Fortnite: How To Get The Blizzabelle Skin For Free

Winterfest is also underway. Fortnite players are currently spoiled for choice, especially since many are still getting used to Chapter 3. In addition to tons of Winterfest content, players can also get a free Blizzabelle Skin.

For Blizzabelle to be claimed for free, players must log in to Epic Games Store on their PC and install Fortnite. The offer will appear after 4 PM GMT/11 AM ET/ 8 AMPT on December 16, 2021, In-game from Item Shop.

Download the EGS Launcher. You can also create or connect Epic Games accounts while you are there. If you wish to use the Blizzabelle skin in all Fortnite versions, you will need to connect the same account you used on another platform to your PC.

You don’t have to play Fortnite on your computer to receive this offer. You can claim the skin and all of Winterfest for free up to January 6, 2022.

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Demon Turf Mastered The Platforming Genre | Best Games Of 2021

2021. It’s been “a year” for some. We’re celebrating this collection of sun rotations by looking at the top 2021 games. Next: Demon Turf.

Platforming has existed for as long as it has, but it takes something extra to nail the formula. Balan Wonderworld was a platforming game that legendary developers couldn’t do work. Demon Turf is a revelation because it captures the feel of classic platformers while adding new ideas and a stunning art style.

Demon Turf is an excellent mix of genre mechanics. It gives players many platforming moves and abilities and throws them into places where the fastest route may not be the best. Speedrunners were the game’s inspiration. You can get time trial trophies for each level. However, older levels will be more enjoyable if you have some new toys.

Beebe, the main character, has a formidable move set. She can do side jumps as well as double jumps and long jumps. The ability to unlock moves such as the glide or grappling hook enhances your ability to navigate the environment. This allows you to find shortcuts and ways to save time while powering through levels.

Demon Turf’s levels structure is such that you will be exploring different levels at once. You’ll be able to complete the four main worlds once, unlocking the boss fight. Then, unlock the return trip levels, which offer new challenges and gimmicks to the other levels. Although you may be seeing the same level over and over again, the gameplay and obstacles are so different that it’s hard to notice.

Demon Turf’s gameplay is fantastic. It is also loaded with tons of things to do. Apart from the time trial, there are tons of collectibles and cosmetics you can buy, as well as arena fights and Demon Soccer Golf. This minigame lets you use the game’s physics engine to smash a ball through challenging courses.

Even though the combat is unpredictable in 3D platformers, it’s still more fun than other games. You’ll be using punches and other skills to bounce demons around the arena. The goal is to do enough damage to cause them to fall over. Although it can be finicky, this unique concept deserves praise.

Demon Turf is a fun, exciting, and entertaining adventure about a brave underdog who wants to prove everyone wrong by taking over the Underworld. This game could quickly be voted one of 2021’s most memorable.

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Nintendo Switch Coming Soon: N64 Classic Banjo-Kazooie

Rare’s Nintendo 64 platformer Banjo-Kazooie has been confirmed for release on the Nintendo Switch Online service. It will be alongside other titles from the classic console like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Paper Mario 64.

N64 games were recently added as an option to the online subscription service – which offered NES and SNES games as a nice bonus at a very affordable cost – along with a variety of Mega Drive/Genesis games. The Switch Online Expansion launched in October 2021 with nine N64 games. However, some Nintendo fans felt that the nine games weren’t worth the investment. Then came the performance issues. But that’s another story.

There are more N64 titles due to be added to Switch Online, and we know that a true classic is now set in motion. Banjo – is the 3D platformer that has been the most polygonal to Super Mario 64. It will launch in January 2022. We don’t know the exact date, but VGC reports that Rare’s game developers are thrilled to see the game join the Online service. “It’s an honor to be ushering a bear and bird onto Nintendo’s latest console. It offers another modern way (alongside Rare) for you to enjoy its many collectibles, googly eyes, and @XboxGamePass.

