The CD Projekt Group now includes The Molasses Flood (US-based studio behind Drake Hollow and The Flame in the Flood). The studio will collaborate closely with CD Projekt Red to create an ambitious project based on one CDPR property.

Adam Kicinski, CD Projekt joint CEO, stated that the Molasses Flood shares our passion for video games development. He also said that they are experienced, quality-oriented and have great technological insights. I’m confident they will bring a lot more talent and determination to our Group.

Forrest Dowling, Molasses Flood studio director, stated that CD Projekt approached him about the possibility to work together. We couldn’t be more excited about continuing our mission with the support from CD Projekt and their incredibly talented staff.”

Digital Scapes was renamed CD Projekt Red Vancouver earlier this year. The Molasses Flood will not be merging with other CD Projekt teams, but it “will retain their current identity.” The studio will not be participating in the efforts to turn around Cyberpunk 20,77. Still, it could be doing something else: CD Projekt stated that The Molasses Flood would be “working on its own ambitious project which was based on one CD Projekt IP,” although there are only two: Cyberpunk or The Witcher.

Molasses Flood hinted on Twitter that it wouldn’t be too far from previous games. It said that they would continue to make games using the same principles that have guided them for years: “Making games with heart and rich gameplay systems.

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