Breath of the Wild Player Dunks A Korok Rock With Clever Puzzle Solution

One creative The Legend of Zelda player solved a puzzle by throwing a rock instead of dropping it. Open-world games in Nintendo’s fantasy series are known for giving players the freedom to accomplish their objectives as they wish. Zelda: The title’s non-linear open universe contains many hidden details and offers many gameplay options.

The future of the Legends of Zelda franchise sees the Breath of the Wild sees the series’ protagonist Link awaken in the ruined country of Hyrule. The player is tasked with defeating Calamity Ganon and must travel across Hyrule to gain power and restore Link’s memories. The quest requires players to reclaim Master Sword, conquer four giant Divine Beasts, and Breath the Wildallows them to do these tasks in any order that they wish. You can overcome challenges in any way you like, provided that the goal is achieved. One player beat the Two Rings Arrow Challenge by slowing down to make a difficult shot even though it was intended to fire through two completely different rings.

Reddit user @dkmoded created a challenge by dropping a rock. This further illustrates the versatility of Breath of the Wild. In the title’s Korok seed Puzzles, the player must manipulate the environment to gain a Korok Seed. It is tough to throw a rock in a river circle. Dkmoded used the Cryonis power and made a path through the water by throwing the stone onto it and following it. The creative player jumps into the circle and holds the rock to score an ingenious slam-dunk.

Zelda was named Japan’s most popular game due to its emphasis on player freedom, open-world immersion, and free play. According to reports, 50,000 Japanese citizens voted for Nintendo’s fantasy-role-play title. This placed it ahead of other favorites like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy VII.

Many players have found unique ways to complete Breath Of The Wild tasks. Each challenge has many different solutions. Dkmoded discovered a clever and simple way to solve a complex problem by dropping a Korok rock rather than throwing it. The Zeldainstallment’s impressive flexibility allows for creative solutions and even the possibility of actually using them.



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Recently, a confused The Legend of Zelda player encountered a glitched Lizalfos who could not stop spinning in circles. Nintendo announced earlier this year that the 2017 Game of the Year would get a sequel. The release date is currently unknown and will be sometime in 2022.

Glitchiness is to be expected in a title as large as BOTW. Nintendo has not been as hands-off with fixing bugs, but instead embraces them as part the game’s design. This allows players to experiment and discover how certain glitches can make BREATH of the Wild more enjoyable and useful, without breaking the game. Some bugs aren’t so easy to find and can cause confusion for players.

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Reddit user explt recently posted a video showing a Lizalfos performing some amazing spins in front Link. The reptilian enemy seems to be stuck in one spot, where it can only spin in circles. The enemy does not attempt to attack Link if the player is close enough, possibly trying to break it out of its predicament.

Standard enemy types are often the ones who take the brunt in most games’ aggression. This is certainly true for Breath of the Wild ‘s enemies . The BOTW community appears to be going a step further by displaying their might to show Link’s true might. Some of the best veterans have humbled even the most formidable foes, with one player completely decimating a couple of Lynels within 30 seconds.

It is still remarkable that BOTW continues to produce unique content despite this glitch. This shows how ambitious this title is. It also shows how substantial it continues to be. The game’s players are still achieving amazing feats and will likely continue doing so until Breath of the Wild 2 debuts. Perhaps then, explt’s spinning Lizalfos might finally start to get dizzy and that reptile will be free from his personal nightmare.

A skilled Legend Of Zelda player defeated a Moblin using an impressive combo that was seemingly taken from Devil May Cry. Since its launch on the Switch in 2017, Nintendo has received near universal acclaim. Fans have found many amazing tricks and gameplay secrets in Nintendo ‘s open world adventure game.

These tricks include Link saving his horse using an ice arrow and obtaining the Master Sword from Breath Of The Wild’sthieving Yiga Clan by tricking them into stealing the Thunder Helm from their stronghold. These BOTWplayers also managed to pull off some amazing combat maneuvers. Link killed another Yiga member in Stasis, cut down two hulking Lynels using a quick-paced sword combo, launched a large Breath of The Wild Guardian into orbit and used a Cryonis rune glitch to launch a huge Breath of the Wild Guardian into Guardian into through a Cryonis rune glitch One unfortunate Moblin just discovered the hard way that Link can be harmed by a Breath of The Wildplayer who is well-versed in the use of Link’s growing arsenal of magic and weapons.

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Reddit user Jhent Steel Boxer posted a catchy video yesterday showing a combination they used against an advancing Moblin. This gameplay video shows an armor-clad Link attacking the enemy quickly. He fires off a string of arrows to block the Moblin’s first strike, and then freezes it with an icearrow. The player then raises a nearby box with Magnesis and locks it with the Stasis rane. The player sends the box towards the frozen Moblin using exploding Arrows and Remote Bombs, and then finishes it off with a series of quick sword strikes.