Datamining suggests that the Switch will eventually receive more N64 games on Virtual Console for Wii and Wii U. This isn’t a huge surprise considering that 21 N64 games were available on the buy-and-keep service. However, when it comes to this iconic Nintendo console, we’ll take all we can get (and yes, we will eventually pay to upgrade… most likely).

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Bungie: A Report on Sexism and Abuse at Destiny And Halo Studio

A new investigation by IGN revealed that Bungie (the studio behind Destiny and the previous developers of Halo) has failed to take corrective action in several workplace sexism cases and has required staff to work overtime to meet deadlines.

IGN’s Rebekah Valentine spoke with 26 Bungie employees past and present, who recounted instances where they witnessed or were aware of sexism, racism and other discrimination at the Bellevue-headquartered company. Valentine writes that they also discussed “overt sexism and boys’ club culture, crunch and HR protection for abusers as well as more complicated stories of microaggressions and systemic inequalities and difficulties being heard.”

IGN reports that Bungie’s narrative group is “a very divided group.” This has been evident since the development of the Destiny game, which was released in 2014. IGN was informed by management that some members of the narrative team worked 100-hour workweeks. Management refused to hire additional staff to help ease that burden.

The report describes one of these managers as a “sexist nightmare,” who “throws papers” and shouts in meetings. According to the report, he allegedly told employees who found his behavior unacceptable to grow a thicker skin. Sources at IGN called him “literally the most horrible person I’ve ever worked with.”

Some female members of the Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris development team were targets of angry players who posted threats on Reddit and other platforms. Some staff received death threats – however, IGN learned that Bungie’s management did not support these employees. Worse, it is alleged that Bungie’s senior male staffer, who was still with Bungie at the time IGN wrote, even sent some of these vile comments to other managers in “a bid to destroy the narrative team because the players didn’t like it.”

You can read the full IGN report here. It doesn’t get prettier the more you dig. Male narrative leaders would encourage storylines for Destiny that “lean on harmful stereotypes about women and mental health problems,” despite protests by other staffers. It took several writers to threaten to quit before the toxic leads were finally dealt with. According to IGN, there are “multiple Bungie employees with long history” who “can get away with almost anything, provided they are protected by long-serving HR employees or those in the leadership hierarchy.”

Bungie’s CEO Pete Parsons issued a statement admitting to his and the company’s failures. He has published a public message in response to PC Gamer’s report. It offers apologies and acknowledges that Bungie did not do enough to protect the staff who required it.

Parsons writes: “First of all, I would like to apologize to anyone who has ever had to work in a less safe, fair and professional environment at Bungie. I’m not here to rebut or challenge the experiences that we are seeing today from people who have generously donated their time and talents to our studio. These people were hurt by our actions, or in some cases, our inactions. “I am sorry personally and for Bungie. I feel a deep sense of empathy and sadness after reading these accounts.

He then continues to outline some of the studio’s changes in recent years to create a more productive environment for employees, but he adds that it is not enough and has taken too much time. This does not erase the negative experiences that people have had at our studio.” He ends by saying: “Our future will be determined by our current and future actions regarding the care of our employees. It is our most important purpose. We are humbled and grateful to continue this work, and we are excited about the future.

It is important to note that IGN’s sources all agree that Bungie has made strides in making it a better place for employees, but the CEO’s statement clarifies that they still have a long way to go.

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“Star Wars Eclipse” Faces Rocky Development and Might Not Be Released For 4 Years

We got our first glimpse at the Star Wars title at the Game Awards 2021 – and it was exhilarating. Although a CGI trailer can be challenging to predict, the Star Wars Eclipse CGI trailer sure does the trick. It’s got fans pumped up, even though details are not available at this time.

Here’s the trailer, in case you didn’t see it. It looks a lot like Star Wars.

Star Wars Eclipse is currently in development at Quantic Dream, a French studio best known for its narrative adventures such as Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: To Become Human. Quantic Dream is a game developer with a mixed reputation, as we reported about the game’s unveiling. It seems this reputation could be a problem when it comes time to make Eclipse.

