Peacemaker’s Berenstain Bear Joke Was Based on James Gunn’s Own Mistake


The Peacemaker gag that revolved around The Berenstain bears was inspired by James Gunn’s mistake about the title of the children’s book series. After the Guardians of the Galaxy director’s debut in the DCEU last summer with The Suicide Squad, Gunn’s Peacemaker premiered its first three episodes recently on HBO Max. The spin-off series follows John Cena’s Christopher Smith/Peacemaker, as he joins Amanda Waller’s (Viola Davis), ARGUS to save the world through Operation: Butterfly.

Peacemaker sees Jennifer Holland & Steve Agee return to their roles of Emilia Harcourt & John Economos in The Suicide Squad. Robert Patrick plays Auggie Smith, Danielle Brooks plays Leota Adebayo and Freddie Stroma plays Adrian Chase/Vigilante. ChukwudiIwuji portrays Clemson Murn. Episode 3 “Better Goff Dead” sees ARGUS set out on its first official mission, to kill suspected “butterflies”. John, Clemson and Leota also discuss the common belief that the children’s book series The Berenstain Bears is called “The Berenstein Bears,” while Leota insists upon “Berenstain.”

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Gunn took to Twitter recently to share the story. The creator of the show, Berenstain Bears said that the joke was inspired by a real-life situation in which he (and probably many others) discovered they had been calling their beloved bear clan the wrong names since childhood. Below is the scene and tweet:

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There has been a lot of debate over whether the series is The Berenstain Bears or The Berenstein Bears. This has caused heated online discussions. Peacemaker explains that the series’ authors and illustrators are Stan and Jan Berenstain. They published The Big Honey Hunt in 1962. Many people assume that the Bears’ name should include the suffix “-stein”, as it is more common. This is evident in everything, from official TV adaptations to knockoff products.

Many people grew up with Berenstain Bear cartoons and heard “Berenstein” but were never corrected. is here to help, not only from the butterflies but also from common misconceptions. Peacemaker is similar to The Boys’ superhero show, but it subverts the expectations of the genre. This can be seen in everything, from pop culture references to graphic violence and social commentary to profanity to dance sequences and eagle sidekicks. Gunn’s trademark voice shines through in his work.


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Attack on Titan Season 4: Eren’s Story Made Actor Cry While Recording

Attack on Titan Season 4: Eren’s Story Made Actor Cry While Recording

Attack On Titan Yuki Kaji, the voice actor for said that Eren’s story moved him to tears during recording. On January 10, the second season of Attack on Titan premiered. After receiving critical acclaim, the anime’s four-season run will be completed. Critics have praised the story, themes and voice acting as well as animation. Attack on Titan has been viewed as an essential part of anime. Many artists and cosplayers take inspiration from its unique design, and imaginative world-building.

Based on the manga, Attack on Titan is about Eren’s fight against the Titans. These giant humanoids seek to end all life on Earth. His mother is eaten by Titans and encourages him to join the Survey Corps. He eventually gains the ability to transform into a Titan in order to defeat them. As Eren grows older, his actions become more extreme. He continues to kill and fight for his people.

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Kaji speaks out in a Twitter thread translated from Attack on Fans about Eren’s emotional development and reactions to season 4 of Attack on Titan. He said that he could not stop crying while he was performing Eren’s part, even though he had to record the lines. He speaks about his deep connection to Eren and the pain he endured. It also influenced his performance. Below is his translation.

“Even though you don’t think about it very much, you will feel the pain he felt. While I was reading the script and dictating some scenes at home, I couldn’t help but think about it. Although I knew the ending of the manga, I felt exactly what Eren felt. I couldn’t stop crying.

Fans have much to look forward to with the highly anticipated end to Attack On Titan coming up. After losing his left leg during the war between Marley and the Mid-East, Eren is back in hiding. Given his Titan transforming abilities, he takes extreme measures to defend Parabis and its residents.

