Although Elden Ring may be the most desired Steam game, Dying Light 2 is still the most wanted. Techland’s open-world zombie game is highly anticipated. Techland claimed that the game would contain up to 500 hours of content, which caused some controversy. However, even this high estimate doesn’t consider what will be made available for completionists on launch day.

Techland announced recently via its official Twitter account Dying Light 2 will get at least five years’ post-launch support. This includes new content such as events, locations, and storylines. Dying Light 2 appears to have an expansive open world. It has a significant horizontally and vertical space, given the game’s emphasis on climbing and parkour. Techland may have plenty of land to use in the future to add new quests or objectives.

This is a positive development for the much-anticipated release. It doesn’t seem to be dependent on battle passes or subscriptions. Techland also announced that Dying Light 2 would receive at least two additional paid story DLCs via Twitter. Dying Light 2 will release on February 4.

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