A post on Reddit’s Leaks & Rumours pages claims that Tom Henderson, a known leaker of a lot of (later proven to be accurate) insider information, has doubts about Star Wars Eclipse releasing in any time sooner than three to four years. This is partly because the studio could not hire the right people for this project. He posted that QD Paris was currently having difficulty hiring staff and asked, “I wonder why?”

The Why may have something to do with the reports about a horrible working environment at Quantic Dream, widely shared by gamers media in 2018. French publications Le Monde and Canard PC, as well as Mediapart, reported that Quantic Dream had a toxic work environment and that male staff members, including the founder and CEO David Cage, who was working on Star Wars Eclipse, showed little to no respect for female colleagues. Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumiere, a fellow studio head, were accused of not responding to concerns from staff and misbehaving.

Quantic Dream and Cage sued two publications for libel. The process was completed in September 2021, with the studio winning one case and losing the other. The studio has a bad reputation which will negatively impact its chances of attracting development talent. Quantic Dream continues to have Cage and de Fondaumiere.

Based on the suggestion that Quantic Dream’s game engine is not suitable for open-world games, the three-to-four-year release prediction also considers the possibility that Eclipse is. We will keep you updated on the game’s progress and production.

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You may one day be able to call the Forgotten Island your own once you find your feet on it. Len’s Island, a passion project that has become a highly anticipated epic RPG, is a great example. You can do whatever you like in the world.

Len’s Island places you in the middle of a barren island. This game is a beautiful escape from the dreadful reality of being homeless.

Julian Ball, a solo developer, founded Flow Studio to create the epic exploration RPG. Loyal fans were eager to have a chance at a truly unique experience and followed the indie studio’s progress on YouTube.


I meant it when I said that the game puts you in the thicket of Iceland. There is no backstory, goals or other information. You were meant to…go. There are no other adventurers, neighbors or experts who can explain Iceland’s workings. You can find some helpful hints and tutorials on the menu.

This blank is both fun and refreshing. You’ll be able to view a wall of text tutorial once or twice a day, but you can learn as you go. It is easy to navigate Iceland. Many RPG players will be familiar with similar games. Newcomers may have some difficulties, but they might find the Forgotten Island a delightful experience.

It was amazing that there was a town next to such a barren island. Bridgewater offers a lot of architectural inspiration and items for the player. They are promising and plentiful, with excellent 2D profiles. What are they good at? It’s a shame that they couldn’t bring a little more life to the town.

There are signs of a story progression in the future, like a note on a cabin or unopenable doors that lead to somewhere. NPCs that appear very important also hint at this. After all, who or what is “Len?”? These mysteries are what keep me playing this game!


You can take everything on the island. The game’s main objective is to go wherever you want or where it makes sense.

To help me find my way, I started to draw a map of my surroundings. Things start to look familiar after an hour. The variety of items we could find was enjoyable. With the help of an extremely patient and creative in-game decorator and architect, they could certainly make something extraordinary from the incredible amount of building blocks available.

Although I don’t believe I have explored all the features of the current game, I enjoyed the way the game expanded the options for crafting your house and inventory. You are already provided with plenty of options to build your home. But they don’t overwhelm you. You will find more options as you become more involved in crafting. This can challenge your completionist side. This made me very happy as a collector-a-thon fan.

Combat feels equally professional. It’s not monotonous to click to attack, especially when you start to create combos. There are many ways to approach combat, depending on your weapons. I focused on my on-hand abilities and tried to master every hot bar. Combat was intense and fun, especially when there were many more enemies. I also started stocking up on the berries I had grown for the cave excavation. Also, shout out for the smooth and fluid combat animations.

Although the combat and exploration modes are enjoyable, the repetitive clicking mechanism for harvesting goods can be tiresome. You’ll want to use all the bonus moves and combos available for combat. However, it feels excellent for exploration and combat. The clicking can be a little too loud for activities that are meant to be more relaxing.