The popularity of anime has increased steadily, with Attack on Titan being one of the most well-known examples. People in the west are increasingly realizing the value of storytelling from other cultures. Eren’s journey has been one the most moving in Attack on Titangiven the many sacrifices he has made. Kaji has been the voice of Eren since 2013. It’s only natural that he would get emotional about his character’s end. This also speaks volumes about what viewers can expect from Attack on Titan ‘s season 4 finale . Based on the reaction of the actor, Eren’s finale is sure to be as exciting and memorable as the rest.



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John Goodman Says SNL Audition Is One Of The Worst Things He’s Ever Done

John Goodman believes his SNL audition was a low point of his career. Saturday Night Live or SNL is short for. The show’s unique mix of comedy sketches and skits has made it a popular late-night American TV program. It has aired 46 seasons. Many SNL sketches, including the movie classics Blues Brothers and Wayne’s World, have been made into feature films thanks to the show’s popularity.

His 40-year career has seen him win Emmys and Golden Globes. Goodman’s career is now complete with the revival of the classic sitcom Roseanne and subsequent sequel series The Conners allowing Goodman to return to one of his most beloved characters, Dan Conner. Goodman continues to grow his acting resume with a lead role in the comedy series The Righteous Gemstoneswhile also reprising his voice as Sully in Monsters Incspinoff Monsters at Work.

However, it hasn’t always been easy for the legend Goodman. He confirmed this during an interview on The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon. Goodman recalled some of his career lows and highs. He said that auditioning to be a member of the SNL casting was particularly difficult. Goodman described it as the “most humiliating thing” that he had “ever done before people.” Goodman said he “wrote something 15 minutes before” attended the interview. It was no surprise that Goodman didn’t win the role. You can see the complete video below.

Fortunately, Goodman’s failure to join the SNLcrew wasn’t permanent. He has hosted the sketch show 13 times so far. This makes him the third most successful guest host. Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, both acting legends, have surpassed Goodman with 15 and 17 appearances.

Goodman’s brilliant and genuine reaction to his unprepared audition is a testimony to his good nature, an essential aspect of being a successful SNL host. Goodman’s solid hosting record means that SNL could be renewed for another 47-season season. Goodman will not appear on SNL again, but his future looks bright with season 3 of The Righteous Gemstones already in production.




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Yellowjackets Season 1 Ending Explained: Every Shocking Twist

The final scene in Yellowjacketsseason1 strongly suggests that the unknown assailants abducting Natalie are acting on Lottie’s behalf. They are strangely dressed in all grey, with headwraps and pendants displaying the symbol of the woods. Suzie (Colleen wheeler) fears Lottie (although she doesn’t know her identity) and believes an unknown party follows them. The story of Lottie as a teenager ends with her asking the “dark” to “free them.” It makes sense that she would be a cult leader. She has been doing this in the past and would have the resources to do it in the present. But the question is: Why would she kill Travis? What does she want from Natalie?

The Yellowjackets Finale reveals just how dangerous misty is
The shocking moment in the Yellowjacketsseason1 ending was Misty letting Jessica leave. This plotline seemed destined for a more violent finale, especially after Misty’s reaction when her pet bird Caligula was threatened. This exchange was all a clever deception Misty masterfully orchestrated to hide her tracks. She laced the cigarettes in fentanyl so Jessica would overdose if she ever smoked them. She threw the cigarettes out at first, knowing Jessica would search for them and then ask for them. Although Misty seems like a risky move, it is possible that she had an alternate plan for dealing with Jessica. The incident still reveals Misty’s willingness to die.

Secret Shrine of Taissa
Juxtaposed with the yellowjackets scene after learning about her shocking victory against her opponent in the election, Simone discovers a mysterious, ritualistic shrine in her basement. It includes the sacrifices of her dog, her son’s doll, and what appears to have been a human heart. The same symbol found in the woods is written on the shrine’s wall. It was probably there when Travis was killed. The shrine is lit with candles, just like the shrine. These two scenes appear to be connected because they are intercut. This raises the question, “Did Taissa do some ritual to win the election?”

