Sonic Frontiers Will Feature Music From Classic Sonic Composer Jun Senoue

The new Sonic Frontiers will add Jun Senoue, a long-time Sonic The Hedgehog composer, to its development team. Senoue was first able to compose music for Sega’s fast platform franchise in 1994’s Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and has continued to contribute in various amounts to nearly every Sonic title since. Most notably is his music from the Sonic Adventureduology in the 2000s. He also performed vocals as part of Crush 40, where he helped create the high-energy main theme for many of Sonic’s modern 3D entries. Senoue recently remixed some of his tracks for Sonic Colors Ultimate, a remastered version of the Wii classic.

Sega revealed the next chapter of the Blue Blur after months and months of speculation. Sega also released an action-packed trailer, Sonic Frontiers, during last month’s Game Awards 2021 stream event. We know only about the new high-speed adventure is that Sonic Frontiers will see Sonic run through an open-world environment – similar to the ones in The Legend of Zelda – Kirby, the Forgotten Land –as Dr. Eggman unleashes an ancient power on the Starfall Islands. Many talented characters from Sonic’s history are contributing to Sonic Frontiers. These include Ian Flynn Sonic, the Hedgehog comics author, and Morio Kishimoto, Sonic Colorsdirector. It has now been confirmed that the fan-favorite Sonic the Hedgehogcomposer will be joining them.

Jun Senoue, who is currently working on Sonic Frontiers’ soundtrack, spoke to Game Rant about his past work with Sonic the Hedgehog. Although Senoue was not open to discussing the details or extent of his involvement in the title’s development, he noted that he has been very busy and expressed excitement about Sonic Frontiers’planned launch later in the year. Senoue even went so far as to claim it will ” broaden our view of Sonic games.”

Sonic’s most recent releases have been met with mixed reviews. Even the Sonic Colors was not viewed well, and it was subject to numerous bugs and glitches after being remastered in Sonic Colors Ultimate. In the development of Sonic Frontiers, the Sonic team seemed to be aware of these issues. He even stated that the game took all of his time to complete. In interviews, Takashi Iizuka, Sonic Team’s head, stated that Sonic Frontiers would provide a foundation for franchise development. He also openly compared the game to the Sonic Adventure games, which many fans consider the best post-2D Sonic games.

It is no coincidence that these titles are also the ones Jun Senoue is most famous for. Sega’s involvement in the music of Sonic Frontiers seems to be further evidence of their desire to reclaim the excitement and magic of the Adventure games. Sonic Frontiers’ first trailer had a more foreboding tone than Senoue’s Sonic music. It will be interesting to see what Ohtani and his Sonic collaborator Tomoya Ohtani come up with when Sonic Frontiers launches onto modern consoles later this year.

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BioWare Sonic RPG’s Cut Cartoon Intro Deserves To Be Its Own Game

BioWare’s former developer shared a previously unfinished, animated intro to Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. This could efficiently serve as a 2D Sonic The Hedgehog story template. Sonic Chronicles was released for Nintendo DS in 2006. It featured a pre-Mass Effect trilogy BioWare taking on the lore and characters of Sonic The Hedgehog, as they reunited after Dr. Eggman’s defeat to face a new enemy known as the Nocturnus Clan.

Instead of the Sonicfranchise’s speed-based 2D platforming, Sonic Chroniclesfeatured turns based battles, branching RPG conversations, and special attacks through timing-based minigames, like those in Elite Beat Agents. Sonic Chronicles mainly received positive reviews from gamers who were tired of Sonic’s 3D offerings. However, EA’s purchase of BioWare in 2000 led to the cancellation of a planned sequel. Sonic Chronicles’ cliffhanger ending is still unsolved. The game serves as an exciting but relatively minor footnote in Sega’s history of the hypersonic hedgehog mascot.

