The Flash Season 8 Adds Newcomer Mika Abdalla as Phantom Girl

The Flash Season 8 features Mika Abdalla, an up-and-coming actress who plays Phantom Girl. She is a member of The Legion of Superheroes (DC Comics).

Phantom Girl, a Legion of Superhero member, will be appearing on The CW’s The Flash in Season 8. Tinya Wazzo, created by Jerry Seigel in Action Comis 276, is an alien from the fourth dimension who is a member of The Legion of Superheroes in the 31st Century. Phantom Girl is the traditional name of the character, but she can also be called Apparition. She can teleport between objects and become intangible.

The character has adapted to many animated series, including Justice League Unlimited and a leading role on the Kids WB series Legion of Superheroes. Phantom Girl appeared recently on the newest season Young Justice. However, the character has never been in live-action, unlike other Legionnaires such as Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl. The character appears to be joining the Arrowverse in this season of The Flash.

According to The Wrap, Mika Abdalla, a newcomer, has been cast in the role of Phantom Girl in The Flash season 8. Abdalla will also be appearing in the Hulu original film Sex Appeal. She is described as a meta teenager who has lived in secret for many years and whose life is rewritten when she is the subject of Iris West Allen’s latest investigation by CC Citizen Media.

Phantom Girl isn’t the first member of The Legion of Superheroes who joined the Arrowverse. Supergirl created much of the team’s mythology with appearances by various members, including Mon-El and Saturn Girl, Brainiac 5 and Nia Nal (aka Dreamer), who is the 21st-century ancestor to the Legionnaire Nara Nal. Although it is not clear if Phantom Girl is linked to the Legion of Superheroes (The Flash), the connection may be further established.

Phantom Girl is one of the many DC Universe heroes introduced on Flash. She was chosen to join the heroes Central City team, but it remains determined how her story will fit in. The Flash will air the fifth and final episode of its event series Armageddon. This has seen Barry Allen take on The Flash and Despero. Although the outcome of this event is yet to be decided, Team Flash will need more firepower due to the addition of a new superhero.

Reverse Flash’s return to In the Flash season 8, episode, “Armageddon” Part 3, a significant comics Easter Egg is revealed. Despero, an alien who has made Earth his home since the destruction of his planet, is confident that The Flash will cause havoc. However, Eobard Thawne’s return in the episode’s final minutes shakes up the Scarlet Speedster’s situation and raises the stakes.

The Flash’s Armageddon, Part 3 is the third part of The Flash. Barry attempts to convince Black Lightning that he cannot be trusted. This allows Barry to initiate the Injustice protocols, permanently removing The Flash from his powers. Iris suspects that something is amiss with Barry’s mind loss and the events surrounding Joe’s death. When her time sickness makes it possible for her to see particles that have been created by someone using Negative Still Force to alter the timeline, her hunch pays off. This person turns out to be the Reverse-Flash who somehow turns everyone against The Flash. When Iris is revealed as Eobard’s future fiancee, Barry’s shocked face is the biggest shocker.

For a long time, The Flash has had Reverse-Flash as his primary antagonist. The former hates the latter and what he always tries to do is make The Scarlet Speedster’s existence a living nightmare. The Flash’s Armageddon, Part 3 draws its inspiration from comics. It sees Thawne pretending to be Barry to take Barry’s life and marry Iris. The yellow-suited speedster, who is wearing a yellow suit, travels back in the past to take control of The Flash’s life after Barry beats Thawne. He even attempts to get Iris in love with himself. However, it is only because he changed his facial appearance to Barry’s that he manages to do it. Thawne, Barry and Iris have fought for their affections. Reverse Flash became obsessed with hurting Barry and winning.

Another comic story, 1975’s Flash #237, sees Barry running to the future to find Iris. However, he is told that his wife has an illness and that any contact with Barry would be dangerous. Reverse Flash attempts to help Iris (even though Iris’ illness is his fault) and he wants Iris marry him. Like the comics arc before, Thawne is passionate about Barry’s life. This begins and ends with Iris who The Flash loves more then anyone. The Flash series certainly draws from every comic story to create its “Armageddon” arc. The evident Easter egg in this crossover event is reverse Flash’s return as Iris’ fiance.

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