You now live on a beautiful island with clear water and lush, predator-free vegetation. The Island’s life is peaceful and clean, except for a few littered bottles and bee colonies from a recently cut tree. It is a considerable accomplishment to capture this peaceful atmosphere using a simple art style.

Once you explore the caves and discover the meaning behind the stones on Iceland’s layouts, things seem to take a mysterious, almost ominous twist. These glowing, ominous objects look almost inviting in the dark caves you explore. You are encouraged to continue exploring.

Both sections have a wonderful atmosphere thanks to the music playing along the path and the natural sounds embedded in the landscape. Iceland’s scattered architecture of deteriorated buildings adds a touch of personality and history.

It is also a masterpiece in terms of art direction. The assets are low-poly and don’t sacrifice too much detail. They look great and make it easy to understand what is happening. The lighting effects provide a beautiful reflection of the day-to-night cycle and cast a different light upon your shenanigans.

Again, I will appreciate the animations of our character player. Each movement feels smooth and planned, thanks to the small animations accompanying each action.

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Do you feel the need to test out your gaming skills? Here are some great gaming quizzes for the winter season. Take a refresher course about the franchises with recent releases such as Mario Party Superstars or Halo Infinite before you dive in.

As the year winds down and temperatures drop, it seems like a good time to get out your winter gear and test your knowledge. Many game franchises returned to the spotlight in 2021, while established giants continued their reign. There is much more information to digest from major companies, both new and old. These are the best winter quizzes.


Master Chief triumphantly returns to the Halo franchise. Humanity is at the edge of extinction when a new enemy has emerged. You have to fight back against the tides and restore hope for all.

With Halo Infinite now available, and the solo campaign soon to follow, it’s time to get up to speed on the franchise’s history. It’s no surprise that one of the most popular FPS series is full of helpful information. When you step into the shoes of Master Chief again, make sure you are up to speed.

Halo Infinite can be purchased on Xbox consoles or PC.

Halo Infinite- Forever We Fight – Official Full Length


No one says that all media related to games is terrible when adapted to other media. Riot has produced Arcane, a significant product that focuses on the world of League of Legends. Sisters Vi and Jinx must navigate an arcane world filled with warring ideologies and arcane technology.

It doesn’t take much to explain the franchise it is based on. League of Legends is a popular MOBA that has been around for more than a decade. It is unlikely that its popularity will decrease anytime soon, with worldwide competitions offering incredible cash prizes. Re-familiarizing yourself seems like a good call.


The legendary RPG franchise continues to thrive as it has always done. Remakes in Gold and pearl of the Gen 4 mainline titles have been released. A spinoff, Legends Arceus, is also available. In the short term, fans will enjoy themselves a lot.

There’s plenty of Pokemon information to be absorbed with the many remakes and spinoffs. An iconic franchise like this will always have some knowledge. There will be more to come, whether it is remakes of classic games and the future of the mega-hit that the company has made.

Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond are now available on Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond – Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch


Nintendo made the theme of revisiting the past a focus for Mario Party. After attempting to reboot the series with Super Mario Party, the company decided that it was time to be relaunched. Mario Party Superstars was released last month. It takes everything that the franchise is and makes it modern.

What will you do with all the information that has been brought in from before? Can you spot the differences between now and then? A complete party game that includes 100 minigames, five boards and a variety of visual references. You can fill in the gaps without any assistance.

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Digimon Survive finally appears to be on its way after a long wait. The ESRB has just rated Digimon Survive T for Teen. After being announced in 2018, the game has been delayed several times and is now expected to be released in 2022. Laura Speller There are no comments 0 Likes News

It was delayed many times before Digimon survive finally released. In 2018, the latest game in the Digimon series was revealed to mark the franchise’s 20th anniversary. The release date has been repeatedly pushed back since then. There have been many reasons for delays, including the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The last time was October 28, 2021, when Digimon Survive had been officially delayed to 2022. It is unknown if the release date or window will be set.

