the answer in this pilot.

The scene is also very well executed. Boba dreams that he is in Sarlacc’scc’s stomach. He is distraught and in pain. However, he finds his strength to make a hole in this beast. The scene cuts to a shotJabba’sba’s barge near the Sarlacc Pit. Then Boba Fett climbs through the sand to get oIt’sIt’s a triumphant and epic scene.

Boba Fett was strangling an animal with six legs.


Some fans had different theories about how Fett got away before the pilot. The Mandalorian introduced the Krayt Dragon, who had made a home in the Sarlacc by living in the cavern that was left behind. This Sarlacc was assumed to be BFett’stt’s, as he was later revealed to have survived.

It was believed tJabba’sba’s barge had exploded in Episode VII and that Krayt Dragon went to investigate. The Krayt Dragon then decided to eat the Sarlacc as it enjoyed its recent meal. Boba would have been able to escape Sarlacc’scc’s stomach from a leak caused by the attack of the Krayt Dragon.

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Five Nights At Freddy’s is a series of horror games with the best lore. The game isn’t scary at first, but you’ll find yourself in that abandoned pizzeria, beg for another night. After playing through the previous title, it can take players several months to find the strength to purchase the next one. Players’ enthusiasm for the franchise has blossomed again after releasing the Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach.

Security Breach is a completely new title, although the first game was released in 2014 and the subsequent ten games. Instead of the familiar cast of sentient animatronics, new faces and older ones appear. We miss you. A ‘GlamRock” makeover has opened up a whole new world of Fazbear. No more patrolling in one room with a map and security cameras. We are grateful for the 80GB title. Now we have to confront the things that scared us initially, but it’s now nightmare material.

Let’s all go together (I don’t want to go solo into this) and discover the pizzeria after hours. Do you never know? You might be lucky enough to make it through the night alive,

TABLE OF CONTENTS1) The Story: You can’t hide forever1.2) Frustration at Fazbear’s1.2). A variety of vagabonds2.2). A butterfly effect ending3) Audio & Graphics: A nightmare coming to life3.1) Five Nights at Freddy’s Five Nights of Fear3.2.

STORY: You Can’t Hide Forever

Gregory, a young boy, is a frequent visitor to the Fazbear Pizzeria. When Freddy, his favourite animatronic, falls on stage during a show’s performance, Gregory sees an opportunity to crawl into an open space in his chest. He is unaware that he has been trapped in the pizzeria’s wall and cannot escape.

When you’re a kid and are confronted with ten-foot bloodthirsty animatronics, you don’t feel safe in one place. Some of the tasks in Security Breach are just as frightening today as they were when Gregory was his age. It’s hard to believe that he could even comprehend half of the tasks given throughout the game. It’s hard to believe that he will make it alive. Gregory’s humour is quite amusing. He is a funny older man, but he has a few great lines. You feel more attached to him because they break up the tension between the characters. This is true for all cast members. As the game progresses, you become more familiar with them and learn more about them. However, certain faces will be missed.


The most frustrating aspect of the story is how many questions are left unanswered. Although we are introduced to many new characters, we never learn why. We are introduced to Vanny, whom we make assumptions about, and Bonnie and Foxy’s disappearance. They have merch throughout the game and even locations named after their names. Their backstories are not explored. You would expect some speculation from a franchise with so much lore.


Security Breach has a lot of nods to old titles, which is something that should be appreciated. Even though I had a basic knowledge of the franchise and some experience with the first few games in the series, there were likely to be hidden easter eggs. Even if the plushie is discarded on the basement shelf, you will find references to other characters and titles within the map. A lot of nostalgia and memories would be a great way to enhance the experience for a dedicated FNAF user.

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Although New Year’s Day celebrations are over, some people still celebrate the beginning of a new year. The first roadmap for The Sims 4 just dropped. It gives us a glimpse at what we can expect in the future.

Quick glances reveal that there are two Kit packs and a game pack. There were also announcements about community collaborations and some surprises. Unfortunately, the announcement did not include any information about a new Extension Pack (the previous one was in July 2021 with Cottage Living ) nor any new Suff Packs. These have been out of production for some time. However, this does not mean we won’t receive a new Expansion Pack or Stuff Pack.

