The Planet Crafter is an indie survival game that asks you to survive, explore and build a base. You can also terraform alien worlds. You’ll also explore the remains of previous colonization efforts on this planet to discover vital resources and find out what went wrong.

Miju Games, an indie studio, created Planet Crafter. It will be released on Steam in the first quarter of 2022.

It sounds great! You can change the planet’s hostile status to one that is habitable now by downloading a free demo of The Planet Crafter: Prologue on Steam.

Although the prologue is very basic, it does not allow you to create a biosphere with trees or other plants. You can do much: You have access to water, grasses, and other base-building materials like screens and beds. You can also get some interesting weather effects like meteor showers that impact the surface and dust storms that blow through.

Although it is a demo, the sound and gameplay are very basic. However, I enjoy the game’s chill survival, exploration, and crafting theme. The Planet Crafter is available on Steam along with its free Prologue demo.–gold-generator—how-to-get-free-gold—how-to-get-free-gold/c/y8fEitFX73w—add-unlimited-coins-no-survey—add-unlimited-coins-no-survey/c/-sMHLvRCawc

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