The Amazon Queen’s New Weapon Is Painfully Cooler Than Wonder Woman’s

In the latest issue, Nubia & the Amazons DC Comics, Nubia’s new Queen Nubia faces formidable foes. Fortunately, her partner Io gives her a cool weapon that rivals Wonder Woman’s sword and lasso. Nubia should now be a more significant part of Themyscira’s mythos and future. She should be presented with a weapon worthy of her grace and royalty.

In 1973’s Wonder Woman#204, Don Heck, Vince Colletta, and Robert Kanigher introduced Nubia as the “long-lost twin sister” to Princess Diana. However, the character has been through many reboots and retcons over the 50 years since its first appearance. In DC’s current Infinite Frontier era, Nubia was given the throne at Themyscira. She succeeded Wonder Woman’s mother, Hippolyta, and passed a series of tests, making her officially Queen Nubia. Nubia and the Amazons are her first mini-series. It explores Nubia’s history, identity, and how she will shape the future for the Amazons.

Nubia & The Amazons#4 – written by Stephanie Williams ( Living Heroes but What If Though?), and Vita Ayala( Static Season One, The Wild), with art by Alitha Martnez ( Batgirl, Moongirl, and Devil Dinosaur ) – continues to examine the balance Nubia must maintain as the Queen of the Amazons, and former guard at Doom’s Doorway. A position she held for hundreds of years. Medusa, a (seemingly) evil Gorgon creature from Greek mythology, has escaped Doom’s Doorway (a passage into Tartarus, Hades’ prison for monsters) and is now hunting down Amazons to try to grab Nubia’s attention. This issue sees Nubia confront the terrifying beasts Tartarus.

Io, the chief Amazon blacksmith stops Queen Nubia from descending into Doom’s Doorway and fighting her way through Tartarus. Io presents Nubiawith a stunning “javelin whip,” a formidable spear-and-sharp weapon that’s instantly iconic. It is first seen in the DC Legends videogame, but not in the comics. Nubia is in love with the new weapon and says, ” She’s Beautiful, she has reach, and balance,” to which Io graciously replies, “She was inspired by the essence of my Queen.” Nubia and Diana are not to be pitted against one another, even though they have proven great allies in battle. However, Nubia’s spear is far cooler than Wonder Woman’s old-fashioned sword and lasso. Io delivered a modern weapon for the new Amazon Queen.

Nubia and the Amazons is an instant classic. This is largely because Nubia, a queer, complex, and courageous woman of color, has made Nubia and the Amazons a huge hit. Nubia is against the traditional philosophies of Man’s World or Themyscira. She creates her values and impacts the world around her. Her compassion and thoughtfulness are some of Nubia’s greatest strengths. However, her new weapon makes her even more powerful and imposing. Fans can view Queen Nubia in action with her new weapon. They can also compare it to Wonder Woman’s classic sword & lasso in Nubia and the Amazons #4.


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