The Last of Us 2 Fan Shares Excellent Poster Focused On Ellie And Dina

There has been a lot of fan art for The Last of Us 2 since its release. Many artists have created their own interpretations of The Last of Us 2’s characters and world. Posters have become a popular way to show your love for the game.
The Last of Us 2 posters are often focused on multiple characters and capture many different moments. However, this latest poster that has received some attention on the game’s subreddit focuses on just one character. Redditor oliveira_mte created an image that focuses solely on Ellie and Dina. There are no other characters in the frame. It makes sense to give them all the attention, given how important their relationship is for the overall story of the game.

Two very different images of Ellie and Dina were used in the poster. Ellie is furious and a zoomed out version of The Last of Us 2’s covers art is used. Dina looks calmer. She stands straight up and has a focused expression. This allows the artist to capture the character’s behavior throughout the game’s story. Dina loves Ellie, but Ellie is obsessed by revenge and very angry. Dina is just following her lead. Dina is able to keep her cool in situations that her girlfriend can’t.

Olivera_mte has some lovely details, outside of the characters. A Firefly pendant is visible in the lower right corner. This is a tribute to the group who had such an impact on Ellie’s life. In the top left corner is the logo of Last of Us 2, while Ellie’s journal page can be found in the upper right portion of the image. This page is about Ellie’s inability to remember Joel’s face. It is one of the most poignant and memorable pages from the entire game.

A further detail is the “Through the Valley”, lyrics in the bottom left corner. This is the song Ellie sang in The Last of Us 2’s reveal trailer. The poster’s grey version is beautiful and could have easily been displayed online. However, oliveira_mte did a better job. The poster was redesigned with minor changes to the background and characters. The post currently has about 200 upvotes and some positive comments. It is well-deserved.

It will be interesting for Redditor to make more artwork for The Last of Us 2. There are other important pairings, like Abby and Lev or Joel and Tommy, that can be made. This has a lot of potential.

Although The Last of Us 3 is not yet officially announced, fans are eager to find out what Ellie’s next steps will be based on the confusing ending of the last installment. Although there are not many details about The Last of Us 3 it is likely that more Infected will be revealed. While The Last of Us 2 brought about some changes with the Infected, players are yet to see major improvements. This is unlikely to change in the next installment.

The main reason the Infected won’t be evolving much in The Last of Us 3 will be that they don’t have to. Evolution is driven by necessity. Those who are best suited to the environment survive and pass on their traits. Evolution tends to occur when viruses are forced to change by something, such as a vaccine. Thus mutations can become positive traits that extend survival. Evolution is a slow process, so it may not be realistic for The Last of Us.

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