Saw: Cary Elwes Says “Never Say Never” About Reprising Dr. Gordon Role

When asked recently about the possibility of playing the iconic role of Dr. Lawrence Gordon in the franchise, Cary Elwes said that never says. In the 2004 horror film Saw, James Wan directed Elwes as the doctor. Elwes, who plays the role of the doctor in the horror film em>Saw, was first seen as he awakens in a decaying bathroom next to Adam Stanheight (Leigh Whannell). Gordon soon realizes that the two are victims of the Jigsaw killer and must cut off his foot to free Adam from his chains.

After sawing off his foot, Gordon climbs out of the bathroom and shoots Adam with a revolver inside the room. Although Elwes was briefly mentioned in subsequent Sawinstallments, the actor did not fully reprise his role until Saw 3D, the seventh installment in the series. The film is the final installment of the franchise. It reveals that Elwes escapes from the bathroom trap and is captured by Tobin Bell’s Jigsaw character. A montage in the movie shows how Gordon assisted Jigsaw in creating the sinister games and helping to pick some of the victims. Jigsaw assigns Gordon one last task at the end: to eliminate Detective Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor), the serial killer’s rogue trainee. Gordon locks Hoffman inside the bathroom trap in the first film and throws him the same saw he cut his foot. Elwes’ character then closes the door and is never seen again.

When Elwes was asked about his potential role in the Saw movies, he said, “never says never.” The actor said that he is open to discussing the possibility of a character revival but that they have “explored the character as far as it can.” Elwes explained that he believes the filmmakers have “run the gamut of Dr. Gordon’s life.” However, he is open to the possibility of reprisal.

Elwes also discusses in the interview the “great challenge” that was involved in creating the first saw movie. Filming took only 18 days, and Elwes was given the task of reciting “12-16 pages of dialogue per day.” The deadline was tight, so the actor said that there weren’t any chairs on set and that the crew never used a tripod or a dolly to transport the camera. The camera crew was able to quickly set up shots by simply saying, “OK, move the camera here and then roll.”

Future movies could expand on Elwes’ story, given that his character virtually disappears from the setting. The franchise will split into Saw 3D’s Jigsaw in 2017 and Spiral in 2021. Dr. Gordon may appear in one of the future installments. There are many paths to explore. However, there isn’t much that can be done at this time. Fans will have to speculate on Elwes’ fate after his last appearance in the universe.

Director James Wan has recently returned to horror with Malignant. But here’s a look at the comparisons between the three horror franchises he made. It has been more than five years since Wan’s last horror directorial effort. That was 2016’s Conjuring 2. Wan has been busy directing DC’s highly successful Aquaman for Warner Bros. since then. It starred Jason Momoa as well as frequent Wan collaborator Patrick Wilson. Following his 2015 effort, furious 7, Wan’s first venture into a major nonhorror franchise.

It seems that Wan still loves horror, and he returned to it with the Malignant. This was placed between Aquaman (and its sequel Aquaman) and the upcoming Aquaman: the Lost Kingdom. This is a bit like Sam Raimi’s 2009 decision to go back to horror with Drag me to hell after his blockbuster Spider-Man Trilogy starring Tobey Maguire. If he wants to get away from the mega-budget blockbusters, one can assume that Wan will make another horror movie.

Wan was synonymous with horror before Aquaman and even Furious7. His 2004 theatrical directorial debut was a low-budget extension of his short film See. Saw was a huge hit and spawned a long-running franchise. The same pattern was repeated for 2010’s Dark and 2013’s Conjuring. Wan directed a lower-budget movie only to have it become a huge hit. It remains to be seen if Malignant will make it that way. But, for now, here are the three Wan horror franchises, ranked from worst to best.

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