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A former BioWare animator, Jonathan Cooper, recently shared an unheard-of intro animation for Sonic Chronicles on Twitter (via fanbyte). This 2D cutscene shows a Loony Tunes- the battle between Sonic (and Eggman) in a desert setting, with the Sonic Chronicle’srocking instrumental music. Cooper claims that Sega cut the intro to Sonic Chronicles in favor of the gameplay sequence that players were shown when they started up Sonic Chronicles. However, it was a “passion Project” for Joel MacMillan (Lead Artist) and Nick DiLiberto (Animator). Cooper went on to detail the production of the intro. It was animated at home and colored at BioWare Studios.

The new Sonic Chroniclesintro clip was revealed during an exciting time in the Blue Blur’s life, particularly when it comes to his forthcoming video games. Sega unveiled this month’s Game Awards 2021 stream. It is a teaser trailer of Sonic Frontier and. This 3D Sonic platformer was revealed during the Game Awards 2021 Livestream. The new title will feature Sonic racing through an open world, similar to The Legend Of Zelda and Kirby and The Forgotten Land. It also features a plot by Ian Flynn, a long-time Sonic The Hedgehog comics writer.

Sega may not have removed Jonathan Cooper’s animated intro from Sonic Chronicles. The Dark Brotherhood. There’s no doubt that Sega and his team worked hard on it. The animation is vibrant and smooth, with a lively tone that suits Sonic. It also gives a brief overview of Blue Blur’s ongoing battle against Dr. Eggman. Although this scene was eventually deleted, it is enough to make fans wonder if there would ever be a full-fledged 2D Sonic The Hedgehog game with this art style.

Sonic the Hedgehog has a long history of being tongue-in-cheek. Now Dr. Eggman has been made public. The Sonic the Hedgehog movie features Sonic Hedgehog. The Twitter page has memes about Sonic being too slow and Sonic being taller than toast. This is just one of many jokes that the fanbase makes decades later (like Sonic the Hedgehog). Sonic’s reputation is constantly changing, so the Sonic Twitter page shared some tremendous lore about Dr. Eggman was found via a dating profile. This moment was sure to be both serious and humorous.

Fans now know in which field Dr. Eggman holds his doctorate. The title tells us that Eggman went to college and completed undergraduate studies. He then pursued higher education. However, he also completed his coursework and is now a well-respected professional in his field. This process takes at least five years from start to finish. There are likely many theses and dissertations on a particular field of study. This information is part of Eggman’s legacy, his college years, and Eggman’s past. Sonic enthusiasts didn’t know which area he was studying until now.

While graduate students may be eligible for a Master of Science degree in robotics, Dr. Eggman (or Robotnik) could still get a Master of Science in robotics. Still, Dr. Given his ability to transform woodland animals into mechs and create final-boss level robots like the Egg Viper or Egg Golem, it’s easy for one to assume that Eggman would have a degree in robotics. It was discovered that Eggman holds a Ph.D. in Evil. This may seem more logical than robotics and any other applied science when you think about the purpose of a Ph.D.

Sonic’s Rival Eggman’s Ph.D. in Evil, Not Robotics
A Ph.D. is more theoretical than a professional doctorate. Therefore, Dr. Eggman’s study was more focused on the more significant questions of evil and not the details of robotics or mechanical engineering. This suggests that Eggman has a high-level understanding of scheming, the philosophy of evil, and wrote his thesis on deforestation or the lore behind Sonic’s Chaos Emeralds. Eggman’s quest for world dominance is grassroots. He focuses on his achievements and goals, not how to build an empire of pure evil.

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Sonic the Hedgehog Is Bringing Speed To Teslas With New Partnership

Sega and Tesla recently announced a partnership to bring 1991’s Sonic the Hedgehog’s original Sonic the Hedgehog’s gaming system to the electric car’s gaming system.

Sega and Tesla have partnered to make Sonic the Hedgehog playable in their line of electric vehicles. Sonic the Hedgehog was the first game to be launched by Sega in 1991. It brought the iconic blue, anthropomorphic mammal to the Sega Genesis 16-bit.