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MCU Art Shows How Hilariously Different Spider-Man & Loki Variants Are

A new piece Marvel Cinematic Universeart highlights the comical differences between Spider-Man’s and Loki versions. Hugh Everett’s multiverse theory, or “many worlds,” has been used in many media, including novels, comic books, and movies. Sony’s animated funny film Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse opens up portals to other universes and brings different Spider-People into the worlds of Miles Morales (Shameik Moon). Into the Spider-Verse is one of the first mainstream superhero movies that used the multiversal concept. It’s also the movie that introduced the multiversal concept to mainstream movies such as Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The multiverse concept in the MCU was rumored to have been mentioned as far back as Thor The Dark World, with a subtle nod towards alternate Earths written on a chalkboard drawn by Erik Selvig. Things took shape only after Avengers Endgame and then Phase 4’s Disney+ Loki. The series is about The Avengers’ Loki (Tom Hiddleston), who escapes with Tesseract in Endgame’s time theft. Concepts like alternate timelines or variants are officially introduced after being arrested by the Time Variance Authority. Episode 5 features Loki meeting many alternate versions/variants, including Kid Loki and Classic Loki.

Recently, Idiotoftheeast shared an Instagram piece highlighting the differences between Spider-Man variants and Loki. One group, which includes everyone from Miles to Spider-Gwen to Spider-Men’s Spider-Men, has an affinity to “great power” as well as “great responsibility”; the other can’t seem able to get along. You can see it below.

According to reports, the MCU has always had a multiverse. Variants will continue to be seen on the big screen in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Part One and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige spoke out about how Multiverse of Madness will “Crack” unlock the Multiverse, which will allow the MCU to get closer to its comic-book counterpart. Although rumors suggest that X-Men, other familiar heroes, may be seen in the film, the first teaser teases Doctor Strange Supreme. The film will also feature at least one Loki variation.




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Peacemaker BTS Images Show Cast Filming the DC Series’ Intro Dance

James Gunn brightens everyone’s Sunday by sharing behind-the-scenes photos of the filming of Peacemaker’s opening credit dance number. The DCEU’s latest project is now available, but it’s not a movie. Peacemaker, the anticipated spin-off of Gunn’s Suicide Squad, follows John Cena’s antihero from the film. Gunn wrote, directed, and created episodes for the series. It explores Peacemaker’s life after Suicide Squad. Peacemaker, who has since recovered from near-fatal injuries, is joining another team to save the world.

Although HBO Max released only three episodes, there is plenty of other content for fans to enjoy. Its obvious Peacemaker has a lot more to offer than a superhero show. The show’s opening credits are hilarious, with the cast performing a choreographed dance routine to Wig Wam’s “Do Ya Wanna Taste It.” Peacemaker was so famous that HBO Max made its video.

After many fans were able to see Peacemaker’s opening, Gunn gave everyone a glimpse behind the scenes of how it came together. Gunn shared two BTS photos on social media to give fans a look at the incredible dance scene. He reminded everyone that #Peacemaker is available on @hbomax today! Below is his post.

Given how Peacemaker is a brutal killer, it’s not surprising that his solo series would open with a lighthearted dance number. That’s the beauty of Peacemaker. It shows unexpected layers to its morally gray lead character. Gunn’s opening credits are so reminiscent of Gunn’s style that fans cannot help but admire them. It’s yet another proof that Gunn’s creativity shines even though Peacemaker takes place in the DCEU’s heavily controlled world.

Although the opening dance may be the last routine viewers can expect from Peacemaker’s inaugural season, Gunn still believes he will make season 2. While no one knows exactly what that means, Peacemaker has just begun. Gunn suggested that episode 8 contains big surprises that very few people are aware of. This means that fans should stay with the show until the end to enjoy the whole experience. If the opening credits show, Peacemaker is not a show many people will predict.


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Batwoman’s Joker Actor Was Influenced Most by Jared Leto’s DC Villain

Batwoman Star Nick Creegan said that Jared Leto’s version of the Joker influenced his interpretation. The 28-year old actor became the first person of color ever to portray the villain in cinematic history. Creegan was introduced in November 2021 as Marquis Jet. His backstory is significantly different from his predecessors.