Let’s look at what we can expect, and let’s start with the Game Pack. This pack claims to “throw the party for love”. It is not clear what this could be. Maybe something for Valentine’s Day or a DLC that is wedding-themed, similar to The Sims 2 Celebration! Stuff? This is possible, as Game Packs offer a lot more content. Maybe The Sims 4 will see a revamp of weddings? Maybe we will see the return to bachelor parties as in Generations?

The announcement of two Kit Packs is next. Kit Packs offer content on a smaller scale than other DLC in The Sims 4. These packs usually include a few new objects, such as Country Kitchen, or a new type of gameplay (such as Bust the Dust). According to the roadmap, these packs will be “vibrant”, and will feature “fierce design”. The roadmap doesn’t specify if the pack is about clothes or objects. More information should be available soon.

There’s much more to the announcement of new packs. A roadmap stated that there would be community collaboration both inside and outside of the game. Collaborations are not new to Sims 4. Members of the community can create free content, including artwork and objects, within the game. It is fascinating to see what The Sims 4 has in store for us this time.

This is not all. A free update also revealed new global food. Although it is not yet known what the food is, this food will bring Sims closer together. This could be new dishes from around the world, special food for celebrations, or something related to the Game Pack.

The roadmap also revealed that there are some surprises on the horizon. Although it didn’t provide much detail, more information should be made later in the year. These will hopefully be welcomed by Sims 4 players.

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The Warzone Pacific has been removed from Bloom Mechanic.

Season 1 added an incredible amount of new content to the battle royale when it moved to the Pacific island Caldera. A new map was added to the latest season’s post-launch content. It features new points-of-interest (POI), weapons and a new Battle Pass.

Raven Software also managed to include a controversial mechanic called bloom. This affects the trajectory of shots fired from your weapon. After much outrage from the community, the controversial mechanic was removed from the game.

Weapon bloom is a new feature in Vanguard multiplayer. It adds an extra level of RNG to weapons fired for a long time, which can impact accuracy. It means players won’t always hit their target if the mechanic is active. Vanguard’s arsenal was incorporated into Warzone. Players were quick to voice their dismay.

Good news for those who aren’t fans! Good news! The December 15th update seems to have removed the mechanic from battle royale. This means that the bullets will land precisely where they are supposed to. Call of Duty YouTuber theXclusiveAce demonstrated the differences in the bullet trajectory of the AS44 assault rifle.

Vanguard: Will Bloom be Removed from Bloom?

Vanguard players will hope that Sledgehammer Games takes the same decision as Vanguard and removes the multiplayer mechanic. Although it is not clear if the developer will make this change, it is clear that the community does not want it in the game.

Check out more Warzone intelligence by visiting the best AS44 loadout and the challenges to the Festive Fervor Christmas event.

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Blizzard introduces a new store pet to the game included in the Dragon Themed Bundle.

Blizzard released a baby Faerie Dragon Pet called Blinky. The Blizzard Shop can be purchased for $10 (or €).

Blinky is also part of the Dragon Pack. This bundles together 5 store mounts, Blinky and the Soul of the Aspects pet at a discounted price of up to 60 percent.

The price of items already owned by players will be reduced at checkout, so they don’t miss out.

Blizzard has come under fire for releasing more store items this year than ever before, including the Sunwarmed Furlined Mount or the new Store Transmog set, which looks better than the new tier sets . All of these items are released as World of Warcraft is suffering from a severe lack of content and extended patching.

Blizzard introduces a new store pet to the game included in the Dragon Themed Bundle

Blizzard may introduce store items that hint to themes in the next expansion. Players are now discussing the possibility of dragon islands finally arriving to World of Warcraft. However, these are just player conspiracies, and we will have to wait until an official announcement.

The Dragon Isles may be an earlier piece of scrapped content in World of Warcraft’s past, as has been mentioned by Blizzard in some media pieces such as the 2014 Documentary “Looking for Group”.

