The Secret History Of His Greatest Foe Uncovered By Immortal Hulk In The Finale

The Immortal Hulk is finally over after three years of thrilling and unique deep-dives into the Hulk mythos like fans have never seen before. Immortal Hulk #50 ended the current Hulk story and opened the door to new exciting stories. The future looks bright for Hulk, but this issue offers fans a glimpse into the past that makes the finale memorable. The Immortal Hulk finale reveals the hidden history of the Hulk and Samuel Sterns, AKA Leader.

Immortal Hulk #50 is illustrated by Joe Bennett and Ruy José. Hulk and Joe Fixit travel to Hell to confront the Leader and One Below All. They are all almost the same entity and save Bruce from an unimaginable fate. After Banner is saved, the One Below All shows his true identity as The One Above All, an entity of light and dark. Sam Sterns is also rescued from Hell, and everyone escapes with their lives. However, the storyline takes the audience on a time-traveling journey back in time. It reveals the Leader’s origins and Hulk’s mutual hatred long before they were even born.

The final issue of Immortal Hulk introduces fans to two brothers who lived in Ohio in 1901. They go by the last names Sterns, Robert and Samuel. Samuel arrives at Robert’s home in the middle of the night due to a snowstorm. Samuel is shocked to see Robert, but he uses the chance to share a discovery with him. Samuel has found a piece of valuable gamma-irradiated material. Robert isn’t bothered by the discovery, as he wants to exact revenge on his brother for sleeping with her wife. Robert kills Samuel by putting the gamma into Samuel’s mouth. He then returns home to throw his wife pregnant into the snow. He curses her family name and disowns her child. Her family name is Banner.

Apart from that, Bruce Banner is related to Samuel Sterns; the issue also highlights striking parallels between the Sterns brothers, Bruce and Sam. It also establishes that both the Leader and the Hulk had gamma bloodlines. Samuel shows Robert the gamma rocks for the first time. The glow from it creates two distinct shadows behind Samuel, the leader, and Robert, the Hulk. Their physical characteristics are almost identical to their descendants. When Robert kills his brother, he says “Hulk smash” as he does so. Their long-standing struggle feels like it will never end, that their fate is sealed in time and will continue to be a part of all history.

Team Hulk saves Bruce, the One Below All. They also save Samuel Sterns, who is now without his gamma mutation. The Hulks discuss leaving Sterns in Hell, but the most innocent version of the Hulk decides that he should be taken home with them. This is a vital message of the Immortal Hulk story. The higher powers may be responsible for all people’s fates, but the only ones who can control their fate are they. The Hulk ends the hateful relationship he has had with the Leader over the years. He saves himself and is made a hero by the Immortal Hulk.

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