Season 3 of The CW’s series reveals that Marquis is the half-brother to Ryan Wilder’s hero ( played Javicia Leslie). It slowly becomes clear that Ryan’s brother, Marquis, may have had a childhood encounter with the original Joker. Episode 7 shows his darker side when he takes control of Wayne Enterprises after a forceful usurpation of his sister.

In an interview with The Wrap, Creegan said he was inspired by Leto’s portrayal as the DC villain. He stated that he enjoyed Leto’s description of the Joker as “edgier.” He admits that he tried to incorporate minor elements from Jared Leto’s Joker and compliments the gold-colored chains and teeth he wore in Suicide Squad. He explained that his character valued fashion and studied Heath Ledger before creating his famous laugh and crazed eyes. You can read his complete comments below.

“It’s funny because I dress up, back in 2016, or 2015, I dressed as Jared Leto’s Joker on Halloween. The thing I liked most about his Joker was how it was different from every other version. He wore chains and had gold teeth. He was exactly like the Joker’s new, more edgy version.

Marquis is a newcomer to fashion and very into being his person. Many vibes come through, and people can relate to that, especially since Marquis is from New York. I tried to incorporate a few elements of Jared Leto’s Joker while also incorporating the maniacal laughter, and just crazed in the eyes that Joaquin Phoenix saw in Heath Ledger. There are bits and pieces I have taken from many of them, but [I] am still trying to make it as the original .”

Although Creegan’s Joker character isn’t adorned with the same tattoos as Leto’s, there are some similarities in Creegan’s design. Marquis has a more modernized and well-pressed wardrobe instead of the bright purple suit worn in Joker’s comic book. His outfits are still full of color, but they are much more sophisticated and have echoes of Leto’s bling-ladened baddie.


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Bob Saget’s Wife Pens Touching Tribute to Her Late Husband


On Friday, Kelly Rizzo, Bob Saget’s spouse, posted a touching tribute to her husband at the funeral service for the Full House comedian, actor, and television host. Saget is best known for his stand-up comedy and was also the beloved TV dad Danny Tanner, who was featured on the ABC sitcom Full House from 1987 through 1995, as well as ten episodes of its Netflix sequel series Fuller House. He was also the older Ted Mosby/narrator on How You Met Your Mother and was the original host for America’s Funniest Home Videos through the 1990s.

Saget, 65, was found dead in his hotel room at Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes on January 9, 2022. Although the exact cause of his death is unknown, The Orange County Sheriff’s ruled out foul play and drug use. Saget had just performed a comedy show in Jacksonville the night before his death. Many of his co-stars and fans took to the internet to grieve after the news of Saget’s death. Saget’s widow has now spoken out, the first time she’s done so since her husband’s funeral.

Rizzo (42) posted a touching tribute via Instagram to Saget on Saturday, January 15. With the caption, “My sweet husband,” she included a photo of her and her husband. After much reflection, I realized that I had been robbed of my time. Rizzo said she was trying to imagine how lucky she was to have been the one to marry THE MOST INCREDIBLE MAN EARTH. Rizzo’s tribute to him is below.

In every tribute to Saget shared by celebrities and comedians who knew him, words like “kind” or “loving” were used. Many of these people attended Saget’s funeral. It was “a perfect farewell.” His wife described Saget as “he loved,” which was evident at the service.

The death of Saget was shocking and devastating for Full House fans and those who loved his work. Celebrities, friends, family, and loved ones continue paying tribute to Saget. It’s essential that you follow his example, show your love for those you love, and help to honor his legacy. As Rizzo mentioned, Saget and his family were indefatigably grateful for the Scleroderma Research Foundation. In 1994, Saget’s sister Gay died from scleroderma. She was only 47 years old. Saget was involved in the foundation before Gay’s diagnosis. Saget later became a member of the board. Saget died on his sister’s 75th Birthday. To continue his love, fans can make donations to the foundation.



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Harley Quinn Showrunner Gives His Opinion on Peacemaker’s HBO Max Show

Patrick Schumacker, the creator of Harley Quinn, shared his thoughts on James Gunn’s new HBO Max series, Peacemaker. A sideshow to the Suicide Squad, Gunn’s D.C.E.U. Directorial debut last August, Peacemakerchronicles John Cena’s jingoistic antihero. Peacemaker explores the history and present of the title superhero/supervillain. Christopher Smith would do anything to attain his ideal of peace, even if it meant killing innocent people.

