Thor: Love & Thunder Writer Reveals She Also Worked On Hawkeye

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson (Thor: Love and Thunder) recently revealed that she had briefly worked behind-the-scenes for Disney+’s newest MCU original series, Hawkeye. Since Marvel Studios began releasing new projects earlier in the year, its current line-up has touched on many different genres and storytelling styles. MCU films have always been diverse in scope. But this was more evident than when they went from WandaVision to The Falcon and then to Loki earlier this year. Robinson, a writer in the MCU, can switch from working on a hero like Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) to a literal God like Thor (Chris Hemsworth).

Thor Love and Thunder are still half a year away, but Hawkeye just debuted its first episode earlier today on Disney+. Renner plays Clint Barton in the MCU and returns to mentor Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld). However, most Thor is still unknown, except for a confirmation that Natalie Portman will be returning to the franchise to address Jane Foster’s storyline about cancer. Robinson appears to have been involved in both of these projects, despite the divergent stories.

Robinson tweeted a congratulatory note in celebration of Hawkeye’s debut on Disney+. She revealed in her tweet that she had “Got to spend some time […] working on Hawkeye.” You can see the entire tweet below.

Hawkeye and Thor Love and Thunder will cover completely different areas of Marvel’s universe, but both will have plenty of laughs. Robinson has had experience in directing her comedy projects like Someone great and Unpregnant. Hawkeye already shows its playful tone and witty banter in the two episodes. Thor, Love, and Thunder have not yet been released. However, the comedy-loving duo of Robinson and Taika wait (as well as Guardians of the Galaxy’sJames Gunn in a limited way) almost guarantee a funny tone.

It makes sense that Disney would use familiar talent across all of their films and shows, with so many MCU projects in the future. If Disney wants to keep the huge release schedule established over the past several years, they will need to be efficient logistically. Robinson is expected to continue working with Disney’s top properties, with Hawkeye soon airing and Thunder right around the corner.

Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner’s) mentoring of Kate Bishop (Hailee Sternfeld) in Hawkeye is a great example of how Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) trained many Arrow archers, particularly since the Green Arrow had problems being a teacher to younger heroes. With Barton’s support, Bishop will claim Hawkeye’s codename and become one of Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase4’s new heroes when Hawkeye debuts on Disney+ November.

In 2012, Arrow was first presented. Oliver Queen was a single vigilante who wanted to kill his father and wipe out his criminal gangs. Arrow integrated many D.C. characters into the series; soon, Green Arrow’s comic book friends like Speedy, Arsenal, and Black Canary donned costumes to fight crime. However, Arrow wasn’t able to replicate Green Arrow’s partnership in D.C. Comics. Oliver wanted to set an example for Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) and his younger sister Thea. The later seasons of Arrow saw a team consisting of many new heroes, but they had to deal with the temperamental Oliver Queen. Despite his loyalty from Team Arrow, Green Arrow did not come across as a strong mentor throughout the series.

Hawkeye has already proven to be a better mentor for Kate Bishop than Oliver Queen was to Roy Harper and the rest. Because of Clint Barton’s character, Hawkeye is more natural as a mentor to Kate Bishop than Ollie was. He was teaching archery to his daughter Lila Russo (Ava Russo). Clint is a skilled worker with young people and can help Kate Bishop become the next Hawkeye. Barton was able to be a loving husband and father while still being an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. An Avenger. Oliver tried his best to teach Arrow, but it was not what he wanted to be. He also found it difficult to get along on many occasions.

Kate Bishop is a completely different character to Thea Queen. However, they are both daughters of powerful and wealthy businessmen. Jeremy Renner told E.W. that Kate is a big Hawkeye fan… Her charming and annoying manner is a result of being a Hawkeye fangirl. To his dismay, Bishop is a model of Barton and wants her to be like him. Thea, in Arrow, was a troubled young lady. It was Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) who started Thea’s training for Speedy.

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