Due to recent announcements regarding future games, the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has re-entered the spotlight. A new Sonic trailer was revealed at The Game Awards 2021, but it was teased over the past year. This game seems to depart from the usual side-scroller style of the franchise and takes on a Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild open-world setting. A fresh approach to Sonic the Hedgehog could be a way to revive the brand, considering the series’ recent release, Sonic Colors Ultimate’s rocky launch. Partnerships with other brands might be a good option.

Sega and Tesla announced a partnership (via ) that will allow the original Sonic the Hedgehog to Tesla’s in-vehicle gaming system. The game is easy to play – all you need is a USB controller, a Tesla and the desire to enjoy Blue Blur’s speedy antics. Gaming and cars may not seem like a good combination. (note: do not try to play Sonic the Hedgehog while driving). Sonic the Hedgehog is joining a growing list of games that can be played inside Tesla Models.

Tesla’s innovative gaming system has made it possible to play many other games. According to Elon Musk, Cyberpunk 2077 runs at 60 FPS in a Tesla. This is “PS5 level”. There have been Teslas in certain games as well. Like Sega’s, PUBG Mobile introduced Teslas in its 1.5 updates in a similar partnership. This allowed players to explore the Tesla factory and drive the vehicles around the island of Erangel.

Gaming during long car rides has been a common experience since the advent of portable gaming devices such as Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP) or Nintendo’s Game Boy. However, it is dangerous to incorporate a gaming system in a car, especially with popular titles such as Sonic the Hedgehog. With Tesla’s high price tag, including an advanced gaming platform with the car might be fair.

Sonic Frontiers were announced at The Game Awards. A first look trailer featured a preview of the game’s lush green environment and overgrown ruins. The new world has many crumbling structures, a lovely atmosphere, and the main attraction is a tower that’s overrun by plant life. The new game in the series will be more challenging than ever. Sega teases that players can experience a new experience in “open-zone freedom,” which Sega describes on the official Sonic Frontiers website.

Although it is unclear how close the “open zone” will be to the “open world,” the trailer footage looks more like Breath of the Wild’s open-world than any 3D Sonic game. The Starfall Islands were breathtakingly beautiful when players first saw them. Although Sonic was not shown running through these environments yet, it seems like there is plenty of room for players to explore the environment and not just follow a track. Starfall Island shares open-world vibes, just like Shadow of the Colossus and Breath of the wild. The Sonic Frontiers trailer also looks strangely similar to the trailer of Kirby & The Forgotten Land.

Kirby and The Forgotten Land were revealed in September’s Nintendo Direct. It features an abandoned and neglected mall as its primary setting. Kirby and The Forgotten Land’s set features an abandoned civilization as well as a tower that has become its central landmark. Kirby & The Forgotten Land’s town is a lot modern than the ruins of the Sonic Frontiers trailer. However, both films take place in the ruins of forgotten civilizations. These releases will have similar aesthetics and motifs.

Sonic Frontiers and Kirby & The Forgotten Land Are A Lot Similar

Both Sonic Frontiers and Kirby and The Forgotten Land have feature settings that are being reclaimed naturally by nature. This leaves only peaceful remnants of long-gone civilizations for players to explore. It’s not clear what Sonic Frontiers’ gameplay will look like, but Kirby and The Forgotten Land are confirmed to be the first 3D platformers within the Kirby Series. This is a positive change for the franchise, giving Kirby more freedom and movement. These two games could have more similarities than their setting if Sonic Frontiers includes elements of 3D platforming similar to previous games in the Sonic series.

These similarities may be coincidences or signs of a shift in gaming overall. Fans will have to wait patiently until next year to see these games. Kirby and The Forgotten Land are due to be released in Spring 2022. Sonic Frontiers is expected to be released during the holiday season of 2022. S, Xbox One, and PC.

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