The Last of Us 2 Fan Shares Excellent Poster Focused On Ellie And Dina

There has been a lot of fan art for The Last of Us 2 since its release. Many artists have created their own interpretations of The Last of Us 2’s characters and world. Posters have become a popular way to show your love for the game.
The Last of Us 2 posters are often focused on multiple characters and capture many different moments. However, this latest poster that has received some attention on the game’s subreddit focuses on just one character. Redditor oliveira_mte created an image that focuses solely on Ellie and Dina. There are no other characters in the frame. It makes sense to give them all the attention, given how important their relationship is for the overall story of the game.

Two very different images of Ellie and Dina were used in the poster. Ellie is furious and a zoomed out version of The Last of Us 2’s covers art is used. Dina looks calmer. She stands straight up and has a focused expression. This allows the artist to capture the character’s behavior throughout the game’s story. Dina loves Ellie, but Ellie is obsessed by revenge and very angry. Dina is just following her lead. Dina is able to keep her cool in situations that her girlfriend can’t.

Olivera_mte has some lovely details, outside of the characters. A Firefly pendant is visible in the lower right corner. This is a tribute to the group who had such an impact on Ellie’s life. In the top left corner is the logo of Last of Us 2, while Ellie’s journal page can be found in the upper right portion of the image. This page is about Ellie’s inability to remember Joel’s face. It is one of the most poignant and memorable pages from the entire game.

A further detail is the “Through the Valley”, lyrics in the bottom left corner. This is the song Ellie sang in The Last of Us 2’s reveal trailer. The poster’s grey version is beautiful and could have easily been displayed online. However, oliveira_mte did a better job. The poster was redesigned with minor changes to the background and characters. The post currently has about 200 upvotes and some positive comments. It is well-deserved.

It will be interesting for Redditor to make more artwork for The Last of Us 2. There are other important pairings, like Abby and Lev or Joel and Tommy, that can be made. This has a lot of potential.

Although The Last of Us 3 is not yet officially announced, fans are eager to find out what Ellie’s next steps will be based on the confusing ending of the last installment. Although there are not many details about The Last of Us 3 it is likely that more Infected will be revealed. While The Last of Us 2 brought about some changes with the Infected, players are yet to see major improvements. This is unlikely to change in the next installment.

The main reason the Infected won’t be evolving much in The Last of Us 3 will be that they don’t have to. Evolution is driven by necessity. Those who are best suited to the environment survive and pass on their traits. Evolution tends to occur when viruses are forced to change by something, such as a vaccine. Thus mutations can become positive traits that extend survival. Evolution is a slow process, so it may not be realistic for The Last of Us.

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Rumor Bloodborne 2 Coming to PS5 Along With the First Game

Bluepoint Games was recently acquired by Sony. This studio is best known for creating critically-acclaimed remakes and other PlayStation games. Bluepoint Games announced that they were working on a brand-new game. However, it wasn’t clear if this was a new IP. According to the latest rumors, Bluepoint may be making Bloodborne 2 as their new game.
Colin Moriarty, host of the Sacred Symbols podcast, has this rumor. Bluepoint Games’ Moriarty stated that Bluepoint Games will bring Bloodborne 1 to PS5 and that they will release Bloodborne 2 once that is done. Moriarty stated that they are re-releasing Bloodborne for PS5, but that there will be a sequel to Bloodborne.

Many insiders and leakers suggest that Bluepoint Games is currently working on a Bloodborne remake or remaster for PS5, but few claim that Bluepoint’s next Bloodborne game will be a sequel. According to Millie A, a leaker, Bluepoint’s original game was on the same scale as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Insomniac Games. This would be unlikely if they are truly working on Bloodborne 2.

It’s difficult to know who’s correct information until Bluepoint Games reveals the details. Many people claim that the studio is working on a Bloodborne remake. However, there is less evidence that the studio is planning to make a Bloodborne 2D. For now, fans will have to wait and see.

While some might not like the idea that a Bloodborne sequel is being developed by another studio than FromSoftware, From Software does not seem to be interested. According to reports, FromSoftware is developing a new PS5 exclusive title, which could be an original IP. However, that remains to happen. The studio is currently focusing on Elden Ring’s shipping, with the highly anticipated game due to launch in January.

It remains to be determined if Bluepoint Games will make Bloodborne 2 or something entirely different. It’s not even a year since the Demon’s Souls remake was released by the studio. However, it’s difficult to imagine that fans will receive answers any time soon. But hopefully they won’t have too much to wait to learn what’s next from Bluepoint Games.

Bloodborne is one of From Software’s most original creations in the Souls-like category. It’s still very popular, even though it’s over five years old. Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls remake has been a constant request from Bloodborne fans, and they are always looking for leaks or rumors.

This makes it more likely that people will want to return to the original game. For anyone who is interested in giving Bloodborne a shot, there are some misconceptions that should not be taken as gospel.

Many people believe that all From Software games are slow like Dark Souls (and DS1), but that is not true. In order to make the first DS feel slow in combat, players had to decide when to attack. Those who chose poorly were punished. They had to be systematic in their decisions. This design choice still has an impact on new games to this day.

DS2 and DS3 however, are much faster by design. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are completely different beasts. Bloodborne was specifically designed to encourage players to play in a different way than DS1. A player can lose their health if they are hit by an enemy. However, they can recover that health by hitting any nearby enemy enough times before the “temp heat” bar completely degrades. Bloodborne is therefore faster than Dark Souls and also more responsive.

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Bluepoint Games Rumored to Be Working on a Bloodborne Project

Since its launch in 2015, fans have longed to see Bloodbornereturn. Bluepoint Games is working on a Bloodborne remake that may allow fans to hunt again.

Bloodborneis an iconic title that was released early in the PS4’s life span. FromSoftware, creators of Demon’s Souls, and Dark Souls created Bloodborne. It redesigned the gameplay from those games and encouraged players to play aggressively, rather than defensively. It was in good standing with Sony before Bluepoint Games were acquired by PlayStation. This allowed for many classic games to be remade, including Shadow of the Colossus, and Demon Souls last year. Blast Master was the last original project of the studio, which has remained focused on remakes and remasters.

Colin Moriarty teased that Bluepoint Games might be making a Bloodborneremake. On Twitter, he wrote: “I’m hearing that Bluepoint Games may have been on a trip to Yharnam.” Yharnam, Bloodborne is the setting. It’s a decrepit, gothic metropolis that was once swarming in people but now teems with the sick and beasts. It confirmed that its next title will be a completely original title after it acquired Bluepoint. However, the latest rumors suggest that they are working on a remake and a new title.

Bluepoint Games’ Demon’s Souls remake was a clear indication of their ability to create a Souls-like title. The Demon’s Souls remake was able to improve the game’s mechanics so it can compete with Dark Souls while maintaining the original vision and atmosphere. There are rumors about Bloodbornesequels or remakes appearing every few months. However, With FromSoftware still hard at work on Elden Ring and multiple people claiming that a remake at Bluepoint Games is in the works, this is your best chance to see this beloved world once again.

Bloodborne will be the next game to get the remake treatment if this rumor is true. It is the remake of Naughty Dog’s Last of Us. This game was also released on PlayStation. Some feel that The last of Us and Bloodborne do not really need to be remade. The Last of Us may be a little easier to understand because it is a PS3 game. However, Bluepoint will most likely knock it out of its park with whatever project it is next.

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