There is more good news. The ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) rated Digimon Survive T for Teen on December 1. They listed the game’s content as having Crude Humor and Fantasy Violence, Language, Mild Blood, and other minorities on their website. Does this mean that the game is almost ready to be released? The ESRB seems to have seen Digimon Survive. If it were not yet ready, it wouldn’t have been rated. This is a sign that fans anticipating the release won’t need to wait so long? This seems to be the case.

Digimon or Digimon is a Japanese franchise that focuses on virtual pets. It was started as a virtual pet doll in 1997 by Bandai. It was compared to Tamagotchi, which was promoted as more masculine. American comics inspired the designs of the monsters. These comics are popular in Japan. Millions of Digimon toys were sold. Manga, anime, video games, films and trading cards have all been produced.

Digimon: Survive is the latest Digimon game. It’s described as a visual novel with survival-RPG elements. It was developed by Witchcraft and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Digimon Survival is a story about a group of teens who go on a school camping trip and discover the monsters in a new world. You can make choices that will affect the story and the characters. Your Digimon’s digivolution can also be affected by your decisions.

Digimon: Surviveis due to release on PC, Xbox One and PS4. The PS5 has not been mentioned, but the ESRB listed Xbox Series X/S among the platforms. It is therefore assumed that the PS5 will be included.

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Recent patch notes give insight into the future of Stardew Valley. Modders of Stardew Valley have some good news. The good news for modders is also the current patch v1.5.5.

Patch notes for the v1.5.5 update hint at Stardew Valley’s future. While the patch was released on November 30, there are some important updates for v1.5.6.

The v1.5.5 update made essential changes, but we’ll leave aside the future of Stardew Valley. MonoGame has been replaced by XNA, and the game now targets.Net Framework v5. Modders will be able to use more than 4GB of RAM if they wish. You will also notice a variety of quality-of-life improvements with the v1.5.5 update.

  • You can now craft/purchase stacks of 25 items by holding the CTRL key and shift.
  • Many settings are now set to default when you start a new save. Some settings, such as zoom level, gamepad mode and multiplayer server privacy, are not saved.
  • Now you can move or build farm buildings onto artifact sites. This will destroy the artifact spots.
  • Click on the pets to nudge them out of your way when you are building or moving a building.
  • Now you can buy back any accidentally purchased items during the same shopping session.
    When playing Journey of the Prairie King multiplayer, the in-game time will now be displayed in the screen’s upper-right corner.
  • Grass placed during winter using Grass Starter does not disappear when the game is reloaded. However, it will still grow and spread.
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The myth of Empires, a survival-crafting MMO, challenges you to build and sustain an empire while competing against other players. It is an enjoyable experience that is well-crafted, but it has a few shortcomings that make it less significant.

The myth of Empires, a new survival-crafting MOM from Angela Game. When I first started playing MOE, I must admit that I was very impressed with it. I don’t enjoy survival crafting games. Sometimes I get bored playing survival crafting games, so suddenly, my doom fortress and llama mine aren’t as enjoyable as they used to be. Mais is very engaging and does a lot of things right. We’ll get to that in a bit. Although it does its job well, it lacks staying power. It is still in Early Access, so much of what I have to say is subject to change.


The myth of Empires has a unique quality that doesn’t require a story for its functionality. It only needs context. MOE posits that, after a giant war has decimated all local empires, you are now in a perfect position to create a new one. You can be the ruler of the world if you have determination and grit. This is a good idea. This puts you in a good mindset and explains why everyone seems to be doing it the same way. MOE does not require to tell a story. However, it would benefit from one.

A quick disclaimer: MOE shouldn’t be a story-based experience. It has worked in the past, and it will again. This could be the perfect game to tell environmental stories. It would be great to have some letters left behind from the fallen empire or item descriptions that tell the stories of the peasants in the war. The premise is sufficient to get you started. However, stories are what keep players coming back. While playing the game, I thought, “Would I return to it when the review was over?” I didn’t because I had no investment in it. A little background information would make all the difference for us weirdoes!



