The MCU Finally Introduced Peter Dinklage’s Rumored Infinity War Role

In Eternals, the identity of a character that Peter Dinklage once rumored from Avengers: Infinity War was finally revealed. Infinity War was produced in 2017. During that time, fan theories were rampant. Marvel had announced Dinklage’s casting at the time. However, the details of his character were not known. However, the most popular fan theory was that he was Pip, the Troll.

Pip the Trolled was an alien drunk with teleportation abilities who appeared in the Infinity Gauntlet comic from Marvel Comics. Fan speculation soared after Dinklage was seen in New York City getting a new haircut. The photo of Dinklage with his new hairstyle, long and curly, was leaked. It looked almost identical to Pip’s look in the comics. Soon, the fans were convinced that Pip could be Peter Dinklage’s Infinity War character.

Infinity War was released, and Dinklage was not playing Pip. Instead, he played Eitri, the Dwarf as Thor’s weapons forger. Eitri was an integral part of the film. She assisted Thor in creating his new weapon Stormbreaker. Fans would need to wait until 2021 for Pip’s MCU debut. Pip appeared onscreen as a CGI character in the post-credit scene of the November blockbuster Eternals. However, Patton Oswalt played the voice part.

Pip, Harry Styles’s new cosmic character Eros appeared in Eternals. Eros and Pip don’t seem to have crossed over in comics much, but they will be a formidable duo in the MCU. As they argue about whether the full introduction should be done, it looks like the pair have been traveling the cosmos together for some time. Although they shared only one scene and Pip has not had very good CGI, Styles and Oswalt had noticeable chemistry that indicated each was perfect for their roles. Styles are new to Marvel’s world, but it’s worth noting that Oswalt was the Koenig brothers in Agents of SHIELD.

They were introduced in Eternals and had many implications for the future cosmic side of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Marvel has not yet announced a sequel despite the teases made at the end of Eternals. The MCU isn’t known for making one-and-done films, so it is to be expected that the story Enter will continue in some way, either in theaters or as a Disney+ series. Pip and Eros are almost certain to return even if an Eternals sequel is impossible. It was revealed that Eternals nearly had Harry Styles’s Eros as the main character. Marvel will not miss another chance to showcase him. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. is one film where the duo might appear. Three will be released in 2023. Pip’s comic counterpart Adam Warlock is being played in the film by Will Poulter.

Eros, in the Eternalscredit sequence, looked at Thena and Drug and said that their friends were in trouble but that only he could help them. It’s not a matter of whether Pip or Eros will return to the MCU. It is about when they return. The MCU’s cosmic side is expanding faster than ever. Although Peter Dinklage did not end up as the man behind Pip, the Troll, you can expect to see Patton Oswalt’s cosmic alien on screen soon.

Harry Styles’ unexpected Starfox appearance in ‘Mid-credits’ raises questions about whether he will be an Avenger and the character’s plans. Chloe Zhao’s epic superhero story successfully introduces several new characters to the MCU despite receiving low initial ratings. Starfox, a former One Direction singer, is a key addition to the MCU. His future MCU potential has the potential for being incredibly captivating.

Eternals end in what is left of the immortals breaking up to follow their paths. Kingo (Kumail Nagano), Phaistos (Brian Tyree Henry), Sersi, and Gemma Chan decide to stay on Earth because of their social ties. However, Thena (Angelina Jolie), Makkari, and Drug board The Domo search for other Eternals that can enlighten the entire universe. However, before their journey can start, a portal appears on the spaceship. Pip, Starfox, and his master Starfox appear out of it. They claim that their fellow Eternals have been in trouble, and he knows how to find them.

Starfox, also known as Eros in his birth name, is Marvel Comics’ embodiment and champion of desire. He directly opposes Thanos, his brother, the precursor for death. Like the other characters on The Domo, Starfox is also an Eternal. This makes his entry into the MCU extremely timely. Fans will have to wait and see what this new character brings to the franchise. There are many theories about his future, including whether Harry Styles’ Starfox and the Avengers will be joining forces. Additionally, information from comic books may provide some insight.

Eros, a carefree womanizer in Marvel Comics’ canon, is known for his hedonistic excesses and carefree lifestyle. Starfox is as carefree and cunning as he is cunning. His inherent abilities are derived from the personality of Starfox, which allows him to stimulate others’ brains, making them euphoric or aroused at will. Starfox, despite the negative connotations around his mind-control abilities, is determined to be a hero within the Marvel Universe. He has joined many crucial missions throughout his comics storyline.


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