This island, which was located north of Tirisfal Glades, was all that was known. It was expected to be a 65-70+ zone for raids.

Many players believe that one of the Dragonflight leaders may have connections to the island.

Although this is speculation based only on limited information from the past 17 years it is a real concept. Players have been discussing it for some time so it’s possible that it will ever happen.

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All World of Warcraft Holiday Deals for 2022

Blizzard has announced their holiday sales, including some terrific deals for World of Warcraft.

All three Shadowlands versions can be purchased at 50% off, making it an ideal time to get back in the game before patch 9.2, Eternity’s End, which will be the last major expansion patch.

If they don’t have the Epic version, players can upgrade to it. This includes 30 days of gameplay time.

Burning Crusade Classic gets some love, too, with the Dark Portal Pass and Deluxe Edition up to 30% off. These include new goodies for Classic as well as the controversial boost.

All World of Warcraft Holiday Deals for 2022

A 30% discount on in-game services like race, server and faction changes is one of the most popular sales. People wait to take advantage of these services before they are available.

There are many pets and mounts on sale at 50% off, but not the new Furlined mount.

Blizzard has also released a pet today. It is part of a new Dragon-themed bundle. The bundle is currently on sale for as high as 62%.

Now is the time to grab sales if you’ve been waiting as they are unlikely to return.

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Fortnite Winterfest 2021: All Christmas Challenges and Free Rewards

Fortnite Winterfest is back with a bang in 2021. There are free challenges and rewards to keep you busy during the holiday season.

This year’s Christmas Even will follow the same format as 2019, so players can unlock new rewards each day for simply visiting the cabin or completing challenges. You will receive a Matrix glider, two skins and a host of other festive goodies.

This article will cover everything you need about Fortnite’s Winterfest 2021. It includes all the challenges you can take on and unlock for free.

Fortnite Winterfest 2021 Challenges

This is a complete list of all the challenges Winterfest will bring to Fortnite this year. Each day, there’s a new challenge.

You can warm yourself in the Yule log at the Cozy Lodge
With the Snowball Launcher (50), deal damage to your opponents
Collect toy biplanes from Condo Canyon, Greasy Grove or Sleepy Sound
You can travel with icy feet (200 m)
Fly with a chicken
Crackshot’s Cabin, and Sgt Winter’s Workshop: Three Seconds of Dance
With a vehicle, you can make a snowman
Get Holiday Presents! You can find the item here
Find a treasure trove under a holiday tree
Take one match to eat food (5)
You can hide for ten seconds as Sneaky Snowman within a 25m radius of your opponent.
Make sure to light a campfire and have icy feet
You can travel 1000m on a Crackshot Quadcrasher
Destroy holiday decorations
Chiller Grenade gives icy feet to your opponent

These challenges can be pretty simple as you can use unvalued ice weapons such as the Chiller Grenade and Travel while having icy foot. You can also Light a campfire while keeping your feet icy.

It is simple to search for a treasure box under a Christmas tree. Many buildings on the map will now have Christmas trees in them, and the same goes for the holiday decorations you need to destroy.

You can also collect toy biplanes at Condo Canyon or Greasy Grove. It’s easier to land at Greasy Grove or Sleepy Sound because they are POIs, and have higher concentrations.

Crackshot Quadcrashers are available at any garage located in the snow section.

Cozy Lodge is the cabin that was added for Winterfest. It can be found by clicking on the logo on the lobby screen and then selecting the fireplace.

You will receive the Snowmando Board Glider if you complete 7 challenges. Alternatively, 10 will unlock the Frosty Bling.

Fortnite Winterfest 2021: Free Rewards

These are all the rewards players can claim when they open presents in the cabin.

Christabelle skin
Contrail of Auroral Arc
Choice Knit emote
It’s Perfect! emoticon
Sentinel Glider (Matrix crossover)
Wrap in wool
Twinkly wrap
It’s your responsibility to be on guard! Loading Screen
Loot in the Mountains Music Pack
Holly Hatchet Pickaxe
Pickaxe for Snowblowers
Bombastic Winterfest spray
Winterfest banner icon

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