The PUBG Mobile Dune Crossover Is a Simple Affair

After some last-minute delays the new Dunes movie is finally making it to slowly opening silver screen venues around the world. Promo campaigns for the biggest games in the world are not always well-received. Some are simply not happy that Paul Atreides is now intertwined in Fortnite’s bizarre metaverse of pop stars, superheroes and chronically belching cartoon figures. People who aren’t familiar with the remake, its legacy and its source material likely don’t care. They will get a lot of new cosmetics. The promotion for the PUBG Mobile Due crossover is more muted. It is less likely to stir up old fans.

This PUBG Mobile Dune cross promotion rewards just three things from now through November: a graffiti spray and a parachute skin. It’s an iconic PUBG weapon, which is equally good at blocking bullets and scoring kills. This is it. It could happen without anyone realizing, but it is there if people want to be involved.

It makes sense to take a more conservative approach when promoting the Mobile Dune cross-promotion. This is not a promotion that features elaborate skins made from the stars of the game and full storylines. It’s more like Dune,the movie , with our in-game characters just getting psyched enough to wear tacky logo merchandise. There isn’t any otherworldly happening even on the announcement . The Dune characters are not being dropped into Erangel by any interdimensional phenomenon. Instead, we see a team taking a break and gazing excitedly at a huge movie billboard.

Some players will be disappointed that the PUBG Mobile group didn’t make Miramar, the game’s desert-like desert, a huge Dune Event. Mad Max was clearly influenced by the Mad Miramar redesign. The Godzilla Vs Kong crossover saw the famous kaiju invading every map. Participating in the Mobile Dune crossover promotion is free and brings you a lot of satisfaction. All you have to do is complete a few tasks in the game and you can receive all of these rewards.

The Parachute skin will expire three days after being used and the graffiti spray will be removed from the game on November 30, but they won’t take anything that you paid for. You can keep the parachute skin on if you want to continue letting people know about your favorite movie.

This is not the best marketing campaign. It won’t be the same Dune characters that you see on Sanhok. However, the effectiveness of the game is up to the players. The more players complete the missions and take advantage of the rewards, the more people the Dune logo lands in front of. This seems better than asking players for skins to promote a multi-million-dollar investment in a company trying to enter the metaverse.

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