The gathering will be like most survival games. It will likely make up 90% of the work you do in Myth of Empires. You will be tasked to craft an ax, a hammer, and other tools to gather the stones and sticks. You’ll then need to break down boulders and cut down trees. You can pick up certain items, but most harvesting happens by hitting an unsuspecting nature area with a tool. You can collect grass, branches, and loose rubble by pressing a prompt at the contextual button. It works well overall.

I love the feeling of gathering in MOE. As you place each ax into a tree, it is almost like you can feel its weight as you hammer away; every boulder bursts into pieces. The pieces come together to make a real, but the not boring, collection of resources. This is a great thing, especially when considering how many resources you will need. One thing I would change about crafting is the fact that the amounts are not uniform. The amount of wood you use to cut down a tree will determine how many branches it produces. This creates a strange situation where a large tree may give you more wood than a bush. It’s not a problem, but it can be frustrating.


It is very satisfying to build in Myth of Empires. You don’t just have to place a wall. Instead, you can see individual pieces falling from the sky in the correct position, much like wood Tetris. Like Tetris, they can’t be moved once the pieces have dropped. This is the main problem I have with this game’s building. You can’t build in the right spot if you misclick, and it will punish you by making you destroy structures to make them work again. This is particularly frustrating as the destruction of a structure does not give you the building materials back. This is combined with the fact that you will need many resources, making it difficult to feel satisfied. Allowing the player to move a wall is a great way to improve your quality of life.

My only real complaint is that the game doesn’t care about positioning. One of the best things about building in MOE is that you can easily change the appearance of a structure (e.g., a wall or piece of the roof) by pressing T. This allows you to personalize your base without needing to spend more money to add windows or other features. I did manage to get a small corner piece of roofing material on one of the walls, but it took me a while. No matter how I lined it up, the piece always turned opposite to what the highlighted example showed. It’s not clear if this is a bug or a mistake on my part. However, any explanation would be greatly appreciated.


These puns get a little too twisted. This is how you get followers! You can torture vagrants to recruit them as camp workers and soldiers. This is all about building an army to fight the large-scale battles promised in the trailer footage. It will take time to reach your goal due to the stringent requirements and scarcity of vagrants. Don’t get too excited. You can also fight wild animals and bandits or even get your warriors to assist you. The combat system is similar to the 8-directional system found in Kingdom Come Deliverance to add a little more reality to fighting.

It is a strange choice to use the 8-directional system. It works best in one-on-1 duels, as we saw in KC:D. This is not the type of combat that you will encounter in MOE. It works well, however. The combat was not so complicated that it was frustrating but complex enough to make it tactical. I can recall fighting a bandit using my bow and an arrow. The throwing stones they used were faster than my arrows. It is nice to see combat systems that reward game knowledge in all situations. This is the problem. I have only ever been in combat twice. This could be improved by a roaming threat such as deserters from a prior war or raiders.


Although this section may seem a little strange, please bear with me. As I was playing MOE, I noticed the hugeness of the map. I thought to myself, “Surely the universe can’t be this big?” So I set myself a challenge. I would start at the bottom right corner and walk up to the top left. I wanted to find out how long it would take me to walk from one end of the map to another. After about an hour, two mountain-related deaths, and one very angry Wolf later, I was just halfway there. Although it may not seem like much, two hours is enough to cover the entire globe.

This large map looks excellent on paper and in announcements but is not practical. It makes sense to me. Space means that players have more space to build their empires unaffected. But that’s precisely the problem. You rarely get into combat in this game. I think that’s because you don’t have to fight for resources. The MOE world is large enough to be accessible to everyone. This defeats the purpose of conquering it. A smaller map would require players to interact more and cause a struggle to obtain resources. This would add tension and challenge to the game.

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