While The Legend Of Zelda continues to show off some impressive combos and tricks, many fans are already looking forward to the future with the newly-announced Legend Of Zelda : Breath Of The Wild. The plot details of the sequel are unknown, but Nintendo’s E3 2021 trailer and some intriguing concept art hint at the possibility of multiple playable characters. This could include Ganondorf, the Legend Of Zeldavillain from before his fall into the scourge Hyrule.

In the meantime, Legend Of Zelda players such as Jhent Metal Boxer continue to amaze fans with amazing tricks and incredible combos. This is just the latest entry in the long-running Zeldaseries. It shouldn’t take too much effort to save Hyrule from Calamity Gannon, considering how Link managed to defeat the Moblin using a few well-placed arrows and a metal crate.

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Zelda: BOTW Bowling Game Player Gets a Miracle Strike

One player found that gravity in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild can be a powerful tool for securing a lucky hit in Snow Bowling. BOTW’s Snow Bowling Mini-Game is one of many activities that users can do while exploring the vast open world.
Snow Bowling is a popular way to earn Rupees (Breath of the Wild’s in game currency), and it can be found in the Hebra area at Pondo’s Lodge. It can be a little difficult to master the controls of this fun distraction. Snow Bowling is a fun and rewarding sport that players can master. It’s a very lucrative side-business that pays 300 Rupees for those who are able to complete a strike. It takes a lot of concentration and skill to nail a strike. Lady Luck can also help you in other situations.

BOTW’s mini-games have their own quirks. A few can be exploited to players’ advantage. Reddit user braindeadles discovered that Snow Bowling can lead to a strike when gravity decides to make matters worse. Braindeadles released the huge snowball during a match and it appeared that they had only knocked down eight of the ten pins. While one of the pins on the ground stopped moving, the pin behind it continued to move back and forth. The swirling pin eventually gave in and took its counterpart with it. This continued for more than 20 seconds. Talk about a lucky strike.

It is not known why gravity took so long to kick in. This could be a BOTW trick, or perhaps it’s just another interesting BOTW feature. Maybe the in-game mechanics took a while for everything to work out. Braindeadles was certainly happy with the amazing outcome, regardless of the circumstances.

In early 2017, Nintendo released Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch almost five years ago. This award-winning adventure is now one of the most popular titles on the Nintendo Switch, selling more than 20,000,000 units worldwide. Breath of the Wild 2 will be the sequel to the highly-anticipated adventure. It is expected to achieve the same level of success when it arrives in stores in 2022.

Breath of the Wild 2: A player of The Legend of Zelda has pledged to kill one of the game’s foxes each day. Although the sequel to the 2017 Nintendo success has been in development for some while, a firm release date has not yet been revealed by the company. The player could face a difficult task with no end in sight.

One of Nintendo’s most beloved and longest-running franchises is the Legend of Zelda series. Since the inception of the Nintendo Entertainment System, the series has been a constant on all Nintendo systems. However, Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the most beloved Zelda game. Open-world Nintendo Switch adventures offer a lot of freedom to its players. It forgoes the traditional Zelda experience and instead offers endless adventure. Fans are eager to hear more about BOTW 2, and the announcement of BOTW 2 in 2019.
Breathofthewild fans who are eager to know the exact release date and when they can play the sequel will kill one game fox every day until that day. Redditor Keppalupa made a pledge to kill one of the game’s foxes. He did this by posting a video and throwing an explosive barrel at the creature to send it to its maker. With an unknown number days remaining, the creative kill marks day 15 in keppalupa’s mission.

Breath of Wild 2 could take many months to release for Keppalupa. This could slow down their fox-killing mission. Nintendo has tentatively stated a 2022 release window, but it is clear that this is not the final word. Due to ongoing gaming delays, Nintendo may be leaning towards caution. This is partly due to the global pandemic. It tends to hold off on larger releases until later in the year. Holiday sales are a popular time for the company. It is possible that BOTW 2 may be aiming for a holiday 2022 release. This will allow the company to spend more time developing and also ensure that the game is included on as many holiday gift list as possible.

The news that the keppalupa could kill more than 400 Breath of the Wild creatures before the sequel is released may disappoint animal lovers. If Breath of the Wild 2 is not released in 2022, the pledge could be even more difficult. The BOTW player is a dedicated BOTW player. Fans will hopefully soon hear more about BOTW 2, and when it may launch.

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