The first three episodes of Peacemaker featured a stellar cast that included Danielle Brooks and Freddie Stroma and Jennifer Holland, Steve Agee, and Robert Patrick. They were broadcast on HBO Max on January 13, 2022. The new series follows the protagonist’s recovery from the injuries sustained in Suicide Squad. Peacemaker, now fully healed, is forced to join an A.R.G.U.S. Peacemaker is currently a member of Project Butterfly, a black ops team. His new task is to kill mysterious parasitic creatures living among human beings.

It has been just a few days since Peacemaker was released on HBO Max. Reactions are flooding in from all corners of this world as more people stream the show. The Harley Quinn host is the most notable celebrity to review Gunn’s Peacemaker. Schumacker took to Twitter recently to exGunn’shis opinion on Gunn’s latest small-screen production. He tweeted that the fGunn’shree episodes were “an absolute delight,” which he said was well above the stan”ard of a James Gunn “production. Schumacker loves Eagly, Peacemaker’s CGI-added friend and sidekick, and is looking for peacemaker’s future holds for him. Below is Schumacker’s tweet:

Not just Schumaker thinks Peacemaker makSchumacker’sjoyable watch. The series generally received positive reviews from fans and critics. Many praised Cena’s outstanding performance, a perfect blend of the original movie and Cena’sin-off series. Peacemaker is a charming and funny series that dismantles vigilantism and takes on gruesome action. Although some argue that the series’ pace and energy are slower than The Suicide Squad, it is still entertaining. Series’ mainly because the show explores deeper emotional depths than its source material. It also explains some of the worst qualities of its leaders, as well as some more controversial actions, such as the killing of Captain Rick Flag.

Industry peers like Schumacker support, Gunn, and Peacemaker. There was some controversy among viewers before the series’ launch. Many feared that Peacemaker would try to justify its temperamentallseries’hobic main character. As you can see from the reactions to this show, it doesn’t seem like that’s the case. The peacemaker appears to be telling the story well. It doesn’t have only tthat’spisodes, but it helps score PEACEMAKER, an additional season James Gunn is eager to make.



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Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Resumes Filming After COVID Shutdown

Star Trek: Picard officially resumed filming after the production shutdown caused by COVID-19. After more than 50 people tested positive for the virus, filming was stopped earlier in the week. Filming was also disrupted on other shows like NCIS or Chicago Fire.

Patrick Stewart stars in the sci-fi series. Filming is mainly in Los Angeles, where Omicron variant cases are increasing rapidly. Picard has not been without delays. The show was originally scheduled to be filmed in 2020, but the virus forced the schedule into 2021. Picard season 3, which is scheduled to film in tandem with season 2, has also been approved. The co-showrunners Terry Matalas, Akiva Goldsman will be directing both seasons.

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A recent tweet from Matalas confirmed that production has resumed on Picard. Despite the circumstances, the showrunner was empathetic about his return to the set. He wrote: ” Back to it this AM!” The tweet was accompanied by an image of a screen with the words “EPS Network” and what appears to be the layout for a Starfleet vessel. See the full post below.

Please click here to see the original post.

Stark Trek Season 2: Jean-Luc is transported to another universe by Q, a godlike figure. Jean-Luc and his crew set out to save their planet from a totalitarian future. Stewart will join his returning co-stars, Alison Pill and Isa Brones. Michelle Hurd, Jeri Ryne, Brent Spiner. Orla Brady. Annie Wersching. John de Lancie will play Q, and Whoopi Goldberg will portray Guinan.

It is unclear if further delays will prevent the release of Picard season 2. Although it is undoubtedly disappointing for both the studio and the fans, these delays will hopefully feed viewers’ thirst for Star Trek. This could provide potential ratings boost both for Picard or Star Trek Discovery. Season 2 has been delayed again, but fans can be optimistic that season 3 will be released in 2023. Production is expected to continue smoothly. Star Trek Picard season 2 is still on track to debut in February on Paramount+.




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